Market Success Entry Strategy Doing Business In Japan Business Essay

To make up one’s mind whether to put up in concern in Japan, it is necessary to look into a big figure of many different factors. If for come ining of any new market in-depth economic and strategic survey is merely an of import portion of preparatory work, in instance of come ining Nipponese market it is indispensable to life. Nipponese market differs from others by high monetary values and terrible competition, so working there is either hazardous or profitable. The deep apprehension of features of this market is mandatory status for positive consequences.

This paper provides the thorough economic and strategic probe, which covers:

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Market size research

Choosing the most suited scheme for come ining the market

Hazard appraisal

II Market Success Analysis

Market size

Appraisal of market size is an indispensable measure when you calculate market portion of a concern and its rivals.

Every twelvemonth Japan imports more than 130 1000000s three-dimensional meter of wood, and the demand in wood steadily grows. One more company that imports wood will be a existent redemption. ( Tokarev, 2008, p. 379-392 )

Whatever market niche I take up, the one-year turnover will be at least $ 400 1000000s because of the great demand of wood. But I am traveling to provide Nipponese merely with high-quality and licensed wood so I can multiply $ 400m by four or even five.


My company will necessitate both knowing employees and non-educated labourers. About 25 people will keep a high station ( so they must be responsible and qualified workers ) and other ( about 40-50 ) people can be laboring work forces, which will work as stevedores, aid, and so on. Thereby I will make new occupations and diminish the growing of unemployment.

Besides I will necessitate such professional services as legal and accounting services, services which provide professional development, and some advertisement bureaus.

Regulations and processs

Now in Japan are merely 63 goods that are non liberalized for import. Japan does non take a prejudiced liberalisation policy.

Wood, natural wood and lumber are non included in any restricted class so import of these goods is free. Besides lumber is a small taxed.

There are no any imposts fees or exchange controls for Japan. Furthermore, there are no consular fees. Sometimes for selling wood to Nipponese, wood ( rare wood or wood with superior quality ) should be certified or have a licence signed by the consul. And this licence does non necessitate money. If your wood ( rare wood ) meets all the demands described in declaration, you get the licence really rapidly.

But this would be unreal if you should non pay for import at all. There are imports responsibilities. The rate of responsibilities depends on several factors such as an sum of importing goods, the exporting state ( for illustration if you import wood from Canada the import responsibilities will be higher than if you would import from Russia ) , and the quality of goods. In general, import responsibilities on wood vary from 5 to 15 % . ( “ Japan ‘s Duty Agenda ” . )

All import goods should be accompanied with description and all paperss should be translated into Nipponese.

Nipponese produce high quality goods and they expect import goods be high-quality excessively.


The chief hazards I ( and everybody importing wood ) should take into history are political hazards. Increasing of revenue enhancements will diminish sum of import goods or do the monetary values on these goods really high. Besides if export revenue enhancements in exporting states will lift, the monetary value on Nipponese market will lift excessively. For illustration in Russia usage responsibility on export of wood and lumber became really high – 25 % and it is non the terminal. So the monetary value on wood increased on 25 % excessively. If the monetary value increases a little more, it will be unprofitable for Nipponese import wood from Russia.

Besides there are many Torahs that preserve the environment. So if some states decide to utilize as small wood as it possible, most of companies importing wood will shut because of really high revenue enhancements and really low demand.

There are besides society hazards. As I have already said in my first paper, Nipponese build many wooden houses. It is because of their traditions, imposts and wonts. But as the population of Japan ( really non merely of Japan, but besides of the universe ) steadily grows, some people can make up one’s mind that the edifice of one lumber house on a topographic point where could be constructed a skyscraper is a existent cachexia of land. And – once more – the import of wood will dramatically diminish.

II Market Entry Analysis

The pick of a scheme for a company is an indispensable measure. If you want your company to be successful it is good to discourse all advantages and disadvantages of all schemes you may take for your company.

The three schemes which my company “ Woody ” can prosecute are joint venture scheme, import scheme, and foreign direct investings.

Joint venture

Joint ventures can be defined as “ an endeavor in which two or more investors portion ownership and control over belongings rights and operation ” . ( Carter, 1997, ch. 7 )

Besides the concern ( the company proper ) is normally situated in a native state of one of spouses. For my company this scheme is instead good, but it has ether advantages or disadvantages.

Advantages are:

It is hard to put up in concern in foreign state ; you need to cognize all niceties and regulations making concern in another state. But if you have a spouse from that state ( of class I mean a good, dependable individual ) it is much easier to come in the market. Your spouse will cognize “ secret transitions ” and all necessary information to hold a legal successful concern ;

There are more chances in finance point – the capital will be twice every bit much. If non, so the joint funding is much steadier ;

Spouses supplement each other therefore they cut down the hazard related to making concern ; ( Carter, 1997, ch. 7 )

Disadvantages are:

Spouses may hold different involvements or put different ends connected with concern ;

One of the spouses can turn out irresponsible or even unjust individual, and if he/she is the individual in whose native state the concern is set, his/her cognition of Torahs can assist this individual to embezzle the whole company. So joint venture additions such hazards ;

If it will be needed to retrieve capital, it will be about impossible ; ( Carter, 1997, ch. 7 )

Import scheme

The coaction in export-import operations is the lone manner for a little company to come in the international market. This scheme is besides a discrepancy for a big company to come in the international market with a small investing. As a regulation, import scheme is merely a transitional scheme, the first measure to the international concern. ( Zub, 2008 )

The chief intent of my company is to provide Japan with trees that means that I should Import wood, that my company is aimed to import.

