Market Research And Analysis Into Customers Marketing Essay

Bistro-2-Go merchandises and services will be sold straight through a corporate web site. Customers will be reached through web advertisement, wireless, and out-of-door media. The start-up stage will be critical to the success of our market range. Since we will be based out of Morgantown, a batch of our mark clients will be college pupils. The bulk of pupils in our mark market will fall within the nutrient active section and charming slug section. We will besides make our grownup mark market through effectual publicity methods. Adult clients may fall in any one of our metameric groups: good existences, nutrient actives, or charming slugs. Many grownups and college pupils would wish to do alterations in their nutritionary wonts, but they face multiple barriers forestalling them from eating healthy. Due to the handiness of nutrients high in fat, the low cost of fast nutrient, and the clip it takes to fix a healthy repast, hapless nutritionary wonts are picked up during college that continue throughout maturity. Adults are faced with clip restraints and busy agendas, every bit good, which may hold an impact on their eating wonts. Since pupils are on a lower budget than other members of our mark market, we must develop cost efficient merchandises. Adults with significant incomes will be more likely to go on utilizing our merchandises on a day-to-day footing because they have a greater beginning of income. It is imperative that we reach big market sections to guarantee stable merchandise gross.

Some pupils place small value on nutrition and will non fall into any of our client sections. Among college pupils, the bulk of our mark market will be composed of females. Most male pupils purchase merchandises that gustatory sensation good and are low in monetary value, irrespective of the nutritionary value. Females tend to do healthier nutrient picks, with less respect to the monetary value. It is besides more likely for female clients to do self-generated buying determinations on this type of merchandise. Students that are fleshy or wellness witting are more likely to demo involvement in our merchandises. It is more typical for females to derive weight at this age and topographic point a greater accent on nutrition. Our plan can assist pupils lose weight and experience healthy. This will fulfill their physiological and psychological demands. The cost of buying diet repast programs on a day-to-day footing may forestall a cost barrier among pupils in this market. To avoid this, lower measure repast bundles will be offered to pupils, along with promotional offerings.

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Adults of all ages are likely to fall into one of our three section groups. As we get older our wellness becomes more valuable and entree to a healthy life style becomes more gettable. Adult males are more likely to demo involvement in our merchandises than college males. Those who are fleshy or face wellness jobs may be at hazard for disease. Our plan can supply them with a alone option to traditional diet nutrients and fulfill their physiological demands. Most adults purchase their nutrient merchandises from a retail food market shop. These shops offer healthy nutrients at a low-price, which we must be able to vie with. High-quality gustatory sensation and client convenience are cardinal characteristics that will be appealing to this market section. Promotion attempts should be focused chiefly upon grownup consumers because they have a greater beginning of income and greater buying power than most pupils.

Promotional circulars will be handed out to establish the initial start-up stage of our web site. Once we have established a loyal client database we will be able to implement other beginnings of media advertisement. The pupil diversion centre would be an ideal topographic point to get down our advertisement and promotional attempts. This will let us to make persons who are concerned with their wellness. It would besides be good to go through out promotional circulars to sorority houses, tanning salons, and hair salons. This will let us to make females of all ages. Circulars should be put in letter boxs off-campus, to make members of our grownup section. We could aim grownup clients at local gym installations.

Buying Procedures

Before the website takes off, developing point-of-purchase shows in public countries will assist us advance our merchandises and influence client buying determinations. Supplying bite-size free samples could hold an impact on their determination as good. If our epicure nutrients meet high quality criterions of nutrition and gustatory sensation, we will be able to fulfill clients and avoid cognitive disagreement.

Needs: Our merchandise satisfies physiological and psychological demands of clients. It is of import for people who are fleshy or at hazard for disease to eat healthy. Our merchandise satisfies the physiological demands of these clients and other persons who want to better their wellness. Eating healthy besides makes you experience better about yourself. This satisfies psychological demands. Our website provides a assortment of information on physical and mental wellbeing.

