Marketing Plan For Bob And Lloyd Family Pizzeria Marketing Essay

The undermentioned planA is based on old ages of experience, is extremely focussed and promises to follow a way of prosperity.A A It is based on conservative gross revenues figures, and existent gross revenues may be higher. The projections contained herein areA reliable and will be used as the budget for the business.A 4 Moons Pizzeria will demo a net income about instantly, and will increase gross revenues and net incomes each twelvemonth thenceforth.

1.1 Aims

The aim is to rent a site atA 18 AnnaA street, Woodbrook. We will necessitate to make some minor remodeling, the interior demands to beA redone to accommodate our requirements.A We will utilize our ain personalA familyA formulas and accomplishments to make our ain success in our Family Pizzeria. We plan to develop ourA staff to guarantee outstanding consequences in quality nutrient and client service. Our aims are as follows.

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Be the first Family PizzeriaA in Trinidad.

Supply the highest quality merchandise, with our ain household secrets.

Give first-class client service inA a quick and efficient mode.

Keep our bill of fare every bit simple as possibleA to keep low nutrient cost.

Maintain competitory, fast-casual dining at the mid-range monetary values

Use good selling schemes to construct volume rapidly

Maintain and spread out an outstanding repute as being the best vicinity pizza shop

1.2 Mission

Bob and LloydA Family Pizzeria exists for the intent of bring forthing gross revenues and net income. Because we are a service and merchandise orientatedA concern, A we willA besides exist to function our clients. These two grounds for our being are inseparable. If one facet does non be, the other will discontinue to be.

We will foremost take at delighting our staff with first-class working conditions plus tonss of benefits, because our slogan is, A ‘A happy employee makes a happy client. ‘

We will stay cheerful, gracious, good trained, and focused on delighting our invitees, by supplying Customer Service Training for each member of staff.

Our staff will be offered a workplace where they will be comfy, and turn with the company.

We will ever offer a fresh cooked merchandise and a really welcoming environment to our invitees and staff.

We will work hard to go the first finish of pick for those in ourA state.

We will give support and contribute to our community, by assisting local schools andA churches.

1.3 Keys to Success

Our policyA is to beA the first finish of choiceA and to do certain we pass by every tabular array to recognize, visit, or at least direct a smiling to our invitees.

Our program is to see our client at any table and/or answerA any call that hasA feedback, positive or negative, A to fulfill our clients.

We are committed to guarantee the success and felicity of our staff.

WeA are committedA in supplying first-class quality nutrient and drinks at all times.

2.0 Company Summary

We willA offer a relaxing, friendly atmosphere. The menuA consists ofA pizza, hot calzones, A and fresh tossed salads. The veggies and meats are prepared fresh every twenty-four hours and the dough is made one twenty-four hours before with maize flourA to guarantee that it cures and risesA decently. Beverages include soft drinks, A juices, smoothes.A Deserts includes flavorite Supreme Ice pick. Food ingredients are the finest and freshestA available.


2.1 Company Ownership

Bob and LloydA Family Pizzeria is aA limited liability company.

Owned by BobA Fieldman, A General Manager 1A and Lloyd Fieldman, General Manager 2.

2.2 Start-up Summary

WeA hope toA take full advantage of an bing construction located atA 18 Anna Street, Woodbrook, it isA presently a 2,000 square pess property.A We have programs to make minorA remodelingA and to makeA our clients and staffA really comfy.

Construction is estimated at $ 4,000.00

Start-up hard currency on manus is estimated forA 1A twelvemonth working capital, stock list, labour and rent.

Short-run assets include phone equipment, little wares, booths, chairs, tabular arraies, pendents, sconces, and illuming.

Long-run assets include all kitchen equipment and tellers counterA

3.0 Products and Services

Bob and LloydA Family Pizzeria will be aA comfy and ask foring pizza parlour.A It will be aA fast-casual operation with dine in, take-out, and bringing. The decor and subject are centered around the film editing border unfastened kitchen withA bamboo decor and stain-less steel counters plus really typical relaxing lighting. Our energy and atmosphere will appeal to all households, groups, and schools.

