Marketing analysis of a Frequent Flower Gift Program

August 20, 2017 Marketing

We “ Bloomerss and Hairdressers ” are taking to supply Frequent Flower Gift Program which will differ from traditional florists by cultivating personal relationships through the usage of engineering and selling, by offering a gift plan that makes buying flowers easy.


The company willA useA sophisticated selling techniques to place and serveA an ideal mark audience which willA differentiate from otherA traditional retail and on-lineA florists by offering Frequent Flower GiftA Programs withA personalizedA service ( e.g. , clients can selectA the specific bringing day of the months ) andA custom flowered designs ( e.g. , clients can stipulate flowers, colourss, aromas, etc. ) .

1.1 Keys to Success

Planing and selling advanced, high quality fresh flower agreements utilizing a assortment ofA design manners, flowers, and containers.

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Making a shopfront that resembles an art gallery, with fresh, flowered agreements displayed like art ( and ever for sale ) .

Communicating with possible clients through direct mail, print advertisement and an easy-to-useA web site.

2. Shop designing and layout

2.0 Store Design

The outside of a florist store is estimated to account for the attractive force of 35 % of all clients.

Very simple, modern design with attractive shows

Broad interior design with tonss of visible radiation and accent lighting to light flower designs

Clear big glass Windowss with illuming to showcase flower agreement in a “ gallery ” format, with entree to the shop from the street

High visibleness from the street, every bit good as visually delighting at dark

A assortment of pre-designed flowered agreements.

2.1 Shop Policies

The company will put in client relationship direction package ( CRM ) to roll up client information, including names, reference, e-mail reference and other pertinent information ( pets, flower likes/dislikes, colour penchants, allergic reactions, birthday, anniversary ) . This information will be used with e-mail and direct mail attempts to construct custom selling plans, set up client trueness. The company will offer a 24-hour return/exchange policy to construct trust with clients and to keep keeping and trueness.

2.2 Store Location and Time scheduling

Our shop will be placed at Cannaught topographic point ( New Delhi )

We plan to open on February 14 ( Valentine ‘s twenty-four hours ) and will be supplying free sample of flowers to clients.

Free parking is available for the shoppers who visit the country.


Original Floral Designs, Using A Wide Mix of Flowers- . The flowered agreement will be a natural, original work of art. The company is committed to do each agreement unique and custom-designed based on each client ‘s demands. Floral agreements will have a broad scope of seasonal flowers. All sample agreements in the shop will be available for purchase.

Alone Containers- We will choose and offer typical vases for the discretional purchaser or for a particular juncture, every bit good as low-cost options for everyday purchases.

.Variety of monetary values. We will offer a assortment of agreement sizes, and will ever make a alone agreement to run into anyone ‘s declared budget.

Hand-tied Bouquets. For clients who prefer to utilize their ain vases, We will offer hand-tied corsages.

4. Targeting and Positioning

Frequent BuyerA Program Subscriber

15-60 old ages of age

Married, engaged or in a long-run relationship

Quality witting

Decorated place shapers

The vacations, along with birthdays and day of remembrances, are ideal datesA for people to choose as portion of a Frequent Flower Gift Program.

Percentage ranking by retail:




Valentine ‘s twenty-four hours

36 %


Mother ‘s twenty-four hours

27.4 %



15.1 %


Thanksgiving twenty-four hours

7.4 %


Sweetest twenty-four hours

1.2 %


Grandparent ‘s twenty-four hours

.09 %


Father ‘s twenty-four hours

.04 %


Boss ‘ twenty-four hours

.02 % a

4.1 Competitive Edge

We will differ from traditional florists by making client familiarity based on individualized relationships that will salvage its clients clip and cut down anxiousness frequently associated with the gift purchasing procedure. The company will accomplish this end by:

Using engineering to do the flowered purchasing experience easy for clients and, at the same clip, enable the company to place and track its client base.

Making a new fresh flower agreement purchasing experience for clients – Offering keen, artistic agreements.

Constructing a client database that identifies contact information every bit good as penchants ( colourss, vases, frequence, allergic reactions, pets, children/spouse, birthday, anniversary, etc. ) .

Adopting proactive client service policies, for illustration, reaching each Frequent Flower Gift Program Member by phone call or electronic mail within 48 hours of a scheduled bringing.

4.2 Selling Scheme

Marketing Aims

We need to set up a repute as an automatic, easy manner to purchase flowers and surrogate love affair with loved 1s.

Why should local occupants buy from us?

Easy and convenient.

Unique shopping experience.

Quality flowers and alone flowered agreements.

Frequent bringing plan available.

In place consulting available.

Event flowered services ( parties ) available to clients.

Support a local merchandiser.

4.3 Selling schemes

1.Public Relationss

Announce the shop ‘s Grand Opening and the handiness of services.

Issue at least one imperativeness release per one-fourth to local newspapers.





3. Direct Mail/Postcards

Develop a list of possible clients for everyday communications about vacation specials and frequent buyer/gift plans.

Push users to a web site that will enable them to see sample designs,

4. Electronic mail

Buy/develop an e-mail list for everyday communications about vacation specials and frequent purchaser plans.

5.Marketing Materials

Develop a consistent expression and experience for all corporate collateral, including:

Remark cards – collect name, references, electronic mail, plus feedback on services.

One-page booklet depicting Frequent Flower Buyer Programs.

Stationery – concern cards, letterhead, envelopes.

Gift cards.

Boxing – develop no-spill packaging to do it easy to transport flowers and utilize all packaging for branding chances.


Highlight frequent flower plan ( for persons and concerns ) , enable visitants to schedule a free phone audience,


Startup disbursals




Showroom on rent



Initial selling & A ; advertisement






DSL installing & A ; service activation



Office supplies, giftwrap, packaging









2 Delivery work forces ‘s

12,000 + 4000 ( transit )


2 Decorators & A ; Interior designers



Startup stock list ( Flowers )



Freshning equipment & A ; Freshners



Cleanliness or sweeper



Electricity charges


Entire Outgo 6,00,000

Equipments includes:

2 line phone system 10,000

CRS Software 1,70,000

Laptop 30,000

Credit card package 16,000

1 Air conditioner 20,000

6. Capital INVESTED

Planned investing

5 spouses

Neha 1,50,000

Kriti 1,50,000

Gagan 1,50,000

Harmeet 1,50,000

Aman 1,50,000

Entire planned investing 7,50,000

Entire planned investing ( A ) = 7,50,000

Entire outgo ( B ) = 6,00,000

( A-B )

Extra working capital = 1,50,000

7. Profitableness

It depends upon contractual footings, by forming events on particular occasions.

Supplying flowers for ornament intents in temples and other spiritual topographic points. Particularly in vrindavan.

Gross generated through gross revenues on day-to-day footing.

Gross generated on particular occasions

Supplying flowers for ornament intents in temples and other spiritual topographic points.

Particularly in vrindavan.

Gross generated through gross revenues on day-to-day footing.

Gross generated on particular occasions


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