Percepts: Bistro-2-Go ‘s alone service was coupled with a alone name to advance alone perceptual classification among clients.

Motivations: If a client is provided with a rational account as to why they should purchase a merchandise, it will probably be internalized as a motivation force. Promoting the hazards of hapless nutrition and supplying the benefits of our specialised nutrition plan, will actuate clients to buy our merchandises.

Attitudes: Some clients may keep a disbelieving attitude towards telling nutrient merchandises off-line. To avoid critical judgements, we will offer one free repast to first clip clients. If clients are satisfied, positive attitudes will ensue and loyal clients will be established. This besides provides a valuable publicity scheme that can be used to garner information about our client sections.

Customer Insight

I conducted a study among 50 college pupils to derive insight about the feeding wonts and nutritionary values and on campus. My consequences have been more thoroughly described in the subdivisions above, but overall, I found that a good proportion of college pupils have a low concern for their wellness. Some pupils would wish to eat healthy but, face barriers: limited entree to healthier options, clip restraints, limited resources, handiness of nutrients high in fat, convenience. Womans tend to be more concerned than work forces about what they eat. Those with weight issues are more concerned with eating healthy than those who are non fleshy. Students that eat healthy do so to keep a healthy weight and prevent disease. Guys are non normally interested in diet plans unless they are overweight. Most misss are interested in diet plans, but some feel the costs may be excessively high to suit into their budget.

I have besides created a societal networking group that provides pupils with nutritionary information and promotes healthy lifestyle picks. There are presently 250 members, some which have been invited to fall in. The site contains an advertizement for Bistro-2-Go. I asked pupils to post their remarks on the treatment board about the service. I did non have any negative feedback but, there were merely 57 responses. These pupils were interested in the merchandises and liked the thought. To obtain more penetration about our market potency, I sent out a message to each group member. Responses indicated that about half of the pupils would be interested in buying a repast program. Great work. This figure of responses is really good.

I created the group “ Eating Right ” to actuate pupils to value their wellness. It promotes the benefits of eating healthy, the hazards of hapless nutrition, and nutritionary schemes specific to the college life style.

To get the better of clip restraints and the convenience of fast nutrient, Bistro-2-Go promotes client convenience and handiness. Merchandises are delivered to the client ‘s place and can easy be prepared in under 5 proceedingss.

To get the better of cost barriers, Bistro-2-Go will offer pupil price reductions, promotional chances, and low measure repast programs. Meals are normally ordered in 2 hebdomad intervals but, pupils will hold the option to order in 1 hebdomad interval. When pupils sign into the corporate web site with their mix electronic mail reference, they will hold this option. Coupons and publicities will be email every other hebdomad.

Among the college section, we will chiefly be aiming adult females and those who value their wellness. Promotions will be distributed at the Student Recreation Center and local adult females ‘s shops. To do the plan more appealing to college males, we are planing repast programs that are low in fat & A ; high in protein to advance musculus growing. These repasts will besides come with protein shingles to attach to each repast. This will appeal to the mean college male pupil that wants to derive musculus.

After these betterments schemes have been implemented, the merchandises will be appealing to a much larger pupil section.

Great information. However, be more specific about your clients and acquire to the point. Are you aiming a certain income degree with your clients? A Include A demographics A of A your A mark market ( available through Chamber of Commerce or Census Bureau ) . A A

Keep in head that the concern program is n’t about measure of pages, it is about quality of information. Be to the point and include pertinent information alternatively of make fulling infinite.



