Marketing audit and plan for dimlah

By August 18, 2017 Marketing

This study consists of a selling audit and a selling program. The findings cater Dilmah with critical information required for the new market development. Dilmah has considered stepping into Egypt with the freshness HERBAL TEA merchandises ( Dilmah is an bing tea provider for Egypt since late 1980 ‘s but did non export herbal merchandises until to day of the month ) . The ultimate focal point of this study is to analyse the market in footings of feasibleness and believable promotions which could be implemented by Dilmah when presenting herbal merchandises to Egypt.

The selling audit elaborates on the socio-cultural analysis, economic analysis, the market as a whole, advertisement and promotional elements, consumer purchasing wonts, pricing schemes, in-depth rival analysis, authorities engagement in the market place and so on. Correspondingly the selling aims, promotional mix, methods of payment, monetary value finding, channels of distribution, footings of sale etc is covered in the proposed selling program.

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This study reviews the attitude of the Egyptian market towards foreign merchandises. The desires and demands of the Egyptians are considered important. The survey of the drink use forms and wellness concerns in the state is evaluated with critical importance. This is because the wellness factor is straight connected to the chief property of the merchandise ; Dilmah will place the merchandise as “ consumer wellness oriented tea ” . In the mid 1990 ‘s ; consumers worldwide have shifted towards a more convenient manner of devouring drinks. Beverages produced today are wholly man-made and carbonated. The celebrated subject today in all manners of Media emphasizes the importance of good wellness. Currently consumers focus on this facet more than of all time earlier. This environmental status has created an chance for Dilmah to present the wellness friendly herbal tea merchandises. The determination taken for market enlargement is favorably believable.

2. Selling Audited account

2.1 Introduction

Dilmah has reached the top of the chart of all SriLankan tea makers who manufacturers and exports tea bags to the Earth. 21 % of the state ‘s entire exports of tea bags are from Dilmah. Been in a province of high client trueness and trade name acknowledgment, Dilmah has no fright in presenting herbal merchandises to Egypt since Egypt ‘s largest tea provider is SriLanka.

Dilmah has been in the international trade for the last 21 old ages. As for the fact that Dilmah is providing for more than 90 states around the Earth, the following scheme is to supply these consumers with freshness merchandises. Dilmah has placed themselves as a merchandise with unity and value. The three types of herbal tea merchandises which Dilmah green goodss are camomile, Mentha piperita, and rose hip. These merchandises are believed to help the consumers with a fitter life manner.

Egypt is the first power of North Africa. The state has a great estimated population near to eighty million. Majority of the people live in urban countries of the state. The governmental scheme on pulling foreign investings and market liberalisation has resulted in a great figure of international trade understandings around the Earth. This lead the economic system of the state to develop in a rapid gait.

Ahmed Amin Fathallah the Egyptian Assistant Minister of the Foreign Affairs visited Srilanka late on 14th June 2010 ; this meeting resulted in a hardy relationship between both states. Srilanka and Egypt agreed upon beef uping the bilateral trade personal businesss within the states. The Srilankan Tea and Apparel industries were given the chance of a wider market entree with increased export quotas to Egypt, while the Egyptians have been granted market entree to export larger quotas of their citrous fruit and pharmaceutical merchandises into Srilanka. ( All Africa, 2010 )

2.1.1 Socio-cultural analysis

After the licking of the Egyptian male monarch Farouk on 1953, Egypt affirmed itself as a Republic. Mubarak embarked on this transmutation in the signifier of reforming the overall procedure of the political and economical personal businesss. He contested on the presidential and parliamentary elections in 2005. The Arabization and Islamization aided the Muslim Brotherhood. This resulted in an huge impact on the Egyptian life style and civilization. The bulk of the population converted to Islam while a big figure of Islamic institutes emerged. The Sharia Law was employed afterwards. Muhammad Ali implemented policies slightly singular in the signifier of advancing Egypt as a state concentrated on the enlargement of agribusiness, substructure, transit and besides heightening the quality of secular instruction. ( “ Egypt History, ” n.d. )

Harmonizing to the nose count conducted in 1996, it is apparent that Egypt has an overall population of 76.5 million people at a growing rate of 37 % . Degree centigrade: UsersAffiDesktopcats.jpg

( State information service [ SIS ] , 2010 )

The population in and around the urban countries amplified by 40 % and is now standing at 30,949,689 ; and the population in rural countries are put at 41,629,341.


