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Victorian Fine Furnishings: B2B Marketing constructs

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This is a study about a company Victorian Fine Furnishings. The company is involved in the fabrication of authoritative Victorian manner furniture and is looking frontward towards a new contract with Snoozarama, a new client which is a nationally franchised company. The Gross saless Manager has put in strict difficult work and clip in acquiring this order from Snoozarama. This is a really large and of import order for Victorian and they can non afford to lose it. They know that if they deliver this order successfully by carry throughing the needed conditions and within the stipulated clip, they would acquire a opportunity to provide their furniture to Snoozarama in other metropoliss besides all over the state.

Presently, Snoozarama has 41 retail shops in Australia. Victoria has to finish the order and present it within a clip span of eight hebdomads because Snoozarama wants it in their “ Spring Carnival ” advertisement and gross revenues publicity. The deadline of making the work in a limited period of eight hebdomads is the chief job. Though this is traveling to be tough but it can be done. Victoria will be depending on their provider Ashley lumbers for acquiring the natural stuff ; i.e. ; rosewood lumber. But, this is a conditional order on guaranteed bringing in two hebdomads.

But, there was a job ; Ashley Timbers had a fire in their pace and now they would non be able to provide for about one month. There are different options to this job which have been discussed and analyzed in the study below. This study besides includes the B2B selling constructs and theory in conveying about a solution to the job and includes recommendations that can be given to the directors with respects to the state of affairs of the company.

About the company

Victorian Fine Furnishings is involved in the fabrication of authoritative Victorian manner furniture. It is a little company that is based in Australia. It has 34 employees and among them, the gross revenues director is the cardinal individual who is responsible for conveying in new clients and increasing the gross revenues of the company. Ken Lambert is the Gross saless Manager and Gerry Watts is the General Manager. Both of them are the major figures in the instance and are looking for a solution to the job.

The state of affairs

The company wishes to spread out its gross revenues all over the state. For this, it has late acquired a big contract of 120 of their sole “ Derby ” sleeping room scenes of bedhead, frame, two bedside tabular arraies and 5 drawer chest of drawerss. The cardinal provider of Victoria is Ashley Timbers and they by and large buy their natural stuffs or lumber from Ashley. They have an order to carry through from Snoozarama, which is a national participant. Victorian Fine Furnishing’s aspires of turning into a main participant and catching new clients.

Gerry has organized for the lumber to be cut into the appropriate sizes to do certain there ‘s no demand for extra trimming or film editing of the rosewood by his staff which would decelerate down the production. Victorian is worried because the order has to be delivered within eight hebdomads ; this will really stretch their production capacity. But, the general director has come up with a solution to this job. He has figured out that if they receive the natural stuff within two hebdomads, they will hold six hebdomads for the finishing the order.

Besides, he is sing deviating activities of 15 employees of the mill off from general fabrication for a period of six hebdomads ; this manner, there should be adequate stocks of other merchandises to cover normal orders in the period. Though, this is traveling to be tough but it can be done. Thus, for finishing the undertaking with Snoozarama, the company has placed an order with their provider, Ashley Timbers. Gerry placed the order for a sum of 55 three-dimensional metres ( M3) at $ 2,550 per Meter3of cut to size rosewood.

However, this order is conditional on guaranteed bringing in a period of two hebdomads. This will guarantee that Victoria has full six hebdomads for fabrication. He has made agreements with Ashley’s for the lumber to be cut into the suited sizes to determine that there ‘s no demand for farther film editing or trimming of the rosewood by his staff ; this would salvage the clip of his staff and the production procedure will non be hampered.

SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis is the procedure of analysing the company and the environment in which it is runing. This analysis helps in explicating effectual schemes for the company to cover with competition. SWOT stands for strengths, failings, chances and menaces. Strengths and failings are internal to the organisation whereas chances and menaces are external to the organisation ( Marketing Management, 2004 ) .

Strength– A firm’s strength is its capableness to accomplish competitory advantage with the aid if its resources. Victorian Fine Furnishings has the undermentioned strengths-

  • Good trade name name- Victorian Fine Furnishing has a good trade name name in fabricating authoritative Victorian manner furniture.
  • Good repute among customer- It has a good image amid its clients and as a consequence, it has received this large and expensive order.
  • Skilled employees- Victorian Fine Furnishing has merely 34 employees but they are adept and committed to their work.