Market Tendencies

Emerging wellness tendencies have introduced a heightened degree for nutritionary concern among consumers. Estimates indicate that dietetic addendums have become a 6 $ billion section that is expected to turn at an one-year rate of 25 % . This is chiefly due to the prevalence of fleshiness and the figure of people who are overweight in the U.S. Harmonizing to the authorities Census, West Virginia is ranked 2nd in the state for fleshiness. The following provides some general information relation to the market trends that will profit the growing of Bistro-2-Go:

Obesity – has become a serious job in our state. West Virginia has the highest rate of fleshiness in the U.S. Over 50 % of Americans are overweight. Harmonizing to, Fitness Magazine, the diet industry sells an one-year $ 40 Billion worth of merchandises to American consumers. About half of all Americans are on a diet, reported in the American Dietetic Association. Leads quest for weight loss

Changing retail — Customers are altering the manner they shop. Value monetary value, clip, and convenience, instead than trade name. Web Stores are an emerging chance for new ventures. Over 60 % of Americans now how internet entree

Time Scarcity — busy lifestyle and day-to-day activities led to the development of clip salvaging merchandises and services. Delivery services and new concerns have been developed to run into this tendency.

Internet – quickly spread outing: cyberspace development, production, and sale has generated 1000s of concerns.

Good information. Indicate where you collected this information.

The wellbeing tendency

The wellbeing tendency continues to act upon the foodservice industry. Harmonizing to consumer foodservice studies, growing during the prognosis period is predicted to come chiefly from fast nutrient, 100 % place delivery/take-out, as full-service eating houses struggle to pull consumers. This will be mostly due to the ongoing job environing traditional foodservice and their inability to vie with modern foodservice channels ‘ aggressive promotional activities. Furthermore, consumers progressively want their nutrient even faster and healthier. This is likely to profit the growing of limited-service eating houses, which is predicted to develop over the prognosis period, as modern consumers are progressively busy and seek convenience.

US demand to make $ 6.5 billion in 2011

Demand for frozen nutrient packaging is projected to make $ 6.5 billion in 2011, aided by heightened demand for convenience- type nutrients, among consumers and foodservice constitutions, the prevalence of microwave ovens and technological progresss in packaging. Demographic tendencies such as smaller family sizes, the ripening of the population and lifting Numberss of families will hike demand for convenience nutrients, including frozen merchandises. These nutrients frequently use more packaging relation to their volume. Furthermore, increased disbursement for repasts eaten or prepared away from place will portend good for frozen nutrient packaging as the foodservice industry relies to a great extent on frozen nutrients. Copied straight from web — — -http: // id=71585

Convenience Foods in the U.S.

Presently available at a price reduction of ( 15 % ) off the full monetary value of $ 6000 Convenience Foods in the U.S. , Volume 1: Fresh Prepared Deli and Packaged Foods Following in the footfalls of Whole Foods, nutrient retail merchants industry-wide have awakened to the fact that-when it comes to offering fresh prepared repasts that are both convenient and appealing-they are frequently in a better place than eating houses to run into the progressively specific demands of busy Americans. Consequently, nutrient retail merchants are stressing extremely customized prepared nutrients for time-pressed shoppers to eat in or take out, and numbering on additions in margin sections to assist countervail sulky center-store gross revenues. A cardinal push is offering consumers healthier eating picks, given the beguiling act most Americans are making with nutrient nutrition and convenience. For their portion, sellers of packaged fresh convenience foods-including Fresh Express ( Chiquita ) , Kraft, ConAgra, General Mills and Dole-are launching merchandises that invite consumers to custom-make their ain speedy repasts by uniting pre-packaged and pre-cooked constituents.

Market Tendencies

U.S. Retail gross revenues of Gourmet Foods 1998-2003

Year Gross saless ( Millions $ ) Compound Annual Growth Rate

1998 22,134 7.9 %

1999 23,887 8.3 %

2000 25,858 8.1 %

2001 27,948 8.2 %

2002 30,235 8.0 %

2003 32,688 8.1 %

Business Type Percentage of Gross saless

Grocery Stores 39.6 %

Gourmet/Specialty Stores 29.3 %

Fast-food 14.9 %

Internet nutrient services 16.2 %

Current Market Size

Morgantown, WV Source ( % ) Entire Population Market Potential

Entire Population West Virginia Census 32,718

Geographic Data

Target Age ( 18 and over ) West Virginia Census 90 % 29,446

Target Age Enrolled in college WVU Facts 86 % 28,113

Target Age Not in College City Data 14 % 4,605

Target Age College Students Student Survey 48.9 % 13,747

( Prefering nutrition over monetary value ) ( Mostly adult females )