A Age statistics ( Percentage out of entire population ) Degree centigrade: UsersAffiDesktopcats.jpg

The graph above emphasizes that the age bound of 25 to 45 has a 40 % public out of the entire population of the state ( SIS, 2010 ) . This is an interesting fact to be considered. Targeting this section of the population is extremely profitable due to the contrasting Numberss. The age group above age 45 would besides be considered as the secondary market section. Religion

IslamA is the largest and the dominant faith of Egypt. Consumption of Halaal nutrient and drink are considered obligatory. Dilmah is fortunate plenty since their merchandises are classified as halaal. Degree centigrade: UsersAffiDesktopcats.jpg

( SIS, 2010 ) Language

ArabicA is the official written and spoken linguistic communication of Egypt. Both Egyptian Christians and Muslims use Arabic with no replacement. The selling run should be concentrated towards Arabic for better apprehension. Health statisticsC: UsersAffiDesktopcats.jpg

( State Master, n.d. )

These statistics demonstrate the fact that Egyptian could non be considered as people with a healthy life manner. The wellness ranking is slightly low in proportion to other developed states and developing states. Dilmah ‘s Herbal merchandises may help these figures to better in clip. Dilmah should capitalize on these statistics in the selling runs in order to pull the metameric mark audience to switch towards a healthier life manner.

2.1.2 Economic analysis Economic statistics and activity

The extremely fertile Nile vale runs through Egypt ; this is where the major economic activities take topographic point. Egypt ‘s was a closed economic system during the past authoritiess but opened up significantly after President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak came in to power. Cairo the capital metropolis of Egypt assertively implemented economic reforms from 2004 to 2008 to pull abroad investings and to help a rapid GDP growing. Currently Egypt has detained the economic reforms to be done in future due to the ruin of the planetary economic system. The un-speculated economic crisis made the Egyptian GDP decelerate down to 4.5 % , this resulted in a downbeat consequence towards export-oriented sectors, including fabrication industries and the touristry industry. ( “ States of the universe, ” 2010 ) .

The authorities is concentrating on restarting the economic reforms to exercise a pull on foreign investing, hike growing, and better economic conditions for the of all time increasing population. Though the facts and figures indicate high degrees of economic growing during the past few old ages, the life conditions of the Egyptians remain deprived.

Economic factsC: UsersAffiDesktopcats.jpg

( “ States of the universe, ” 2010 )

Harmonizing to the tabular array above the economic indexs prove the fact that Egypt is making good when sing the other states and provinces in the country. The growing rate is speculated to switch towards 6 % after restarting the held economic activities due to the economic down autumn. The buying power para 470 $ Billion is a moderately favorable sum when sing factors with the GDP. A negative factor to be sensitive on is the rising prices rate hitting more than 10 % which leads to a state of affairs where people in the state would non desire to widen their disbursement forms in any other manner except for necessities. Dilmah should be sensitive to these factors and place the trade name as a Price sensitive merchandise which is low-cost by the bulk.

International Trade with Egypt: 2010 ( JAN- July )

Degree centigrades: UsersAffiDesktopcats.jpg

( SIS, 2010 )

The above tabular array indicates the international trade done by Egypt throughout the universe. The exports seem to be increasing in Numberss where imports are well worsening. Most of the administrations are fabricating their ain merchandises in the littorals of Egypt. Since it ‘s impossible to be done by Dilmah, It is of import that Dilmah holds a positive political and societal relationship with the state caputs while providing quality merchandises.

Current Account Balances as per Exchange Rates for the past 6 old ages. Degree centigrade: UsersAffiDesktopcats.jpg

( SIS, 2010 )

Note THAT: Figures are as per exchange rates, non in buying power para ( PPP ) footings.

