Marian Lewes Rhetorical Anaylsis

April 28, 2018 Health

She says, “Besides, the vision of something life might be and that one’s own ignorance and incompleteness have hindered it from being, presses more and more as time advances. ” Her purpose in saying this is to make sure that Pierce doesn’t second-guess herself when she is wondering whether or not to continue with her goal of becoming a writer. Less believes that many writers have a lot of potential, but their own ignorance prevents them from taking the risk to start writing.

Because Pierce looks up to Less as a role model, this advice comforts her and reassures her that she can still egging writing. In addition, when Less is explaining how she grew as a writer, she uses pathos to explain how tough of a situation she was in when she started her career. She tells Pierce, “l have never known perfect health, and I have known what it was to have… Very little money, by which these wants could be met. ” Less is explaining that it is understandable for Pierce to feel like her goal is impossible to attain, because Less was in the same boat when she first started.

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Her purpose was to draw the emotional connections of despair in both of them, so that she can inspire Pierce not to give up. The process of writing is one of emotional turmoil. Less uses rhetorical strategies, including pathos and logos to connect with Pierce on a personal level and teach her in a descriptive manner about the life of a writer. Even though most of Less’ letter was about the downsides of being a writer, she shifted her passage using logos to relate with Pierce concerning problems women face.

Less gives Pierce a womanly perspective on the life of a writer to educate and encourage her to pursue her dream. This can be related to women in the early 20th century, who fought for their right to vote. Women never gave up on their campaign to gain suffrage. Achieving this milestone required a lengthy and difficult struggle; victory took decades of agitation and protest. According to Less, it takes the same determination to reach the goal of becoming a writer.


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