Marketing and Puma Essay

October 13, 2017 Marketing

This study will demo the analysis about PUMA selling scheme which the 4th footwear manufacturer in the universe and besides giving advice and aim to develop selling scheme.

PUMA and its Situational Analysis

To fulfill client demand. First. PUMA must understand its internal and external state of affairs. including the macro-factor. micro-factor. and its ain capablenesss. In order to understand the state of affairs. PUMA must make SWOT analysis and PEST analysis.

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SWOT analysis

Cougars can use SWOT analysis to both the concern unit degree. the corporate degree and often appears in marketing scheme.

First. it is about PUMA trade name and its power:
* Its image stands for the quality. the neo-technology and the prestigiousness. * It is really competitory trade name in athletic footwear. accoutrement and entreaty market. * It is an international company.

* It got acquisition of reputable companies.
Second. it is about PUMA fiscal power and its merchandise:
* Its fiscal power is really strong and the fiscal growing quickly. * Its merchandise is really diversity and it is successful on making trade name acknowledgment. * It has long clip experience in green goods athletic footwear. accoutrement and entreaty. Third. its direction is marketing oriented. this is PUMA’s advantage in this concern. since this is market driven.


First. PUMA is non done much of Promotional Campaigns or advertizement. Second. PUMA’s net income dependant on footwear market to a great extent although it already have broad scope of athleticss merchandises which can do net income loss when its market portion erodes. Third. about of PUMA’s net income semen from selling into its retail merchants. But retail sector is monetary value medium that offers a really similar experience to the consumer every bit good as they tend to go through the low monetary value competitory force per unit area to PUMA.


First. PUMA’s merchandises are for both manner and unfashion client. playing athletics or non. especial the immature. so it do its ain chances. since it give client alterations to replace their merchandises. Second. PUMA success on build-up a strong trade name acknowledgment which is cover all over the universe that give it alteration to perforate to disposable market [ ] for high value athleticss merchandises like World Cup. The Olympics… Threats

First. PUMA’s short-life-cycles merchandise competitory incursion program can be it a batch of money and give its selling and its research and its development a to a great extent force per unit area. In add-on. the serious menace may come from weakening markets. Second. purchasing and merchandising in different state with different currencies can be menace. because borders and costs are non stable for long periods. Not merely PUMA but every international company must confront those issues. Third. monetary value sensitiveness is a menace to PUMA. particularly when the retail sector becomes competition of monetary value. For illustration. there are many shops with same goods. The consumer is walking about for bester monetary value in the same merchandise.

Plague analysis

Cougars can use PEST analysis to analyse the external macro-environment which it is affected. Political Factors There are assorted political factors that are affect to developing procedure of PUMA. particularly to construct strong fiscal to do more net income. environmental issues is one of those issues. So PUMA should concentrate on assorted issues which related to the environment. In order to maintain up the development procedure. PUMA should see the international Torahs and local Torahs when being outsourcing from foreign states that include quota and duties which is the most critical political factors. Like another international company. PUMA is outsourcing its production in Asia due to take down labor-cost and revenue enhancements. PUMA is selling its merchandises in assorted parts of the universe. So the political stableness is really of import because if one of those issues is happen for PUMA’s local spouse that can impact overall public presentation of PUMA.

Economic Factors

In footings of stock exchange. pecuniary issues and so on. the economic factors. someway. can be related to the assorted political factors which could impact the developing procedure of PUMA. Particularly. the economic policies issues in Germany which is play an of import function every bit good as the economic policies issues of the local spouse. Therefore. political factors have a great affect to the psychological science of the clients. Due to different civilizations and ordinances and human resource facet. the assorted employment Torahs in foreign states should be considered.

Social Factors

There are assorted societal factors that might impact the developing procedure of PUMA every bit good as demand or experience of the clients for one service or merchandise. Nowadays. due to higher life-quality. people is love to playing feature a batch. so it is a large chances for PUMA to spread out its market portion. PUMA besides should include some of new athleticss such as skateboarding. diving and utmost motorcycle as importance sections in strategy-making Recently. there are more female-customers participates in athletics. particularly in US. the figure of female-student who playing athleticss at university has increased three clip and there are besides more than 33 per centum of female-students playing athleticss at high school. For now. female-customers participate in every athletics in US. Thus. PUMA should see the demands of female-customers in fittingness places.