This chart illustrates the net trade in goods and services + net net incomes ( rents, involvements, net incomes, and pension financess “ From ” and “ To ” the remainder of the universe during the periods specified.

As indicated, the current history balance in 2010 has a drastic addition when comparing the other trading old ages. This negative balance does non demo a healthy economic status but when it comes to trading at that place would non be an consequence to Dilmah. In simple footings, people are more in to puting and disbursement than salvaging.

Current Account balance as per Buying power para

The current history shortage reduced from $ 4.4 billion- $ 4.3 billion in 2008/09, when sing the recent one-fourth, the shortage extended to $ 1.7 billion from $ 994 million. Though these figures are such, It is speculated by all fiscal institutes in Egypt that the state would travel towards a drastic development due to the fresh governmental schemes on international trade. Egypt is traveling towards a healthy exchange rate while retrieving the recent economic hit.

3. The Products

Dilmah produces 3 types of herb tea merchandises to suite unintegrated client demands.

( 1, ) Chamomile: This merchandise could be classified as a merchandise which brings the consumer a relaxed temper. Camomile flowers are soft and aromatic which are inspiringly light, aureate and delicate. The clear mixture is touched with a fruity note to show a sophisticated extract.

Ingredients: Camomile Flowershttp: //

Time of use: Night

Temper: To see a quality relaxed & A ; straitening temper.

hypertext transfer protocol: //

( 2, ) Rose hip: A prostitute penetrating, extract, its rose ruddy spirits uncovering an invigorating beverage.A The Hibiscus tempers the acuteness of Rosehip giving it a little softness. Ideal taken hot, with a touch of honey or iced with sugar.

Ingredients: Rosehips, Hibiscus Flowers

Time of use: Day clip

Temper: Creates a sense of illustriousness in the life manner.

hypertext transfer protocol: //

( 3, ) Peppermint: Invigorating, rounded with a gradualness that leaves the roof of the mouth refreshed and clean. Light, with a crisp minty character and an olive green spirits.

Ingredients: Peppermint Leafs

Time of use: After repasts

Temper: Stress less with a refreshing sense.

3.1.1 Relative advantage: Lack of consciousness of herbal merchandises within Egypt has resulted in, broad use of standard medical specialty as it is present in the consumer health care for an huge period of clip. This usage form makes the people hesitant to purchase herbal merchandises. Herbal merchandises are besides expensive, doing it unappealing to the bulk of the Egyptian population who are populating in poorness. ( News desk, 2010 ) . This is an advantage for Dilmah. Dilmah ‘s herbal tea merchandises are comparatively expensive, aiming the public above poorness. It is apparent that the herbal merchandise makers in Egypt have a really low voice in footings of advertisement and promotion. Dilmah could capitalise on this facet and rule the herbal tea market in footings of positioning the herbal tea merchandises as a wellness caring basic drink. No rivals make things convenient. Therefore, it can be sold at a moderate monetary value enabling the company to capture a higher net income border.

3.1.2 Compatibility: The life manner in the urban countries in Egypt is altering drastically due to the multi cultural societal influence. Egypt is traveling towards a really fast moving, nerve-racking and busy life manner which consequences in an unhealthy mundane life. Presently the people in Egypt are traveling towards a healthy life manner due to the new criterion of life. The merchandise Dilmah want to offer seems to be compatible and executable in the Egyptian market.

3.1.3 Complexity: Complexity relies upon the credence by the mark market. Changing a life manner from tea and milk ingestion to herbal tea would non be an easy undertaking. Rival promotional runs such as “ defects of milk and tea ” should be highlighted.

3.1.4 Trialability: The urban population is well experimentive when they are cognizant of a new merchandise. But the rural countries stick to their ain imposts due to assorted influences such as spiritual, societal, cultural etc which are disadvantageous.

3.1.5 Observability: This factor relies upon the discernible nature of the use forms, purchaser behavior, media, and opposition to alter. Basically the people in the urban countries are more towards individuality where most of the rural countries are leftists. These two countries should be observed in different angles. It is convenient to construe information gained in rural countries due to the high voice on word of oral cavity, but the unpredictable nature in urban countries makes the undertaking complicated.