So this scheme is the closest scheme to my concern, but whether it will be the best?

Advantages are:

This scheme is appropriate for any company ( either big or little ) ;

It needs small costs ;

This scheme helps to provide a state with indispensable merchandises ;

Few hazards ( Zub, 2008 ) , ( Gonzales )

Disadvantages are:

There can be different jobs connected with imposts review ;

Bureaucratic processs in some states are so much required and take so much clip that it can go a truly large job ;

If between an importing state and an exporting state all of a sudden appear dissensions, states can enforce an trade stoppage on import ( export ) . ( Zub, 2008 ) , ( Gonzales )

Foreign Direct Investments ( FDI )

Foreign direct investing is that investing, which is made to function the concern involvements of the investor in a company, which is in a different state distinct from the investor ‘s state of beginning. ( “ Foreign Direct Investment ” . )

Advantages are:

By doing investings you increase production and make new occupations ;

If a concern in which you invested is successful, you earn money without any troubles ;

FDI besides permits the transportation of engineerings. ( Rubcov, 2002 ) , ( “ Foreign Direct Investment ” . )

Disadvantages are:

The hazards are really large. If you chose a company which become belly-up shortly, you lose all your money ;

You have a small control on a company which you invested in ; ( Rubcov, 2002 ) , ( “ Foreign Direct Investment ” . )

I think the best scheme for my company is joint venture. Japan is a really specific state and it is really hard for a individual who merely starts working with Japan to larn and take into history all information you truly necessitate when making concern in Japan.

So the chief advantages of taking the joint venture scheme as the scheme of my company are:

As my spouse will be Nipponese, he/she will hold all necessary information about Torahs, responsibilities, revenue enhancements, etc. Besides it is much easier to get down a concern in some state with a individual from that state. I mean that all banking operations ( set uping the history, hard currency transportations and so on ) , revenue enhancement axial rotations, and concern meeting will be in good custodies of my Nipponese spouse.

The state of affairs with capital is besides an advantage. There are two ways: first manner is that you dual capital and second is that you need half as much money. So if you and your spouse both have some sum of money and so make up one’s mind to open a joint venture, your capital doubles and your chances double excessively. But if you have some money and do non desire to put in concern all money, and you want joint venture, you can happen a spouse who will besides put money in, so the sum of capital invested will be the same, furthermore you save some of your money, which you can pass on yourself, or purchase portions on, or go forth on “ evil twenty-four hours ” .

If you are a native of state A ( and still populate at that place ) and have a concern in state B, there is a great hazard due to political relations. If between these two states the dealingss will go worse, your concern can be stopped, your history can be blocked and you may happen that you have no rights to hold a concern in a state B, being lived in a state A. But holding a spouse from state B greatly decreases a hazard of such a state of affairs.

You and your spouse will supplement each other. For illustration, you will hold money, and he/she – connexions. You – goods, and he/she – the ways of selling these goods, and so on. So I can happen a Nipponese spouse, who owns a edifice company and offer him/her to joint our concerns. Hereby, my company will import wood and his/her company will construct wooden houses ( demand on which is really high ) .

IV Market Entry Implementation Strategy

“ The fastest, easiest and safest wealth-building scheme in the universe ” .

Jay Abraham about joint ventures

No affair what scheme for what company you chose, you ever have to follow some regulations. The stairss which should be taken to implement the joint venture scheme and to come in the market successfully are following:

To work out the long-range end of concern. By specifying the ends in progress, the company outlines scan points, which will be used in the hereafter for gauging a advancement of concern.

To work out a common mark. It happens that the hereafter of a company of which one spouse is woolgathering perfectly differs from the hereafter which another spouse dreams of. It is impossible to make concern successfully without understanding of spouse ‘s ends. So it is good to develop a clear concern program where should be aims and ends, investings of every spouse, etc.

To work out a program of a undertaking ‘s execution. This program includes concrete operations of how to work out each job. It besides consists of privileges and responsibilities and sum of capital invested by every spouse. This program normally resolves all differences between concern spouses.

To work out the “ issue scheme ” . This scheme should be prepared really carefully. Everybody should retrieve that the best spouses are the spouses, who carry out committednesss before and after the coaction. The issue scheme should include issue conditions from joint venture. Such contracts decrease the dissensions and struggles at a ulterior day of the month. ( “ How to make successfully joint ventures ” . )

It is really of import for spouses non to believe “ how I can deduce much benefit ” . Partners will non recognize an expected net income playing a lone manus. Joint ventures should be carefully planned and spouses should be “ from the same side of the roadblock ” .

V Conclusion

Nipponese do non hold every bit much wood as they need, so the demand in imported wood is great. It increases with the growing of population. The hazards are little, and the joint venture scheme, which my company is traveling to prosecute, gives many chances to come in the market successfully. So I think that boulder clay concern is non merely a manner of doing money it will be successful. My concern is a mix of concern and the manner of assisting a state which does non hold as many resources as it wants to utilize. I am certain that in my instance the terminal justifies the agencies.



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