Marie and Meursault: Meant to Be or Want to Be Essay

August 21, 2017 General Studies

“It occurred to me that anyhow one more Sunday was over. that Mamam was buried now. that I was traveling back to work and that truly. nil had changed. ” ( 1. 1. 15 ) These are some of the words that ran through Meursault’s head after his mother’s decease. He was really stray from her so he felt as if nil had changed. He was non the most outgoing individual but the same can non be said about his love involvement. Marie. Throughout the novel. The Stranger. Meursault and Marie uncover merely how many similarities and differences they portion in the subjects of emotion. actions and idiosyncrasy.

To get down with. emotion was most surely one of the chief factors of the book. Emotion played such a large impact it potentially caused a decease. Marie and Meursault really both similar and different in their ways of emotion. They were both really physically bonded to one another. They might non hold ever seen oculus to oculus. but when it came to reach. their emotions were manus in manus. Recently after Mamam lost her life. Meursault made a speedy connexion with Marie. “Together once more. Marie and I swan out a ways. and we felt a intimacy as we moved in unison and were happy. ( 1. 6. 7 )

Merely from a line of Meursault’s ideas. you could state he had a serious emotional connexion with Marie. For most of the novel. this twosome seemed as they were formed together into one individual. but on the other manus. their mundane feelings about common things were every bit different as black and white. Marie was a really energetic. romantic and passionate Mann 2 adult female. while her other half seldom every showed any sort of emotion other than physically. Subsequently on in. the Stranger. Marie asked Meursault if he loved her.

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By reacting that it did non count if he loved her. it put it right out in the unfastened that he did non hold a really broad emotion scope. Meursault besides ne’er truly showed any heartache for the loss of his female parent. particularly while at her funeral. ”Soon one of the adult females started shouting. I thought she’d ne’er halt. I wish I didn’t have to listen any longer. But I didn’t dare say anything. ” ( 1. 1. 16 ) The manner Meursault expresses himself certainly reveals merely how there are many more differences than similarities when it comes to Marie and his emotions.

In add-on to emotion. Marie and Meursault have really similar and different actions. As evidently pointed out I the novel. the both enjoy holding feeling dealingss with each other. The both are really good at commanding their actions in the bulk of the narrative. For illustration. even when Meursault is expecting executing he does non panic or gross out out with the exclusion of seeking to be forced to pray. The two grownups are non wholly the same in their actions though. they are besides really different. Meursault does non remain low key all of the clip. sometimes he merely has to allow it out.

While at the beach with Marie. and his friends. they come across the Arab that cause problem for Raymond. Alternatively of merely traveling with the flow. Meursault goes and takes charge of the state of affairs. It may non hold been his smartest action sing it took away someone’s life ; it was a really different manner to stand up for something. Meursault clearly had a great trade more of courage than his girlfriend. Marie. Mann 3 Lastly. the similarities and differences between Marie and Meursault were besides influenced by idiosyncrasy. Meursault and Marie made really clear throughout their clip together that they had a different manner of making things than we do now.

In their relationship. they did non take things every bit easy as we do now-a-days. Sing they were really close together merely on the first twenty-four hours of seeing one another in a great trade of clip. you can state they are non the type of people to snog and conceal. Individually. the two people had highly different ways of making things. Meursault was non the type of individual to conceal in the dorsum while everyone else fought the war. Meursault was the brand it happen sort of adult male. When he took the affairs of the Arab into his ain custodies. it wholly spiraled out of control. but still. he took a measure frontward. non back.

Very otherwise from her mate. Marie was the gal that would wait for person else to take the first measure. Either or. Meursault and Marie had some similarities alongside their differences in idiosyncrasy. In decision. Marie and Meursault showed many similarities and differences in idiosyncrasy. action and emotion. This statement was easy expressed by Meursault’s head thought. “It occurs to me that anyhow. one more Sunday. was over. Mamam was buried now. that I was traveling back to work. and that nil had truly changed. ”


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