3.2 Major jobs and oppositions to merchandise credence based on the predating rating.

Resistance to alter: The national drink of Egypt is tea and milk. This is a consequence of the British invasion. Substituting these merchandises to herbal tea would be a stiff undertaking.

Lack of Awareness: This factor plays a major function when sing trials of the merchandise. Dilmah should originate the full selling run from the pes. Whereas the employees besides should be trained in order to do them good sentient with the merchandise and its properties.

Credibility: Though it ‘s widely known that herbal merchandises are good for wellness, the attitude that people possess is non parallel to it. The assorted sorts of merchandises in the market claiming to be healthy province the fact that herbal ingredients are inclusive in it. It is more of a common facet non considered to be interesting or attractive to the clients. This has resulted in negative effects such as deficiency of assurance and trust in merchandises claiming to be healthy. Dilmah should be sensitive to this fact when stressing the importance of herbal tea use.

The Market

This subdivision will lucubrate current market conditions of Egypt and necessary schemes in order to advance the herbal tea merchandise.

Target market

Target market for Dilmah would be both male and female abode of Egypt who is within the age bound of 25 to 45 with a public of 40 % out of the entire population ( SIS, 2010 ) . Majority of the labour force is represented in this age class and due to their busy work agendas people tend to purchase fast nutrient from mercantile establishments which contains a just sum of chemicals and other kinds of unhealthy ingredients which consequences in an unhealthy life criterions. Since high per centum of people suffers from cholesterin, high blood force per unit area, hear onslaughts and other wellness issues, now the tendency is traveling towards devouring healthy nutrient which will non be harmful or do any wellness issues. Herbal tea is treated as a powerful antioxidant to forestall blubber, malignant neoplastic diseases, ageing, and cholesterin. The greatest thing about herbal tea is there are no side effects.


Primary1.1 Primary mark market: Citizens who are between age 25 to 45. About 40 % of the population falls under this age group and stand for a bulk of the labour force who are populating busy life agendas and confronting many heath issues due to unhealthy ingestion of nutrient. ( “ U.S nose count agency, ” 2010 ) Degree centigrade: UsersAffiDesktopcats.jpg

1.2 Secondary mark market

Secondary market will be people over age 45 ( It is a basic rule that they prefer healthy nutrient and drinks ) . The tourers who visit Egypt besides will be considered. Harmonizing to the public nose count conducted, about 20 % of population represents this age class. ( “ U.S nose count agency, ” 2010 ) .

Geographic part

When sing geographical milieus Egypt is a tactical location for an organisation to set into pattern its concern operations for the ground that it connects north eastern Africa and Sothern western Asia. This will be a good turning point for Dilmah to spread out its planetary operation in the hereafter. As the current tendency in nutrient and drink ingestion people are traveling towards more healthy nutrients in hunt of high life anticipation. In Egypt life anticipation at birth is about 72 old ages and there is about 70 % of population who belongs to age class of 15-64 which means there is a greater part stand foring working and aging population ( “ U.S nose count agency, ” 2010 ) .

Forms of transit and communicating available in Egypt

Transportation system and communicating procedure in Egypt, show a high degree of development and broad scope of coverage which will ease concerns to keep a productive distribution procedure. There are assorted types of transit in Egypt such as high ways, airdromes, ports and seaports, heliports and merchandiser Mariness. Egypt holds six seaports and ports viz. Ayn Sukhnah, Alexandria, Damietta, El Dekheila, Sidi Kurayr and Suez and sixty seven merchant ships including rider, lading, majority bearers, container ships and etc. Even more there are 80 five air ports and six heli ports to ease concern operations. ( “ Judaic practical library, ” 2010 ) .

When sing communicating signifiers in Egypt there are about 12 million telephone chief land line users and 55 million of nomadic users. About 98 telecasting broadcast Centres and 60 wireless wide dramatis personae Stationss are in usage in Egypt. Internet is used by bulk of the population and there are about 177443 internet hosts with 11 million of cyberspace users ( “ The fact book: About Egypt, ” 2010 ) . The signifiers of communicating and transit in Egypt seem favorable in footings of a concern proposition, due high degree of infrastructural and technological development.