Adults likely to buy Personal Interviews 75 % 3,453

Meal Plan

Health-oriented immature Personal Research 50 % 6,873

Adults/students likely Networking group

To buy repast program

Show your current market and possible growing over a three-year period. You determine your growing. If you want your concern to turn easy, you might merely desire a 3 % growing during twelvemonth two and an extra 3 % during twelvemonth three. List factors set uping growing.


What A factors A might A affect A growing? A This can A be A positive A or A negative. A Poor A economic system A could A potentially A injury A your A concern. A If A you A supply A great A client A service A and A have A low A monetary values, A you A could A potentially A see A an A addition A in A growing. A A


Get down this subdivision with a brief paragraph about your competition.


Merchandises – Natural and organic merchandises, Healthy frozen merchandises, Healthy trade name merchandises

Strengths – Large Customer Database, Brand Recognition, Brand Loyalty, Low Prices, Convenient Locations, Expansive growing, Friendly ties with community, Quality nutrient

Failings – Convenience of fast wellness nutrient, clients lack nutritionary cognition to steer healthy picks


Merchandises – Low-fat usage bombers, salads, soups, sides, Low-calorie/fat bill of fare

Strengths – Strong Ad, Brand Recognition, Low Prices, Convenient Locations, Expansive Growth, Fast Service

Failings – Ineffective client service and deficiency of employee preparation at select concatenation locations, Lower quality repasts


Merchandises – Low-fat sandwiches, soups, salads, sides

Strengths – Friendly Atmosphere, Fast Service, Exceptional Customer Service, Ties with Community, Brand Recognition, High quality repasts, Healthy nutrient options

Failings – Weak Advertising, Higher monetary values

Pita Pit

Merchandises – Low-fat usage pocket breads, salads, sides, bringing service

Strengths – Brand acknowledgment, Customer database, fast service, low monetary values

Failings – Limited Ad, lower quality merchandises


Merchandises – Gourmet nutritionary repasts, bringing service, nutritionary counsel, specialized diet program to run into single demands,

Strengths – Customer convenience and handiness, alone diet program, first-class client service, high quality merchandises, superior nutritionary value

Failings – higher cost merchandises, client trueness to other products/brands, limited advertisement

Competitive Edge

Bistro-2-Go ‘s selling scheme is to distinguish itself from traditional nutrient services and stress its alone nutritionary characteristics. As nutritionary value continues to act upon our market determinations, demand for nutritionary counsel and well-balanced repasts will go on to turn. One of our greatest disadvantages will be monetary value. College pupils typically look for the lowest monetary value in merchandise choice. Since a section of our mark audience will be made up of college pupils, we have developed a pricing scheme to better run into their demands. Our rivals promote low monetary values and low-calorie repasts. We will be stressing superior nutritionary quality, better merchandise quality, client convenience, and individualised client service.

If clients were to buy single repasts from fast-food eating houses each twenty-four hours, the monetary value would run about the same as our hebdomad supply of repasts. The quality of the merchandises offered at these fast-food eating houses will non run into the quality of our merchandises. We will offer superior merchandises that meet the single demands of each client. All repasts are newly prepared each hebdomad by an experient cookery staff. Training must by completed by all staff members to develop a basic apprehension of nutrition, to assistance in the readying of a healthy balanced repast. All of our merchandises and nutritionary recommendations are designed by certified nutritionary specializers. We will besides offer on-line support, a nutritionary usher, and tips to a healthier life style. Customers will be able to eat the nutrients that they enjoy at a sensible monetary value, while fring weight and adding nutritionary value to their lives.