Technological Factors

PUMA should concentrate on Research and Development activities by apply latest engineerings. in footings of technological factors. particularly internet-marketing like. illustration critical selling or so on… The adulthood of engineering is play an of import function in footings of development because engineering is non-stop develops. so PUMA should see it. In add-on. the planetary consumer is another of import portion because PUMA is run its concern in assorted portion of the universe.

PUMA and its Unique Selling Proposition

The Unique Selling Proposition ( USP ) states successful advertisement runs made alone propositions to consumers and this convinced them exchange to PUMA trade names. PUMA is suggested replacing its traditional concern program with its USP because USP can do a great trade to PUMA concern theoretical account. USP can specify PUMA concern and concern ends in one sentence. Harmonizing to Rosser Reeves. there are three portion of USP definition. 1. Each of PUMA’s advertizement must state to its consumer: “Buy our goods. and you decidedly acquire this specific advantage” .

Example: “Make Football Everywhere” ( PUMA football ) . By utilizing such advertizement. PUMA attempt to state its consumer the benefit of purchasing and utilizing its football places. the benefit is its places can be use everyplace to playing football. it can be the street. bowl and backyard… and it is besides new marketing scheme of PUMA. 2. PUMA’s offers must be something that other rival can non offer. Those offers should be alone. Example: The Puma design ethos/philosophy

“PUMA is blending manner and sport-lifestyle in a alone manner. PUMA ever seek to illustration athletics in a creative-fashionable manner. and when it comes to manner PUMA’s ever try to set its athleticss heritage into fashion-area…”

Or “To PUMA. athletics is a living-active-lifestyle. whether its clients are a traveller. an athletic or event man of affairs. this is a assorted sort of illustration of athletics in modern time…” ( Jochen Zeitz. CEO. Puma AG. discusses Puma’s design ethos )

By making such runs. PUMA is making their new trade name image that it is altering its image from merchandise athletics places to merchandise blending sport-lifestyle fittingness places. and it is besides new development scheme of PUMA. 3. PUMA’s offers must be so powerful every bit good as those offers can return the mass net income.

“PUMA have been renewed contract with Jamaican-athletic Usain Bolt that allowed PUMA trade name to keep-up. for the risen of 154 per centum in one-year net net incomes to ˆ202. 2 million. year-on-year. ” ( PUMA’s net income “Bolt” . Jamaica Observer )

By deriving suck successful contracts. PUMA attempt to link their merchandises trade name to celebrated sports. and it is besides new trade name indorsement scheme of PUMA. In short. by utilizing USP. PUMA addition chances to wider its market portion and do more net income. particularly. by lifestyle fittingness places.

PUMA and its Segmentation. Targeting and Positioning

To implement selling scheme. PUMA must specify its cleavage. aiming and Positioning.


Cleavage is related to detect what consumer’s sorts exist and assorted demands exist. In the athletic footwear market. for illustration. the demand of consumers may include public presentation. safety and velocity while others are concerned about stylish.

In general. cleavage show the trust which company can non be every things to everyone and long-time experiences has illustrate that PUMA that focus on the demands of a group of clients more than another for more profitable. Particularly. the fitness-shoes market. which can be ‘segment’ by gender and age: Age

Age can impact the inclination of purchasing of consumer.

1. Kids ( 6 to 12 ) : they may wish colourful small-sized places. 2. Teenss ( 13 to 18 ) : they may wish something that cool and impressive. 3. Adult ( 19 to 36 ) : They may wish the serious colour. black or white colour is an illustration. 4. Middle ( 37 to 55 ) : They may wish the same as grownup desire. 5. Old ( 55+ ) : They may wish the comfy. safe and stable.