Consumer purchasing wonts

The educated and the urban public have acculturated the demand of healthy nutrient ingestion. Egyptians spend a higher per centum of their household income on nutrient, food markets, amusement, personal attention merchandises and wellness related merchandises. Dilmah is concentrating on and trusting to change over the people into consumers who seek healthy merchandises and who are willing to apportion a proportion of their budget to assist accomplish a superior healthy status.

4.1 Product-use forms

The use forms of Herbal merchandises does non look to be favourable due to assorted grounds such as deficiency of consciousness, deficiency of trust and credibleness, affordability and most significantly due to utilize of replacement merchandises which are direct pharmaceuticals.

4.2 Product characteristic penchants

Dilmah herbal tea will be positioned as a wellness merchandise which will forestall cholesterin, ageing, hazard of malignant neoplastic disease and other kind of common long term wellness issues and since no sugar is required to utilize this merchandise it will be extremely accepted by the Egypt abode that are more wellness witting.

Furthermore this merchandise can be use as a regular drink alternatively of tea and in the other manus it gives clients an chance to utilize this merchandise as a twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours medicine.

4.3 Shopping wonts

Current researches have pointed out that Egypt abode will buy tea hebdomadal footing and harmonizing to the authorities statics there are 80 % of abode above the poorness line so client will shop in price reductions shops, super markets, shopping molls, convenience shops, super shop and etc. There for Dilmah could hold extended distribution in these specified mercantile establishments.

Distribution of the merchandise

Dilmah will open a concern unit with a selling section in Egypt in order to ease the concern operations.

5.1 Typical retail mercantile establishments

Typical out Lashkar-e-Taibas for Dilmah herbal tea will be ace markets, convenience shops, mini markets in gasoline Stationss, air ports and particularly sole Dilmah mercantile establishments.

5.2 Product gross revenues by other jobbers

Apart from those typical mercantile establishments Dilmah will be concentrating on selling its merchandises through hotels, wellness watering place resorts and pharmaceuticss.

6.0 Ad and publicity

6.1 Ad

Dilmah is good known among Egyptians as a tea bring forthing organisation. Dilmah has a expansive good will as a company with quality merchandises. Srilanka is 2nd largest exporter of tea to Egypt. Dilmah should to a great extent concentrate on telecasting ; wireless and cyberspace broadcasts since the debut of freshness herb tea merchandises should be emphasized for wider consciousness. A great figure of population could be covered by utilizing these signifiers of communicating manners. Basically telecasting channels and wireless Stationss will be selected harmonizing to local evaluations and societal webs such as facebook fan pages, electronic mail advertizements will be done in a more bantam mode. These signifiers of advertisement will be more effectual within our primary mark market which represent people within age 25- 45 because their involved in these manners of communicating. Additionally we will utilize streamers and hoardings inside air ports, shopping promenades and tactical topographic points like junctions and streets where tonss of people are in gesture. Print media would besides be used as a reminder when these promotional runs are over.

6.2 Gross saless Promotions

Particular gross revenues publicities will take topographic point within first few months in order to make reactivity about the merchandise so Dilmah will carry on publicities in topographic points like super markets and shopping molls and free tests and price reduction vouchers will be given in order to pull new clients. Since Dilmah is traveling to place it ‘s merchandise in herbal merchandise class, Dilmah will be concentrating on patronizing seminars, workshops and other societal events such as the World Health Day to advance consciousness and to make a positive attitude towards Dilmah.

Pricing scheme

7.1 Customary mark-ups

Dilmah is presenting herbal tea for the first clip in Egypt, grade ups should non be high though there is a great operational and promotional cost to bare. Mark ups could increase in proportion to the demand in the approaching trading quarters. Dilmah will fit its pricing scheme with consumer monetary value rising prices rate and in the long tally will cut down the monetary value to increase the ability to vie when other rivals emerge with high promotional voices.