Many clients purchase nutrient merchandises from local food market shops. These shops offer healthy nutrients at a low monetary value. Customers besides choose to eat at fast-food eating houses because of day-to-day clip restraints. To vie with these shops we must keep a committedness to supply high quality merchandises that are low-cost, low-calorie, and easy to do. Our easy to utilize web site will do it convenient for clients to order their nutrient straight from place and have it delivered the undermentioned concern twenty-four hours. Our merchandises can be prepared at place or in the office in under five proceedingss. There will besides be no demand for clients to number Calories in their day-to-day repast choices. A broad assortment of merchandises will be available to run into the gustatory sensation and nutritionary penchant of all three mark groups. This service will do it easy for clients to suit nutrition into their day-to-day lives.

Customers leave fast-food eating houses because they are non satisfied with the nutritionary value or the quality of their merchandises. Although they offer speedy service and low monetary values, their nutrient will non run into the epicure gustatory sensation or nutritionary quality of our merchandises. Certain monetary value and nutritionary publicities draw clients in to a specific fast-food eating house. We will offer similar monetary value publicities and our nutrient is guaranteed to ever run into high nutritionary criterions. The following provides information relation to the market demand in which our plan attempts to turn to:

Health oriented plans will assist pull off the fleshiness epidemic.

Nutritionally balanced repast programs will assist people run into their nutritionary ends and keep a healthy weight.

Proven weight loss schemes can be used to get the better of common nutrient challenges.

Lowering cholesterin and diminishing high blood force per unit area will heighten length of service.

Website entree to wellness information and support will assist people better educate themselves.

The cyberspace is a powerful channel of distribution that delivers information immediately to clients.


Estimated Market Share

Bistro-2-Go offers a alone diet plan that was created to handily suit nutrition into the lives of busy consumers. The plan was designed by a squad of certified nutrition specializers, with experience in weight direction. Our repasts are newly prepared by an experient cookery staff and absolutely balanced to run into the client ‘s nutritionary demands. These repasts are handily delivered right to your door. Many clients have tried other diet plans and go on to confront the challenges of losing weight. Our plan offers a unique and easy method to lose weight and guarantee better wellness.

Adults concerned with their wellness will do major committednesss to our merchandise. As we get older our wellness becomes more valuable, nevertheless, it can be more ambitious to keep a healthy weight. Customers, who are overweight or have hapless nutritionary wellness, may be at hazard for disease. Our plan can supply them with a alone option to traditional diet methods. College pupils, who value their wellness, may besides be major buyers of our merchandise. During college, many pupils pick up hapless nutritionary wonts that lead to an unhealthy life style and a major addition in weight. These pupils face many barriers to eating healthy. The convenience of our plan will suit easy into their busy agenda and it will non necessitate them to do major lifestyle alterations. This will be appealing to both pupil and grownup clients. With professional counsel and an individualised diet program, pupils and grownups will be able to make their nutritionary ends and keep a healthy weight.

Emerging wellness tendencies have introduced a heightened degree for nutritionary concern among consumers. It is of import to transfuse nutritionary values into your life at an early age. This will promote good nutritionary wonts throughout life. Parents are demoing increased concern for their kids ‘s nutrition and their ain. In the hereafter, our merchandises may be appealing to parents who want to better their kid ‘s nutritionary wellness every bit good. We could spread out our bill of fare to include balanced nutritionary repasts for both kids and parents.

Market Gross saless Growth

Harmonizing to the wellbeing tendency, clients will switch concentrate on convenience and nutrition. This will profit the growing of limited-service eating houses such as, Bistro-2-Go. A displacement in demographic tendencies will besides take to a demand for convenient nutrient merchandises, such as newly prepared frozen repasts. Offering nutrition and convenience will run into the specialised demands of progressively busy Americans. See Market Size and Trends for farther inside informations on projected market portion, gross revenues, and tendencies.

Merchandise 2002 CAGR 2007 CAGR CAGR

1998-2002 2002-2007 1998-2007

Gourmet & A ;

Ready-to-eat 10,100 6.0 % 13,516 6.0 % 6.0 %


What is it about your product/service that will do it marketable? Who are your major clients? Provide information on estimated sum in gross revenues. How much of the market do you be after to obtain over the following three old ages? Show the growing over a three-year period in a tabular array, as it will pull attending when you separate it from paragraph format.