Influence andA thrust of the pizza shop will come from the gracious and attentive staff, by theA service they will beA supplying to our clients. Our fresh place grown bill of fare will be prepared byA my motivated kitchen squad, withA our counsel and supervising.

Business hours will run from, A Sunday toA Thursday fromA 11 am. toA 9 autopsy. Friday and Saturday 11 am. to 11 autopsy. Take out available during shop hours andA bringing will get down from noon.

4.0 Market Analysis Summary

WoodbrookA is one of the fastest growingA concern avenuesA inA Trinidad, it is called theA metropolis that does non kip. Woodbrook is filled with bars and eating house stopsA after every two edifices. Trinidad and Tobago has aA really diverse and assorted civilization, with a mixture of originative heads, that ‘s why we host on of the biggest street parties in the universe, Carnival. We have a strong labour market, low revenue enhancements, low-cost lodging and rental flats, plus we have a batch ofA natural comfortss makingA Trinidad and TobagoA an attractive topographic point to populate and make concern.

TheA Trinidad and Tobago population holds at 1.2 million as of July 2011, a growing rate in 2011 ofA -0.087. The Median age in Trinidad and Tobago is 33yrs old. With a strong local economic system we have a population with disposable hard currency for dining and amusement.

Target Market

0- 18yrs – 20 % of the population = 240,000

19-64yrs – 72 % of the population = 864,000

65yrs and over – 8 % of the population = 96,000

4.1 Market Segmentation


Bob and LloydA Family Pizzeria will offer pizza, hot calzones and fresh tossed salads. The veggies and meats will be prepared fresh day-to-day and the maize flour dough will be made one twenty-four hours in progress, leting adequate clip for the dough to put.

Beverages include soft drinks, juices, smoothes

Finally, our desert bill of fare consists of a local made Ice Cream, Flavorite Supreme Ice Cream.

Price ( s )

The Price ( s ) for our merchandises will be sensible, so anyone can enjoyA our tasty bill of fare. We plan non to tag up our monetary values to high, merely plenty for us to do a profitA and still be really affordable.A


At first to advance our merchandise we plan to publicize our pizza shop on the News Papers, Television, Radio, and circulars. We hope one time we become popular our advertizement fees will drop drastically.

Topographic point

The location of our Pizza Parlour is the best in the state because of the popularity of the country, and the sum of concern we know we will derive our given location, 18 Anna Street, Woodbrook.


We came up with a fantastic box that is simple, really cost effectual, but chiefly looks really place made and traditional.


In Marketing Mix this is one of the more of import facets of the 7P ‘s. It is fundamentally how we plan to handle our clients, and in that regard, we are traveling to give our client the best of the best in client service. Any questions, ailments we will take as non an abuse but as a manner for us to better, as for regards, they speak for themselves.


Finally, people, our concern will ne’er be comfortable without people, we need staff to run our company and we need clients to buy our merchandise. Hence, client service will non merely be for client but it will besides be for our staff. We will travel by this slogan and stating, to animate both clients, internally and externally, ‘A happy worker is a affluent worker. ‘

Our mark market includes adultsA 19 toA 65A old ages old who socialize and have households. Children 18 and under dramas a large portion of our market since they prefer pizza over any fast nutrient and frequently influenceA household dining determinations.

4.2 Target Market Segment Strategy

We genuinely have non overruled any peculiar class of groups or category in our mark market, since pizza is enjoyed by everyone and anyone. A batch of the cleavage falls in the on the job category and they all have busy agendas, hence fast nutrient will be a really popular option for many house holds. Once we can keep tasty, delicious repasts we are certain to derive net incomes.

At present in theA locality of Woodbrook the lone competition we will hold is Dominos Pizza, and one time we maintain a place made menuA and ambiance we will be comfortable

4.3 Service Business Analysis

Pizza Statisticss:

Represent 17 % of all eating houses.

TrinidadiansA eat a batch of pizza particularly during fasting periods.

Pizza isA a billion dollar industry with go oning overall restaurant growing.

Histories for 10 % of all nutrient service gross revenues.

Each house clasp in Trinidad eatA pizza at least one time a month.

Trinidadians alsoA order pizza for a insouciant eventide with friends really regular.

