Market Strategies And Competition Of Nintendo Wii

August 11, 2017 Marketing

The study competitory analysis ticker “ Wii will sway you ” briefly depict about Nintendo Wii, it besides examine its powerful rivals and besides market analysis. It highlights the schemes that it employs in the market. It analyses the engineering industry and the personal appeal and profitableness in the industry.


Nintendo Entertainment system ( Nipponese Company ) was introduced in 1985. It about single-handedly revitalized the picture game industry, selling over 60million units. In 2006, Nintendo introduced the Wii with several advanced radical characteristics. Wireless motion-sensitive remote accountants, built in Wi-Fi capableness and a host of other characteristics have made the Wii the best- merchandising latest coevals console system in the universe. ( Nintendo,2010 )

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The end of the company is making the non gamers with merchandises that are playable and gratifying to gamers and non gamers. ( Capua, 2007 )

Nintendo ‘s mission statement is “ At Nintendo we are proud to be working for the taking company in our industry. We are strongly committed to bring forthing and marketing the best merchandises and support services available. We believe it is indispensable non merely to supply merchandises of the highest quality, but to handle every client with attending, consideration and regard. By listening closely to our clients, we invariably better our merchandises and services ” A

The mission statement reflects its nucleus intent, individuality, values and chief concern purposes. Nintendo ‘s vision is to bring forth an wholly new merchandise like nil that has come before it, aimed at greatly spread outing the bet oning population. Nintendo ‘s vision led it to bring forth a console that was smaller, cheaper, quieter and simpler to utilize than either of its rivals. This led to an instant hit. It sold more units than Microsoft ‘s Xbox 360 and Sony ‘s drama station 3.its because while Sony and Microsoft both rushed to develop more powerful high definition consoles, Nintendo stuck with standard declaration hardware and alternatively sought to develop a console that would appeal to non gamers. ( Colborne, 2009 )


Nintendo ‘s scheme has led the market in portable gambling with its game boy line of handheld games, and has in the last twelvemonth been challenged on that forepart by Sony ‘s PlayStation Portable. Its whole scheme is to concentrate on sections that can make really good in, and one manner to make that is by being different. Microsoft ‘s Xbox 360, introduced in November 2005, have been in the market for a full twelvemonth before Nintendo Wii came out with different accountants that might assist to recapture some of its prestigiousness.


With the tremendous experience in the concern, the company key to its cost advantage involves through analysis of its cost driver such as backward integrating. Nintendo Wii used off-the-rack parts from legion providers. Sony co-developed the PS3 ‘s screaming-fast 3.2- GHz “ cell ” and does the fabrication in its ain installations. Nintendo bought its 729-megahertz bit from a provider It ‘s marginally better than the PS2 and the original Xbox and besides following to PS3 and Xbox 360. So this path helped the company to present the Wii at $ 250 it vs $ 599 for the PS3 and every bit much as $ 399 for the $ 360 ) and still turn a net income on every unit. The advantage that Nintendo Wii has achieved through the economic systems of graduated table and distinction has boosted its net income. The Wii comes with Wi-Fi which gives client entree to the cyberspace, and features an improbably habit-forming to Mii channel. Six months after Wii launch, gross revenues were speed uping. Nintendo sold 360,000 boxes in the US in April, Its 100, 00 more than in March. ( Brien, 2009 )


Many game developers were concentrating on the “ hard-core ” demographic clients and at the same clip games were more complicated and hard to larn for insouciant gamers. This gave the Nintendo an chance to make a console and games that entreaties to people who had been ignored by Microsoft and Sony. They invented the Wii remote. The Wii Remote had characteristics talker, a rumble battalion that makes the device shingle, and even a enigma characteristic or two that have yet to be exploited, like a mike doodly-squat. And besides a bit known as three-axis accelerometer, this bit exactly measures motion in three dimensions. The primary advantage of this scheme is that it is one that Microsoft and Sony can non efficaciously transcript. In order to appeal to the hard-core market, both companies were viing on the hardware public presentation and characteristics. To cut down costs plenty to vie with Nintendo, they would necessitate to abandon these ends, estranging their clients.