Bistro-2-Go ‘s growing scheme is focused on run intoing the demands of our clients. To measure the quality of our merchandises and services, we will administer client studies and develop a client database. Customer studies will be available online and will promote clients to supply us with penetration and advice about our merchandises and services. Any feedback will assist us better run into the demands of our clients and determine countries of betterment.

To present quality value to our clients, we have designed a client database that gathers of import information about their buying wonts. When clients order merchandises off-line, they must register an history with our company and supply us with basic demographic information ( age, location, gender, business ) . This will let us to section our client base and design customized offerings for the single demands of each section. We will be able to plan publicities and aim our attempts towards our most profitable clients. Good information

This subdivision is for the selling program assignment.

Selling Scheme

Selling Doctrine

Bistro-2-Go is committed to supplying high quality nutritionary nutrients to its clients at a monetary value they can afford. We promote a client oriented doctrine, centered around our clients and their demands. To better run into their demands we have defined three major mark groups: good existences, nutrient actives, and charming slugs. Our web site and bill of fare choices have been designed to appeal to clients from all three mark groups.

Customers from the wellbeings group center all lifestyle picks around wellness. This client section is chiefly made up of persons from an older grownup age group ( 45 and older ) . Our healthy choice of natural and organic merchandises will be particularly appealing to this client section. When coupled with competitory monetary values, nutritionary quality, and superior gustatory sensation, Bistro-2-Go will be a taking wellness nutrient supplier in the country.

Customers within the food-actives group are driven by a healthy balanced life style. This client section is made up of persons from a younger grownup age group ( 25-45 twelvemonth old ) . To appeal to these clients, we have focused on a more dynamic attack that emphasizes diet, exercising, and nutrition. Not merely does our website provide clients with nutritionary repast programs but, it besides provides them with nutritionary support. Our 24 hr support includes reasonable eating schemes, day-to-day exercising plans, and counsel towards a more balanced life style.

Customers within the magic-bullet group are driven chiefly by convenience. This client section is chiefly made up of the WVU pupil population ( ages 18-25 ) . Our diet plan was designed to concentrate on client convenience and handiness. Students can choose custom repast programs and order them from their place. Meals are delivered to the client and can be prepared in under 5 proceedingss. The nutrient tastes great and they no longer have to worry about numbering Calories. This allows pupils to suit nutrition into their progressively busy life styles. Since Bistro-2-Go is based out of a University town, we will offer pupils a price reduction when they log in with their WVU electronic mail reference.

Market Niche

Convenience. Our easy to utilize web site will let clients to order our merchandises without go forthing their place. Once our epicure repasts are prepared, they are frozen and delivered right to your door. Customers can easy heat them up in under 5 proceedingss and bask a delightful healthy repast. This alone service is non offered by local rivals and will let clients to easy suit nutrition into their busy life styles.

Location. Bistro-2-go will be located on high street. This convenient location will assist us construct local trade name name acknowledgment and take advantage of walk/drive by concern. Customers, who would prefer to order our merchandises at the shop, instead than over the cyberspace, will hold the option. We plan to get down our concern locally and spread out it throughout the province within the following five old ages. Once our merchandise is well-known in Morgantown, we will be able to pull in clients from environing countries every bit good.

High Quality. Bistro-2-Go has made a committedness to supply clients with the highest quality nutrient. Our repast programs are designed by nutritionary specializers to run into the specific wellness demands of each client. We will supply clients with natural and organic bill of fare choices. Our epicure merchandises are prepared by experient chefs and cooked to flawlessness. They are so frozen and packaged for bringing. Customers will bask eating delightful nutrient that is nutritionally good every bit good. If we provide clients with superior quality nutrient at a sensible monetary value, we will hold growing through repetition concern.