Children between 3-11 prefer pizza over all other nutrient groups.

4.3.1 Competition and Buying Patterns

Bob and LloydA Family PizzeriaA are competitory in the monetary value to all the other fast nutrient shops in the vicinityA ofA Woodbrook.A

Quality, Quick, and Simple is the end ofA Bob and LloydA Family Pizzeria. The clients are provided with the highest quality merchandise. Shop designed with the bambooA scene, A provides a warm and friendly environment for all.

5.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary

Emphasize service

WeA will distinguish ourselves with Service! A WeA will set up our concern offering as a clear and feasible option for our mark market.

Construct a relationship-oriented concern

Build long-run relationships with clients, non single-visit trades. Become their eating house and finish of pick. Make them understand the value of the relationship.

Focus on mark markets

We need to concentrate our offerings onA specific population groupsA as the cardinal market section we should have. We do non desire to vie for the purchasers who go to “ fast nutrient ” or “ take and bake ” A types of eating houses. We decidedly want to be able to sell to ache, quality witting clients.

Use the assorted accomplishments of our Pull offing OwnersA and larn through the extended preparation plan provided by Franchisor.

5.1 Competitive Edge

Simply putA our competitory border will be our client service experience. Our smile, respectful, professional andA friendly attack to all of our clients will be clear as twenty-four hours, and extremely appreciated.

We will continuouslyA supervise our merchandise to guarantee quality nutrient and drink at all times. Our formulas are delightful, made fresh day-to-day, and our toppings go all the manner to the border of the pizza crust.

5.2 Selling Scheme

We will get down our Selling during the redevelopment phases by posting up marks all over and hanging a streamer outside the edifice. Our success will merely be that our client will be able to bask a homey environment withA hot, tasty, delightful pizza and calzones, followed by warming company and staff.

All staff will be involved in Gross saless and Marketing, and besides garnering information about new position clients. Samples will be provided to local schools, concerns, churches etc. Additional to thatA booklets will be posted all over, adverts in the paper, and local magazines, wireless etc.

5.3 Gross saless Scheme

The selling scheme discussed antecedently in this concern program will bring forth the coveted gross revenues.

WeA will encourageA ourA staffA A to hold a wrought out and comprehensive apprehension of the bill of fare, ingredients and methods of readying of all of our nutrients. We will develop our staff to ever explicate the bill of fare andA recommend points, even to our regular clients. The cardinal toA our employee ‘s success is developing employees to sell merchandises of higher monetary values or to sell more of our merchandises.

We willA promote service to distinguish ourselves. We will set up our concern as a clear option for our mark market.A

We will decidedly construct long-run relationships with all our clients, and they willA want our pizza our rivals as their pick for bringing, dine-in and/or take out. We will sell ourselves as the bestA home-madeA quality household orientated pizza shops.

5.3.1 Gross saless Forecast

We are calculating gross revenues of about $ 677,000 in our first fiscalA twelvemonth ( May 2005 to April 2006 ) with an gap day of the month of mid-May 2005. We foresee gross revenues increasing at.5 % A monthly, an overall annual rate of 6 % per twelvemonth. Our prognosis is conservative and is based on an norm of $ 17.00 mean per order.

We areA convinced thatA our concern will increase with clip. We have a strong direction squad who will be on belongings day-to-day toA monitor day-to-day operations. We will invariably watch nutrient quality, client service, andA costs.

6.0 Management Summary

Bob and Lloyd household pizza shop consists ofA two members with an equal concern, and equal portion value of 50 % each.A Each will run our pizza shops daily. We will both maintain our get downing wages low to maintain labour costsA down. We will both be trained in pull offing the pizza palour, including doing pizza ‘s cashing and taking orders, plus presenting. We will work as a squad until we become a balanced brace.

6.1 Forces Plan

We plan to hold a parttime staff to include pizza shapers, bringing drivers, and antagonistic individuals. We are be aftering on a staff of 10 employees to come on at extremum concern degrees.

Our first monthA willA have a higher labour rate due to developing, pre-opening readying and expansive gap labour.

We have forecastedA labour atA 18 % ofA grossA sales.A We will endeavor to maintain our paysheet at 18 % or lower.



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