Market Research Proposal For Mccain Foods Marketing Essay

A Market Research Proposal for McCain Foods, UK

1. Introduction:

Manufacturers of goods should hold to be fed with sufficient selling cognition to enable them to do appropriate picks of merchandises for fulfilling the demands of the clients depending upon the economic and ingestion tendencies. In the instance of nutrient industry, there is an extra of import component of turning wellness concern in all parts of the universe and all the more in developed states like UK where the wellness consciousness of the people are really high and the regulative governments stringent. There are negative perceptual experiences about fast nutrients in the sense they are considered as harming the wellness of people through fleshiness and acquiring the kids addicted. Hence, it is imperative for them to acquire on manus a developed selling program which would foremost turn to the negative concerns of the consumers and project the positive results of ingestion of their branded nutrients. These undertakings could be efficaciously handled merely by marketing professionals. In this Paper, we shall be fixing a market research program for McCain Foods which intends to spread out into healthier bites and repasts. The Paper would foremost spell out a valid selling theory on which the research would be done followed with the techniques which could be used in the existent market research by discoursing their relevancy to their programs.

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2. The Choice of Market Research Theory:

We would follow the 4p ‘s theory because of its relevancy and pertinence even in the current times chiefly because of the fact that this theory has evolved over a period of clip before maturating into one holding practical public-service corporation in a theoretical context. In the theoretical kingdom it found its infinite with the publication of an article by Borden. H. Neil, in 1964 under the rubric ‘Marketing Mix Concepts ‘ . It was refined in by McCarthy E. Jerome into four constructs which popularly came to be referred to as 4P ‘s. They are Product, Price, Place and Promotion. A wise sociable of all of them depending upon nature of research would give statistically validated and practically useable background stuff for the direction to make up one’s mind about launching and sustaining schemes. It has now been extended at least to five PSs but we would non travel into that.

Focus groups and cross-tabulated studies are the most normally used techniques but in the context of present research it suffers from a major restriction. The consequences from them are merely a package of statistics which would miss dynamic penetrations about a unrecorded merchandise and placing a mark audience in term precise and good defined footings.

Merchandise covers elements of trade name, functionality, visual aspect, quality, service and packaging.

Monetary value denotes such elements as list monetary value, price reductions available, cmplementaries with the chief merchandise etc

Topographic point denotes the location, service degrees and logistics besides other characteristics to accommodate the pick of the merchandise.

Promotion refers to the methods and manners of advertisement. It could be through the media using the public dealingss accomplishments of the manufacturer, distribution of free cusps, direct selling and can even be public involvement related advertizements that would advance the cause of the merchandise.

Within the wide theoretical model, we have to take relevant elements most appropriate for the merchandise under mention. Ours is a convenient merchandise, targeted at the health-conscious on the job executives and educated families holding disposable income. The executive section of it has small clip to pass on a comprehensive repast or scope of bites, but, is flush plenty to use on merchandises holding Health and Nutritious value. Nutrition is what they want and fleshiness is what they abhor. The techniques adopted should alternately reiterate cardinal footings nutrition and fleshiness in a converse context so that the consequences bring in a sum-up of the likes and disfavors of the consumers in what they want to eat and what they do non.

2.1. The Techniques

‘Laddering ‘ and ‘Prototyping ‘ are the two most appropriate presently used techniques carry throughing the bulk of the above standard. Laddering brings out through in-depth interviews the nucleus properties and values which consumers look for in a merchandise. We so section them into distinguishable feasible groups through prototyping from the penetrations gained from runing by placing the mark group of consumers every bit clearly as possible in a unrecorded state of affairs. These two techniques serve the intent of finding as to whom and how to aim with a great grade of clearcutness. These techniques besides are in conformance with 4ps theory.

In our context, through application of these techniques, we can happen replies to inquiries as to why consumers are non purchasing certain types/brands of nutrient, what is their perceptual experience in this respect of our scope nutrient, what would do them to start/ increase the purchasing of our trade name, how can we do them to come into our Lashkar-e-Taibas out and in short produce an optimum ‘marketing mix ‘ covering a broad scope of parametric quantities to bring forth a win-win result both for the Sellerss and purchasers.

3.The Restrictions

The restrictions for carry oning such an exercising could stem from budgetary and geographical restraints. Fast nutrients are still an urban phenomenon and therefore the geographical locations would hold to be by and big urban in nature. Conducting face-to-face interviews could be dearly-won and acquiring equal respondents who would hold adequate clip with the interviewer is yet another restriction. But they in now manner decrease the importance and relevancy of the methods outlined supra. Again, it is a trade off and it is where the function of experience selling trough comes in who can make up one’s mind the most suited size of the existent research. For case, we could get down with a pilot-project and spread out into a comprehensive research manner based on the results of the pilot studies.


The aim of this Paper was to show a realistic pre- market research program to the McCain Food, UK who intends to present a assortment of fast nutrients integrating wellness heightening ingredients and extinguishing the negative effects perceived by the wellness witting consumers in the UK. Once the program is approved with appropriate alterations the company would wish to integrate, the existent research procedure would get down.


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