Selling Concepts

Our selling scheme consists of promotional advertizements in local newspapers and wireless Stationss. We will administer promotional circulars at local concerns, campus locations, and through the mail. Posters will be displayed in public countries and free merchandise samples will be distributed to possible clients. We will besides offer on-line price reductions and particular merchandise publicities to present clients to our merchandise quality.

Spring will be an particularly busy season for our concern. This is a clip when people are seeking to acquire in form and look good for summer. Since autumn and winter will be a slower concern period, we will offer particular merchandise publicities to increase gross revenues. Around the Christmas vacation we will plan healthy repast trays that can be used at parties. We will besides hold low Calories baked goods so clients can avoid seting on excess vacation weight.


Pricing Scheme

Our pricing scheme will concentrate on supplying high quality merchandises and services at a sensible monetary value. Since local rivals do non offer the same services, we will be able to monetary value our merchandises at a higher rate. Although we will be offering forte merchandises, we must besides guarantee a sensible monetary value that will be appealing to clients. We will use pupil price reductions, day-to-day specials, and new merchandises to pull clients.

Our repast programs will be sold in hebdomadal bundles that include breakfast, tiffin, dinner, and the option of two bites per twenty-four hours. We will offer a particular publicity to first clip clients: $ 99 for a full hebdomad with bites. Students will be offered a 10 % price reduction for all purchases when logged in with their WVU electronic mail reference. Our standard monetary values will get down out somewhat lower than normal to derive more rapid market credence. Once we set up loyal clients and a solid repute, monetary values will be raised to derive a more important net income. The standard repast program monetary values are listed in the undermentioned subdivision:

Full-week ( 7days ) Meal Plan Cost ( Per Day ) * ( Per Meal ) *

With Snacks $ 150 $ 21.50 $ 7

Without Snacks $ 140 $ 20 $ 6.5

Part-Week ( 5 yearss )

With Snacks $ 120 $ 24 $ 8

Without Snacks $ 110 $ 22 $ 7.3

*Meals will non be sold separately but, the monetary values have been broken down to compare our repast monetary values with rivals ‘ monetary values.

Rival Pricing

( Per Meal )


Frozen Entree $ 5


Meal $ 6


Meal $ 9

Pita Pit

Meal $ 8

Customers pay for our merchandises and services up front. We have started the cost of our repast program s out at a lower monetary value to pull clients. To bring forth a important net income, we will necessitate to raise our monetary values by 10 $ for each repast program. Although our monetary values will be higher than some of our rivals, clients will be paying for the convenience of gourmet nutritionary nutrients. The quality and gustatory sensation of our merchandise s are superior to the quality offered by rivals. This monetary value includes a bringing service every bit good. Because none of our rivals offer these alone characteristics, we will be able to bear down a little more for our merchandises.

Gross saless TACTICS

Operationss Costss Department/Manager

Website 1,000 Website Interior designers

( Doug Smith )

Start -Up Marketing 4,000 Marketing Team

( Advertising & A ; Direct Mail ) ( Julie Wyatt )

Promotions 4,000 Management Team

( Student Discounts ) ( Janelle ring )

( New Customers )

Free Product Samples 2,000 Cooking Staff

( David Hering )

Achieve Gross saless of at least $ 0 Management Team

45,000 ( 1 month ) ( All )



Bistro-2-Go will hold promotional advertizements in local newspapers. We will administer promotional circulars at local concerns, campus locations, and through the mail. Posters will be displayed in public countries and free merchandise samples will be distributed to possible clients. We will besides offer on-line price reductions and particular merchandise publicities to present clients to our merchandise. Ads will besides be broadcasted on local wireless Stationss.


Distribution Methods

Our quality merchandises are shipped from American Food Institute. They are newly prepared, frozen, and shipped to our clients. We have purchased refrigerated trucks so our merchandises stay at the right temperature when delivered. The trucks were purchased for $ 23,000 each. After a few months, the monetary value of our repasts programs will be raised 10 each to do up for these costs.



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