7.2 Types of price reductions available

Striking price reductions would be given to both terminal users and jobbers during the first few months of trading ; this may bring forth clients and make trueness due to the monetary value sensitive nature. Discounts will come in signifiers of majority buying, particular price reduction monetary value during the promotional period and other trade price reductions for retail merchants.

8.0 Product Comparison

The varied merchandise designation and merchandise comparing would let Dilmah to establish their scope of “ Herbal Tea ” brews, much efficaciously and expeditiously as the clear apprehension of direct and indirect rivals, pricing, best practised and most effectual advertisement and promotional schemes etc. The tea exporting industry in Egypt was revolutionized since 1992 where heavy import responsibilities were charged specially whilst covering with the Asian continent which in bend increased Tea imports from Kenya. At the present it could be identified as one of the turning markets with a huge figure of companies establishing and developing themselves as Tea sellers.

8.1 Rival Merchandises

Brand Names.

The taking “ El – Arosa ” dominates the market with a portion of 40 % ineluctably in front of others. Lipton the universe ‘s best known tea comes with a portion of 20 % in the market topographic point, other bing trade names are viz. , El – Salam Tea, Al Jawahara, Shai Kedah, El – Annay, Yogi Tea, Cairo Tea, Twinning, Superfine and Ahmad Tea. These trade names could be considered as Direct rivals though they do non bring forth or administer herbal tea. Tea is what Dilmah is trusting to replace with Herbal tea, since the market is dominated by other trade name leaders who are tough to over drive. Dilmah is peculiarly concentrating on ‘Herbal Tea ” , this is a competitory advantage.


Tea, being a huge country of survey apart from the assortment of gustatory sensations and spirits each rival focuses largely on, the characteristics are rather similar. Every peculiar trade name concerns on black tea, where as the direct rivals of “ Herbal Tea ” in specific expressions into conveying out a bigger assortment than the others with the origin of new herbal spirit and enrichments. The added enrichment of medicative herbs every bit good as the consequence of green tea in order to minimise antioxidants and cholesterin degrees in Herbal Tea can be known as the most normally advertised characteristic in all trade names bring forthing herbal tea. The Iced tea class besides comes with characteristics as sugar free or fat free, decaffeinated etc


About every trade name of Tea comes is with the usual packaging of loose tea in boxes, Sn containers, tea bag, sachets etc. All the trade names would do themselves stand out between the others by holding an attractive packaging. The packaging of different tea varies harmonizing to their possible client sections levelling it from the higher category to middle category in the society and better packaging to accommodate their demands. Concentrating more on adolescents and childs, the Iced Tea is packaged in a fictile bottle so that it can be consumed as a soft drink. The linguistic communication that is used on the packaging besides is largely English whereas the tea packeted in Egypt comes in English every bit good as Arabic which is the official linguistic communication of Egypt.

hypertext transfer protocol: // // // q=tbn: qWc2pzcI1OR9LM: hypertext transfer protocol: // & A ; t=1

8.2 Pricing

The pricing of different trade names vary harmonizing to the packaging, market section they reach for etc, for case it could be categorized as premium trade names which take a higher monetary value that the jammed tea to the in-between category consumers. The pricing differs from the weight of the contents of each packaging viz. 100g, 200g, Box with 20 tea bags etc. The general pricing of Tea would be between $ 2 to $ 38.A “ Lipton ” Box of 100 Tea bags would be about around $ 4.85 whereas a “ Yogi Tea ” box of 16 tea bags per 3 battalion is priced around $ 13.39. ( The Find, 2010 ) .

8.3 Promotions and Ad

The chief methods of advertisement in Egypt are through print media and broadcast media. Television commercials, Radio adverts, intelligence paper, magazine and billboard advertisement would be some of them. Apart from the chief methods of commercial advertisement, websites besides advertise their merchandises irrespective restricting it merely to the peculiar part but holding interlingual renditions to do the consumers grasp the significance and inside informations better. Many tea promotional runs exist in the Egypt due to the high use of tea. ( The Economic Times, 2010 ) , TREES, LIPTON GREEN TEA, JWT Cairo, UNILEVER, Print, Outdoor, Ads

Lipton spent an huge sum in publicizing their sachet packages in Cairo, Tree shrubs were cut in the form of tea cups and was put in a ticket of Lipton sachet packages. This run was extremely successful.