The inclination of purchasing of consumer besides can be affected by gender. Different genders have different demand. 1. Work force: They like strong manner. and besides like strong colour like black or white. 2. Womans: They like cute and fresh manner. and so they may wish soft-color like pink. purple. light-green… Thus. there are many sections in fittingness places market which can be consider as ‘Demographic Segmentation’ that PUMA must fulfill the demand of client about part. population. clime. population growing rate and denseness. So the lifestyle fittingness places can be the reply. because this sort of merchandises is broad cover all of that demand.


First. PUMA need to happen out how good the other rival served the exist sections. It should be harder to near to sections which are served as good by more than one rival. in fitness-shoes. for illustration: NIKE. ADIAS. and KAPPA… Second. PUMA need to happen out how big the section is. and how big it turn. in fittingness places. for illustration. in US. the figure of female-student who playing athleticss at university and high-schools has quickly increased. By now. female-customers participate in every athletics in US.

Third. in order to file away successful. PUMA should utilize the ‘Differentiation Strategy’ on all targeted sections. which included: ‘Age’ and ‘Gender’ . By utilizing ‘Differentiation Strategy’ . PUMA could supply to its consumer the alone characteristics of its goods like lifestyle fittingness places instead than by last monetary value. Because differentiated goods can delight the demand of consumers’ alone demands. PUMA can give premium monetary values for differentiated goods. for illustration: a brace of lifestyle fitness-shoes can be more than 1 million VND in Vietnam. that can be consider as luxury goods.


PUMA’s lifestyle fitness-shoes could be positioned following by two chief factors: ‘Competitor’ and ‘Consumer’ . If the placement is based on consumer. the selling runs and its messages are targeted to the consumer by branding. That can utilize logo. symbol which make consumer recognize PUMA and its merchandises. For illustration: First. the PUMA trade name name is popular in the universe and people can acknowledge its name and logo even if no of PUMA’s merchandises is bought by them. Second. the logo is besides an of import portion of stigmatization. itself. The chief ground of people that are acknowledging PUMA can besides acknowledge its merchandises from this symbol entirely. The lifestyle fitness-shoes company PUMA is popular for utilizing a “leaping cat” ( carnal ) symbol on its merchandise lines. This characteristic allows consumer to place PUMA’s lifestyle fitness-shoes. even if the PUMA’s trade name name is non demoing.

Recognition and Loyalty

First. acknowledgment. the chief benefit of stigmatization is that clients are retrieving PUMA’s concern. A powerful trade name name and logo support PUMA’s image in the head of its possible consumer. Second. trueness. if consumer is please with PUMA merchandises. its trade name will assist to construct consumer’s trueness. For illustration. even in the instance of consumer is non cognizant that PUMA sell a new merchandise. if consumer trusts PUMA’s trade name. they will swear PUMA with unfamiliar merchandises.

Image of Size. Quality. Experience and Dependability

First. image of size play an of import function when consumer wants to cognize that PUMA will still be in a long clip. For illustration. people frequently associate the big houses which spend a batch of money on advertisement and publicity it’s presently and new merchandises. Second. image of quality. people see that trade name can be a portion of a merchandise that will assist to demo its quality and value. If PUMA can treat effectual stigmatization. so the image of quality in PUMA’s concern will raise higher over clip. However. branding can non replace high quality.

For illustration. Nike Inc. sport-wear trade name was one of the biggest in the sport-wear universe market. However. changeless bad promotion about the low paid of its labour at Asia cause harm the image of the trade name. Third. image of experience and dependability. PUMA concern is to be seen as experient in its merchandises for a long clip. it will do PUMA to be seen more dependable than the other houses. For illustration. in the instance of a client is taking a new brace of shoe. there are a PUMA one and the other. but if client trust PUMA experience. they will take PUMA.

Multiple Merchandises

PUMA is being strong trade name now which allows it to associate several assorted merchandise lines together. PUMA can set its trade name name on each merchandise. it do consumer is willing to purchase new merchandise of PUMA. For illustration. PUMA sells sport-wear. entreaty. accoutrements and etc. all under the PUMA trade name name.


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