Marketing-Case Study on Dunkins Donut

April 6, 2018 Marketing

MARKETING – BT10303 Presentation on Case Study Topic • Dunkin’s Donut Group of Member ? Yelly Yong(YE 2007 – 7735) ? Heather Dyi(YE 2007 – 7733) ? Intan Arniesa(YE 2007 – 7729 ? Patrick Laing(YE 2007 – 7731) ? Mohd Raed (YE 2007 – 6892) Date of submission: ? 13th Sept 2009 Lecturer Name ? Ms Grace Phang Introduction of Dunkin’ Donuts [pic] [pic] Dunkin’ Donut is a highly recognizable brand name. Its global presence, strong sales and known brand name are qualities that many people envy.

The company has almost 5000 stores worldwide. Dunkin’ Donut attracts customers in large part because of three key feature f its offering – quality, variety and affordability. The company pride itself on quality which makes freshness doughnut and coffee. They offers variety doughnut and flavored coffees. The Dunkin’ Donut also offers convenience which easy access location. Finally, Dunkin’s Donut can be afforded by all level of customer. 1. Would you say that Dunkin’ Donuts is product oriented or customer-oriented? Why? Dunkin’ Donuts are Customer Oriented because their primary goal is to get customer satisfaction which Dunkin Donut was attracting a customer from all level and keep providing a high quality menu item which they serving the customer with a variety doughnuts selection and a great coffee flavour with the reasonable price which can be afford by everyone.. ? Beside Dunkin Donut also work hard by providing high quality menu item and the best service to world wide customer just to earn customer loyalty. 2. What would you guess is Dunkin’ Donuts’ mission statement? What are its corporate goals? Dunkin’ Donuts’ mission statement would be “to emphasize the strong work ethic to make a good, fresh product, just for the customers”. By this, Dunkin’ Donuts declared its mission as to give full commitment in giving the best value of its customers’ money at anytime. ? The corporate goals would be “to be a fun company” and to be the best doughnut and coffee combo seller in the world by dominating at least one of these attribute: Doughnut selection, coffee flavor, price or location. 3. How would you tackle the issues of Starbucks and Krispy Kreme invading Dunkin’ Donuts turf? [pic]


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