4.9 Market size

Egypt is the largest market for tea in the Near East of the African continent. Consumption in 2003 was close to 77,400tonnes wholly imported. The mainstream imports are in mass majority for repackaging and merger in the shores of Egypt. Imports of ready to sell, retail-packed tea merchandises have remained really low in footings of volume. Tea blending workss are situated in the free trade zones around and within the Delta countries of Egypt. ( Cooperate papers depository, 2005 )

4.9.1 Estimated industry gross revenues for the planning twelvemonth

Degree centigrades: UsersAffiDesktopcats.jpg

The planetary recession affected the Egyptian tea industry to keep imports of tea from Kenya and Srilanka. However, the market is expected to bounce with the resumption of the held economic reforms on the tea industry. It is expected harmonizing to past gross revenues patterns that the tea industry would turn from 1.6 % to 3 % . ( These figures are speculated by the audit squad of this selling audit, with the aid of the past records ) .

4.9.2 Estimated gross revenues for your company for the planning twelvemonth

Mr. Fernando the proprietor of Dilmah, has successfully gained an after-tax net income of Rs.1.2 billion in the twelvemonth ended March 31, 2010, about double the Rs.519.8 million earned in the old twelvemonth ( 2009 ) on an improved turnover of Rs.4.9 billion, up 11 % from the old twelvemonth. ( SriLanka Sock choices, 2010 )

Harmonizing to these conditions it could be speculated that Dilmah could increase it s market portion even more widely due to the new market development: e.i debut of herbal tea to the Egyptian market. A 11 % growing rate of Dilmah in the old twelvemonth was with the hesitancy of the economic recession. Looking in to the advantageous market in the universe today we could easy theorize a 18 % growing rate.

Government engagement in the market place

Any concern involved in international trade should stay by the regulations and ordinances imposed by the authorities of the place state and the host state. The SriLankan Government facilitate exporting industries by supplying assorted services such as subsidies, bilateral trade understandings politically, larboard free revenue enhancements and much more.


Srilanka Tea bored: Sri Lanka Tea Board is the organic structure responsible to advance tea locally and internationally. The representatives besides monitor the quality of tea in a random agenda. Dilmah has been exporting tea for more than 21 old ages to day of the month, the rank figure of Dilmah is 651. Quality standard certifications are besides given by the SL tea bored.

Export development bored: Clearly this authorities organic structure help help development of companies who are presently in the export trade and the administrations endeavoring to accomplish it.

National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka: All industries involved in international trade should acquire a licence from the chamber of commercialism to get down international trade. The licence should be renewed every twelvemonth. A great trade of research informations and advisory is provided by this authorities organic structure.

Sri Lanka Customs: The merchandises exported would be carefully monitored by this authorities organic structure to guarantee that the specified quotas have been exported and much more other servicers.

Sri Lanka Ministry of Trade Commerce & A ; Consumer Affairs: Local industries would be secured in footings of legal issues while changeless quality and other concerns would be monitored.

The recent Srilanka- Egypt Agreement: A Memorandum of Understanding was agreed by Srilanka and Egypt on heightening the political and bilateral relationships. The understanding was signed on June 2010 by the SriLankan foreign curate and sing Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt His Excellency Ahmed Amin Fathallah. The Memorandum would be evaluated every twelvemonth for farther political dealingss. ( Ministry of external Affairs, 2010 )

Regulation you must follow:

Regulations are chiefly set by both authoritiess. Dilmah should stay by all regulations and ordinances which are imposed by the governmental organic structures of both states. By making so Dilmah could hold positive benefits in footings of good will and other trade oriented benefits. Lodging to the allocated quotas, forbearing from under valuing, paying the necessary import revenue enhancements to the Egyptian authorities, staying by the quality criterions required, forbearing from graft are some major concern etiquettes to be considered when making an ethical concern. Dilmah has ever had a great repute among authoritiess and merchandisers.


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