Marketing Mix for Sony(Simple )

MARKETING ANALYSIS Sony Corporation is strategies on its products and prices of the marketing mix that offer to the customers, and targeting its promotional activities and locations to market the products. The marketing mix is refers to an analysis or concept or strategy tool for the company to carry out the products and services to market in order to attain its objectives. Marketing Mix is comprised by four major elements which are products and services, price, promotion and place. Products

Sony has wide range of electronic products offer to the market such as MP3, computers, games portable , mobile phone and so on. Sony’s products has some reputable brand name of products such walkman, VAIO laptop. Sony used to maintain a principle that offers stylish, quality, high technology and innovative of products to public. However, some products’ software format was not compatible current market popular format. For example, MiniDisc that suing ATRAC format but MP3 format was popular at that moment.

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Even some products that it released also having lack of storage and downloading issues. Example, Sony’s ‘ Readers’. Price Sony products give public a luxury perception. The selling prices of Sony products are comparing high with most of the competitors. Sony believes the market is relating the price to quality especially the ego intensive of the technology based. So it tends to sell its products with price range from moderately high to high prices. Besides, Sony still manufactured most of its products in Japan in order to remain its quality.

The labour cost of Japan is comparing high with most of the countries. This is one of the reason caused the high selling price. The selling price are various too in different regions and countries due to the currency exchange and manufacturing location. The fluctuation of the exchange rate with a country to another country caused the selling price are different with each other after the conversion of the currency. Promotion Sony usually promotes its products by advertisement via television program and internet forums. Its reputation could be considered as one of the promotion tools.

Although some of its products might have greatest quality, the date of launching often been delayed. For example, Playstation 3 Place Sony markets its products based on four major geographically areas which are Japan, USA, Europe and other areas. Sony’s products are mostly high technology consume, so Sony needs to focus and target the market where has high speed technology such as USA and Japan. Sony also needs to promote its products to those high income nation countries because its products used to price in high range. For example USA , Europe and Japan.



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