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May 24, 2018 Marketing

The decision had to be made by July 1st. Blue Mountain is located in the north of Toronto ear Georgian Bay, is Notation’s most prosperous Ski Resort. During the 1978-1979 seasons, Blue Mountain had 250 acres of Ski trails in service. There were 27 different trails serviced by eight chair-lifts and 10 other tows. Three quarters of the trails were covered with snow. Blue Mountain’s skier market is primarily from South and South-western Ontario, with a small proportion coming from U. S. Midwest. The largest group is the day skier who represents 38. % of skiers who visit Blue Mountain once or more during a year. The Organization’s corporate strategy statement dictates that any proposed reject must fit at least one of the following conditions before it can be undertaken: * A project which protects current earning power and minimizes any risks inherent to the business. * A project which helps to attain off-season use of facilities. * A project which expands primary earn Eng power. * A project which offers new opportunities in: * Other ski areas * Other recreational areas.

In addition, it was very important to the business to maintain a “comfortable capacity at the ski resort. Opportunity: In 1 978, Gore Canning began to inquire into ways to increase utilization of the acclivities in the off-hours of the winter skiing season. Blue Mountain felt a responsibility and a commitment to offering skiers the highest quality and best value for their money. Canning felt, therefore, that if Blue Mountain were to introduce night skiing, their facilities would have to be better than any of the competitors.

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By lighting entire slope, Blue Mountain could offer the longest run, the highest vertical and the best snow conditions for night skiing in Southern Ontario. In addition, there would be operating costs involved in maintaining the facilities for the evening hours. The costs would involve payroll for cashiers ND ski petrol, repair and maintenance costs for equipment and trail, printing cost for tickets and an additional cost for utilities.

With the margins they have they could look for the options of installing the two of them and cover for all skier levels. * They can review their advertising budget as it is underestimated, a good advertising campaign could be of huge help. CONCLUSION: After seeing the above analysis the revenue generated is greater than the investment. So, in our point of view Blue Mountain Resorts Limited should go for the night skiing project HULA ONLINE TRAVEL: GAINING MARKET INSIGHT INTO HONG KONG Hula Online travel Ltd founded in 1999 in Koala Lump is a Malaysia based online travel portal targeting Greater China & Rest of Asia.

Hula was a subsidiary of Blue Rock, a US based private equity firm which owned majority Of the stake in the company. Hula also had expanded its operations into ten markets across Asia, including, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, etc are among others. The company promoted itself as a full service-based travel guru with its user-friendly main & regional websites. The company offered not just flights from major airlines but also hotel rooms & car rental services.

Its highly acclaimed search function was considered as one of the strongest in the industry. Besides credit cards, the sites also offered various payments options, such as bank transfer or bank draft for customer convenience. Hula made security as its promise by using various security services & SSL certificates, its websites across its ten markets were all Version secured. It also offered verified by VISA & Mastered secure code services as an additional security measure.

Hula’s Hong Kong site- Hula. Com. Heck was launched in the year 2000. The site mainly served consumers from Hong Kong & Macaw. There were various events which affected the travel industry & the business of the company such as 9/1 1 in 2001 as well as CARS and avian influenza outbreaks in 2003-04. But the company had been enjoying growing revenues since its inception. Its total revenue across all markets had reached IIS$ 100 million. The revenue growth in Hong Kong had been less than expected.

According to the industry reports the market share of the company to be only 4% as compared to 9% in Singapore. Thus, these reports revealed that online travel had not picked in Hong Kong having the adoption for online shopping for flights being one of the lowest in the world. Previous market research conducted by the firm revealed that low consumer awareness of Hula Brand camp; the general risk which is attached towards online ticket booking among Hong Kong people towards online travel purchase appeared to be key factors behind the situation.

Jenny Lung, the marketing & marketing research manager of he company was surprised that online travel industry had not picked up in Hong Kong despite city’s the high-internet usage & techno-sway nature of its population. She wanted to find out the reason behind this. Therefore, in 2002, she hires MGM a Hong Kong based marketing research firm to conduct a study for its Hong Kong market. The objective of the study was to find out: * General purchasing habits & attitudes of Hong Kong consumers. Awareness of Hula brand. * Attitude & perception towards Hula brand * Actual or intended usage pattern of Hula visa-a-visa its competitors Key findings of the study were as follows: * Brand awareness- A majority of respondent had never heard of its Hula. * Brand Image- All respondent perceived Hula as risky & unreliable mainly due to their concerns about security & stability of Hula’s website. Usage pattern- Due to low brand awareness, a majority of the respondent had never used Hula’s Hong Kong site before, nor have they used any other regional sites of the company. All the respondent claimed that they would only use Hula as an information provider & would purchase from traditional, brick’-n-mortar travel agents. In order to confirm earlier findings, Lung decided to hire Marketers a market research firm headquartered in Australia to conduct a study on its Hong Kong market in order to devise a viable marketing strategy.


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