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The followers is a selling mix reappraisal and recommendations study on the universe ‘s largest auto maker Toyota. The study will sketch the cardinal elements of Toyota ‘s selling mix, and besides recommendations will be made on how to better on each selling mix component of the administration.


Toyota Motor Corporation established in 1937, is the biggest auto makers in the universe, with its mills crossing over assorted states. It is one of the universe ‘s most successful and most profitable auto makers. Australia has one of the smallest and oldest auto industries in the universe and has played an of import function in the success and development of Toyota over the past 50 old ages.

The first Toyota vehicles where imported to Australia in 1958 by a excavation, building and services company called Thiess, who imported 13 Landcruiser ‘s a theoretical account of 4WD, which they used for the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric strategy. They besides began to sell the Landcruiser vehicles in 1959. In 1963 an piecing mill in Melbourne called Australian Motor Industries was established and bring forth the first batch of Toyota corolla and aureole autos. They began to be commercially available in 1971 through Thiess Toyota who became commercial leaders in 1979. Then in 1988 the two companies merged to make the Toyota Motor Corporation Australia, which began a planetary competiveness and established an of import export market. In 1994 the Toyota Altona Assembly Plant is opened and the Toyota corolla is the first auto to be built in the works.

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Toyota ‘s vision is to go the most well-thought-of and admired company, in the auto industry


Their mission is to present high quality automotive merchandises and services to their clients, and being actively involved with the community, spouses and environment.


Assorted methods were used to carry on the reappraisal of Toyota ‘s selling mix. One of the methods used was carry oning a study, to happen out what the populace had in head when it came to Toyota. These were handed out to random people go throughing by, and were asked to finish the study anonymously. They were basic inquiries that required a spot of believing from each person as how they perceive Toyota as a trade name. The study contained a perceptual map which each individual was ask to plot where they think a certain auto trade name tantrums.

The other methods that were used to garner research, was utilizing on-line resources such as the Toyota web site to acquire a better apprehension of the company ‘s way and the scope of merchandises that they offered. The web site was really insightful and was clear and easy to voyage, and was really enlightening.

Besides the Australian Bureau of Statistics was used to garner information on gross revenues and market portion of all the major auto companies in comparing to Toyota. This provided factual statistics and information that was really relevant in finding how Toyota fits in to Australia ‘s auto industry and market.

Results & A ; Findingss


. Perceptual Map of Car trade names comparings on Reliability vs. Durability

The sample consequence from the study shows the perceptual map of how consumers compared Toyota and other trade name of autos when it came to dependability and lastingness. The result of where Toyota is placed in the map is really high on its dependability and lastingness. Toyota ‘s market scheme is to sell a top quality merchandise that lasts. This grabs the consumer ‘s attending when their looking to purchase a auto that is dependable and lasting.


Toyota Motor Corporation is the largest vehicle maker in the universe. Toyota co-operates with 51 fabrication companies in 26 states, and sells its vehicles in over 170 states under the Toyota, Lexus, Daihatsu and Hino trade names.

Toyota leads the automotive industry in environmental engineerings with their new advanced intercrossed engineering in their Prius and Hybrid Camry vehicles. They are besides looking into the development of Fuel cell engineering for future vehicles.

Toyota has in recent old ages dominant the Australian auto market, with a market portion around 21 per centum ( Fig.2 ) and is steadily lifting with anticipations that it might make 25 per centum by 2012. Toyota Australia has remained the figure one trade name for selling more vehicles than any other individual auto trade name in the industry for more than 14 old ages.

Toyota ‘s Market Share

Toyota has dealerships across Australia that sells their scope of vehicles from autos, SUVs, trucks and loanblends. They have established a good know trade name that people associated thing such as quality, lastingness, dependability, invention, safety, and sustainability. There trade name revolves around run intoing all the six nucleus values to guarantee that the client receive the highest quality merchandise and service which maintain them loyal to the trade name.

Target Audience

Toyota covers a broad market sector that caters for households with its scope of saloons to other vehicles such as four wheel thrusts, athleticss autos, luxury vehicles and little hatchbacks and coachs. The age demographic that Toyota chiefly marks are early 30 ‘s to mid 50 twelvemonth old consumers.

Toyota aims to aim all possible sectors and merely late cracked into the big auto market with their Toyota Aurion saloon. This was marketed to big households and was proved successful after taking the rubric of best big auto of the twelvemonth in 2009 by Australian consumers.

Toyota ‘s latest selling effort was to aim the coevals Y sector with a new little auto called “ Rukus ” , which Toyota calmed that it will appeal to the immature consumers. “ Its boxlike form and high-strung urban styling are anything but drilling, so you ‘ll ne’er intermix in. ” As described in the Toyota web site, claiming that to be different is an of import factor when it comes to marketing to the gen Y consumers.

They are besides aiming the environmental witting consumers, who want to make their portion in cut downing their impact on the environment by restricting CO2 emanations. Toyota developed a beforehand loanblend engineering which it has implemented in two of its vehicles the Prius and Camry. The intercrossed engineering combines fuel and electricity to power the engine. Toyota strives to go the leader in invention of new vehicle engineerings.

Toyota ‘s Marketing Mix Elements – 5 P ‘s

Toyota ‘s selling mix consists of the 5 P ‘s which make up the footing of Toyota ‘s overall market scheme. The 5 P ‘s base for ;


Monetary value


Topographic point



A good merchandise can be self marketed when it benefits the consumer demand. When marketing a merchandise, it must distinguish to what a rival is offering by characteristics, design packaging, services, guarantees, safety and environmental impact.

Toyota offers a broad scope of merchandises that meet the demands of the consumer while being different to the other auto trade names on the market. There merchandise scope is segmented into four countries each meeting the demands of what a consumer is looking for in a vehicle. Toyota ‘s merchandise market contains the followers

Passenger – consisting of little, mid size, and big autos. Aurion, Camry, Corolla, Rukus, Tarago, Yaris.

4WD & A ; SUVs – Kluger, Landcruiser 200, Prado, Rav4

Commercial – Coaster, HiAce, HiLux, Landcruiser 70

Hybrid – Camry, Prius

Toyota offers with its merchandises after gross revenues services, such as Toyota Service Advantage which includes capped monetary value service, specializer technicians, and echt parts. They besides offer funding at a low rate so that consumers are able to hold the merchandise Oklahoman.

Monetary value

The monetary values set for merchandises plays a major function in its marketability. The pricing of vehicles in Toyota depends on what the consumer wants to include in their vehicle. They set a base monetary value which so increases if a consumer wants to modify or add options such as metallic pigment, wheels, organic structure kits or extended service guarantee. This gives the consumer more pick and flexibleness as to how they want their vehicle to be when they purchase it.

The monetary value of vehicles in the scope can get down from $ 18,990 to a more premium monetary value of $ 80,000 or more dependant on the brand, theoretical account and add options. The pricing of Toyota vehicles are higher in some countries in comparing to its rivals, but its chief merchandising point is that they sell you a top quality merchandise with great service and parts, that is besides dependable and has the highest safety criterions.


Promotion is manner of communicate to consumers and catching their attending to do a sale. This normally involves three ways of effectual advancing through advertisement, public dealingss, and gross revenues publicity.

quality, lastingness, dependability, invention, safety, and sustainability


Decision of findings



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