Porters 5 FORCE

Michael Porter ‘s 5 forces theoretical account is one of the more refined analysis tools available today, and allows an accurate image of a concern ‘s place in the market topographic point to be build up.

The first portion of the five Forces analysis involves the menace of replacement merchandises, this pick could be affected by any figure of factors, but the most common are related to cost, either the alternate merchandise is materially the same but cheaper, or it ‘s the same monetary value but offers more characteristics. The Nintendo Wii had no concerns on this forepart when it was launched ; the USP was the control system, which in bend allowed for a peculiarly advanced scope of games. As O’Brien has noted, The Wii was so technologically advanced that other companies knew they would hold to pass a figure of old ages catching up. Furthermore, the Wii arrived at the market to the full formed, and as it were, it had no serious lacks that could do consumers to look elsewhere.

Porter ‘s 5 Forces analysis so goes on to see the menace of new merchandises come ining the sector. Nintendo had adequate ground to be concern about this, since the launch of the Wii outright showed that consumers were interested in the possibilities offered by this new piece of engineering. During the clip of Wii ‘s launch the other rivals of Wii, Sony and Microsoft would efficaciously hold to abandon their most basic research and development plan ‘s in order to follow a way that already appeared to hold been about wholly colonized by the Wii. In other words, while the Wii opened a new market that was improbably pulling other concerns had to radically re-design their merchandise to in order to come in that market, with the consequence of lost net income and invention in other country. Nintendo can besides trust on the curve advantage that it had gained with the Wii.

Porters model than expressions at the strength of competitory competition. The Wii has merely two echt rivals the Xbox 360 ( Microsoft ) and the Play station 3 ( Sony ) , and the market before the WIi launch was considered to be highly matured. The informal complexness of the market was mostly based on strong shared values, and Nintendo broke these values in a figure of ways with the Wii, moreover, the company was confident that it would develop a sustainable competitory advantage that would decrease the effects of any sensed industry overcapacity.

The concluding force to be analyzed is the dickering power of purchasers and providers, an country in which the Wii has a stretch advantage since it offers something that neither of its rivals has that is a alone manner of bet oning manner and strong game-play. Nintendo designs some of the hardware and games for the consoles but fabrication and assembly are frequently out sourced as stated in the article. And many constituents are purchased “ off the shelf ” from big companies. It buys parts from companies such as Panasonic ( batteries ) , IBM ( processors ) , ATI ( video cards ) Nintendo commissions a figure of third-party makers to bring forth cardinal constituents or assemble finished merchandises. The Wii has a distinguishable advantage since it offers something that neither of its rivals has – a alone gambling manner and strong game-play. In footings of the market of end products, the Wii had important purchase from the beginning, as is evidenced by the fact that package makers, ab initio loath to perpetrate to the Wii, and they rapidly changed their heads and began to develop rubrics for the console. In this manner, the Wii was able to avoid the demand for backward integrating, and although purchaser exchanging costs were surely a factor, the market was at a point of alteration anyhow and consumers were waiting for all three major consoles to be released before make up one’s minding which one to take.

Personal Evaluation

Nintendo changed the perceptual experience of the videogame and its industry by this merchandise. It was an act of ask foring engagement from everyone as this extract provinces. Nintendo defined a demand for a new way of development ; they recognized the manner things were in a province of radical technological way. They used different schemes like backward integrating, distinction and invention to keep and lodge to their ends. The new Nintendo Wii was appealing to all ages. The current market study shows that the Wii remote accountant ( Wii atom ) is more broad spread and is the most used computing machine input device worldwide.

The success of the Wii depended on package and successfully identified and it took bet oning into ints chief stream the Wii has arguably changed the universe of comforting game everlastingly.


Nintendo Wii ‘s competitory advantage is merchandise distinction, backward integrating and porters 5 force. They continue to bring forth a merchandise that creates value to all the clients. And Nintendo has a good relationship with all its providers and this helps them to sell their merchandise cheaper than the rivals. The research shows that the Nintendo Wii is really convenient to everybody. The difference Nintendo is set uping with the Revolution is a low-priced device with an accessible interface. Nintendo believes its easy-to-use accountant will give it an border.


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