Weakness-The absences of certain advantages or strengths is termed as failing. There are following failings in the Victorian Fine furnishing-

  • Lack of natural material- Victorian Fine Furnishing doesn’t have equal natural stuff to run into the pressing demands of the client. Because of this, it is now fring a opportunity to gain net income.
  • Lack of employees- There are merely 34 employees in the company, which are non able to make work in the given clip period though they are skilled. This order requires more employees to work but this will increase the overall cost of the undertaking ( Kotler, 2002 ) .

Opportunity-Opportunities come from the external environment of the concern. Analysis of the external environment creates some new chances for net income and growing. Following are the chances for the Victorian Fine Furnishing-

  • Unfulfilled demand of the customer- It received an order from Snoozarama, which has 41 specialized retail bedclothes shops around Australia. Snoozarama wants this order within 8 hebdomads. So there is an chance for Victorian to gain a big sum of net income.
  • New clients- If Ken and Gerry complete this undertaking within the clip, they will be able to pull new clients. They will besides be able to provide this client nationally.
  • Brand building- Because Snoozarama has 41 subdivisions around Australia ; it will assist Victorian Fine Furnishing to construct an image.

Menace– Changes in the external environment besides conveying some menaces for the organisation. The organisation should invariably maintain a alert oculus on the market, so that it can analyse the chances and menaces it is confronting ( Kotler, 2002 ) . Following are the menaces for Victorian-

  • New competitors- Order can travel in the manus of other makers because Victorian is confronting the job of natural stuff. This will make new rivals for Victorian.
  • Addition in cost- If Victorian wants to carry through this order within clip bound ; it will hold to confront an addition in cost ( Kotler, 2002 ) .

The four options

The four options present earlier VICTORIAN FINE FURNISHINGS” are discussed below

  • The first option is to travel with Ashley Timbers. They have to wait for four hebdomads for the natural stuffs, as providers won’t be able to provide before this clip period. It will necessitate the production of 120 unit’s within the staying four hebdomads. This calls for about 1000 – 1200 extra hours at overtime rates. This will add about $ 35,000 – $ 40,000 to the cost of production. Ashley Timbers will do proviso for cutting and paring of the rosewood.
  • The 2nd option presented before company is to take aid of four providers in Melbourne as there is no other individual provider who can carry through their entire demand of natural stuff. Victoria Fine Furnishing will be acquiring 40 % of the sum needed natural stuff from these providers. Their monetary value will change from $ 3,300 per M3 to $ 3,600 per M3.This monetary value is 30 % to 40 % higher than Ashley’s monetary value.
  • Third option in forepart of them is to take aid of the two lumber merchandisers of Sydney. These merchandisers can provide the merchandise within 3 hebdomads, but they are inquiring for a monetary value which is 20 – 25 % higher than Ashley’s monetary value. They are inquiring for a portion in the contract.
  • Fourth option which they have is of North Coast Timber Co. This company is the chief provider of Ashley Timber and is located in northern NSW. They are ready to supply untrimmed and uncut sum of rosewood. One-half of the stuff would be supplied within a week’s clip and remainder would be supplied in 10 yearss. Road cargo has to be paid by the Victorian all right trappingss. The order has to be increased from 55 M3 to 60-62 M3 as they are non supplying the installation of cutting and paring. They are inquiring for hard currency in progress. Their rate is 20 % lower than Ashley’s monetary value ( Ramaswamy & A ; Namakumari, 2007 ) .

Analyzing the four options

There are four options given for the Victorian Fine Furnishings. The choice of best option will assist the company to finish the undertaking for its client on clip. So there is a demand to measure all the four options. The analysis of the four options is given below:

  • If Victoria Fine Furnishing goes with the first option, it can confront the province of uncertainness whether it will be adept to finish its production after four hebdomads or non. Therefore, the company should non blow its four hebdomads merely for the interest of salvaging some excess costs in the production. The company wants to set up itself at the national degree to get new clients. They will besides acquire an chance to work with Snoozarama, a nationally franchised company. Traveling by this option, the company would necessitate over clip rates for 1000-1200 hours. This implies that they have to add about $ 35,000 – $ 40,000 to the cost of production. This would turn out to be a dearly-won and extremely unsure pick for Victoria Fine Furnishing.
  • If the company goes with the four providers in Melbourne, following would be the effects. Victoria Fine Furnishing would be provided with merely 40 % of the entire natural stuff required. They still have to happen providers for staying 60 % . They are bear downing a monetary value which is 30 % to 40 % higher than Ashley ‘s monetary value. With these monetary values, there will be small or no border for net income in the scenes for Victorian Fine Furnishings. In such a scenario, this trade would turn out to be extremely disadvantageous for the company.
  • The 3rd option, which is taking aid of two Sydney merchandisers who will provide the merchandise within 3 hebdomads. This alternate seems to be working. Victorian Fine trappingss can take this option. Although the cost of supply will be 20 – 25 % higher than Ashley’s monetary value, yet they will acquire the complete merchandise within 3 hebdomads. At the clip of crisis, 20 – 25 % addition in the supply cost has to be managed. Although, the Victorian Fine trappingss will pay a small excess, but will non lose their client Snoozarama ( Kazmi, 2002 ) .
  • Looking at the 4th possibility, the disbursals seem to be more than net incomes. North Coast Timber Co. , major provider of Ashley Timber is supplying untrimmed and uncut solid rosewood lumber. This implies that there has to be a proviso made for wastage. Merely half of the stuff would be available within a hebdomad, but for the remainder, the company has to wait for 10 yearss. In this option, the route disbursals have to be paid by the company. The monetary values at which they are providing are 20 % lower than Ashley’s monetary value, but they are supplying untrimmed and uncut stuff. This means that they have to happen a company to cut and pare the merchandise, which is an add-on to the disbursals.

B2B selling construct and theory

Business-to-Business ( B2B ) theory of marketing includes those direction activities that enable a provider house to understand, create, and present value to other concerns and institutional clients. By and large, it is described as electronic commercialism dealing between two or more concerns ( Business Marketing Plan, 2006 ) . Business-to-Business selling construct helps the purchasers in happening new providers and frailty versa, reduces the clip and cost of interaction and increases the trade geographically.

The competition has been increasing on the planetary degree and the merchandise commoditization is demoing a rapid motion. One of the most of import success factors of the B2B concern and selling is the strategic selling direction. One of the keys for the success of the concern is the professional attack to the market. This attack can assist Victorian Fine Furnishings by choosing the 3rd alternate. In this age, dialogue and bargaining are the most of import tools for the purchaser. Although, the two Sidney merchandiser are offering 20 – 25 % higher monetary values for the natural stuff but buying executives of Victorian Fine Furnishings can negociate with them and can cut down the cost of the natural stuff. The Business to Business construct can assist Victorian Fine Furnishings to set up the natural stuff for the production of the finished furniture. Victorian Fine Furnishings is an institutional purchaser. It purchases all the natural stuff for its concern point of position.

The B2B determination procedure is a procedure by which the demand for purchased services and merchandises is established by the formal organisations and the organisations besides identify, evaluate and take among alternate trade names and providers. This is of import to grok, so that the house can present the best suited and effectual selling communicating mix ( Marketing Management, 2004 ) .

Sing the importance of the undertaking, a figure of people make a purchase. The undertaking is considered to be of import, as it is concerned non merely to their calling but besides to the whole house. Further account says that the purchase determination procedure is concerned with many representatives instead than a few one. This group of people is named as the determination doing unit ( DMU ) . The DMU differs in size depending on the complexness of the job being solved. In conformity with single consumers, every member of the DMU is an active job convergent thinker. All the active job convergent thinkers procedure information, so that the personal and organisational ends are accomplished. This is an indicant that purchases on urges are rare in the concern market context. This besides indicates that the purchasing procedure is more clip devouring than what is acknowledged in the B2C market ( Ida, Maria & A ; Camilla, 2006 ) .


The job before Victorian Fine Furnishings is the inaccessibility of the natural stuff that is timber. Ashley Timbers, which is one of the old providers of Victorian Fine Furnishings, is non able to supply lumber before two months. There are four options for the company to buy the lumber. The job is that all the providers are bear downing relatively higher monetary value than Ashley Timbers. The best option is the 3rd one under which the company receives natural stuff from two lumber merchandisers of Sidney, who are bear downing 20-25 % higher monetary values than Ashley Timbers. Victorian Fine Furnishings can dicker with the provider on the monetary values of the natural stuff. The execution of the concern to concern construct in a best appropriative mode is more valuable for the company. It would assist Victorian Fine Furnishings to screen out the job of missing with the natural stuff.


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