Marketing plan for dawlance group pakistan ltd

August 8, 2017 Marketing

1.1 ) Executive Summary

The research work on this assignment explains the importance and the impact of marketing schemes on its gross revenues, turnover and other facets of Dawlance Group Ltd Pakistan. Dawlance Group Ltd is one of the popular trade names in Pakistan fabrication different electrical contraptions.

The choice of Dawlance Corporation Ltd Pakistan for this peculiar group work is strictly made on the footing of two grounds.

* Being portion of this organisation in the past and handiness towards some of import informations required for this program.

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* Working in item on e-business program for the mentioned company in old semester.

Marketing schemes have been set for Dawlance Group and a complete selling program is proposed to analyse different facets and to supply them a system more profitable and therefore to increase company popularity and demand. The company manufactures different merchandises and sends to most parts of the state.

We have made attempts to analyze and analyze both the micro and macro environments for to happen out the hurdlings in our manner. Every facet is analyzed in context to Pakistan and planning is designed in a manner that is applicable within the state efficaciously.

The company mission and vision statement is clearly made and it ‘s political, environmental, societal, technological and economical issues are brought in forepart that in short is named as PESTLE analysis.

Along all the above external factors the company is besides analysed by clearly indicating out its strengths, failing and chances which give us a wide spectrum on planing our selling program for the company mentioned.

The company Dawlance sells its merchandises through its chief warehouses and stores within the state and have about negligible sale online when we characterise it as B2C or direct to client sale.

We endeavour to integrate efficient and economical selling programs possible and do it more profitable for the company turnover and trade name strength.

The state is about in recession and suffers economic jobs that increase rising prices and poorness in within the state, indirectly impacting the retail market.

As the company industry electronics materials so the market is segmented rather clearly and the techniques used to aim the section is designed really efficaciously.

We have tried to plan a program that attracts most clients from all over the state runing low medium to upper category households.

The scheme here is low monetary value and good quality and excess installations to capture the market and take a rival lead.

1.2 ) Company Description

Dawlance Group Ltd Pakistan

Dawlance company was established in 1980 and now one of the taking maker of electrical contraptions in Pakistan. The company has its ain repute and now the largest company in Pakistan in electrical family contraptions.

The clients are chiefly centers and rich category people within the state and the company endeavour to supply material on easy episodes and inexpensive monetary values so everyone can be benefited. The company late has 1550 employees. The company has a big apparatus and is has got the service of gifted squad, HR and Marketing squad.

Dawlance Group has been passed through the phases of uninterrupted betterments and invention to accomplish its place in Pakistan Market and take lead to its rivals. It its imports its natural stuff chiefly from China, Germany, Italy, Taiwan and some other states.

( )

Some of the merchandises the company is fabricating are given as under.

* Refrigerators

* Air conditioner

* Roaster

* Toaster

* Micro Wave Oven

* Juicer

* Televisions

* Washing Machines

* Dryers

* Ironss

* Deep Freezer

* Small Appliances

Head Office:

Dawlance Centre 7/4 Civil Line-9

Dr Zia Uddin Ahmed Road Karachi

Chapter No 2:

Market Micro and Macro Analysis

In this chapter we study all the internal and external factors that influence the Dawlance market.

2.1Company Vision statement

2.2 Company Mission Statement

2.3 ) Situation ANALYSIS

The Dawlance is one of the popular electronics fabricating companies in Pakistan. The company since built is has good bend over and good client satisfaction degree.

The company is more established in urban countries holding large ware houses and retail store which the clients buy straight.

The merchandises range from little contraptions like Switches, Irons to Air Conditioned and Refrigerators all of which has good demand within the state.

The company have segmented its merchandises in to day-to-day usage electronic material to seasonal contraptions like warmers in winters and Air Conditions.

The company is besides in competition of the others electronics companies fabricating same contraptions.

The company have usually targeted the in-between lower, middle-middle to upper category households. Some merchandises with a low monetary value and are besides bought by hapless category people.

The broad spread of China market in Pakistan has tremendous impact on sale and growing scheme of the company.

More than 70 % of Pakistan population is below & A ; lb ; 3 a twenty-four hours doing it really hard for them even to run into to their both clip repast. Most of the households have a really low income and immense load and hard for them to travel for luxury and even necessary material like Refrigerators and warmers.

Over the past one twelvemonth the due the planetary crisis the state is in economic crisis ensuing the ruin of many fabricating companies. Dawlance is besides the victim of this economic disease. The company is besides confronting political and security jobs all over the universe impacting its selling schemes really severely.

However the trade name ca n’t convey its quality down because of diluted market jobs.

Below is the Pestle analysis explicating different factors impacting organisations.

2.4 ) Stamp Analysis:

The Pestle analysis is the abbreviation for political, economic, societal, technological, legal and environmental analysis. All these facets are taken and to analyze the external environment.


Political status is acquiring worst twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours in Pakistan. The state is go throughing through the dark phase of the history confronting security and instability jobs. Government is non in place to supply support for the company growing and is non in the place to travel for international statute laws. International trading policies are worst and corruptness is really high.


Due to recent planetary economic crisis the company is confronting a batch of jobs. Tax rate is high and the retail market seems to be traveling down.


Most of the people of the state are populating in rural countries, unaware of the merchandises and its benefits. These people do n’t wish merchandises TVs because of spiritual concern. The people in these rural countries like manual work and do n’t wish machinery. Female usually do n’t see stores and do n’t work. Most of the people ca n’t afford to purchase.


Technology is turning twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. The company has latest machinery and have extremely qualified applied scientists and professionals. The inexpensive engineering of China has brought a new revolution non merely in Pakistan but in the whole universe.

Legal and Environmental:

The company concern is non bound to any legal and environmental restraints and has unfastened custodies to market efficaciously.

2.5 ) SWOT Analysis on Dawlance Pakistan


* The company has good market place and bend over.

* The company has latest machinery available bring forthing different family contraptions.

* The trade name is so popular within Pakistan and has 16 distributions centre all over the state.

* The company got really gifted proficient and managerial staff.

* The company is located in chief metropolis Karachi, more near to large markets.


* The company is losing a batch of money due to excess labors and manual work.

* The company hire alumnuss but the associated staffs non develop them decently that consequence in deficiency of communicating, incompetency and really less company cognition.

* The Managers of different sections non demoing their full and motive for the company.

* Theft events occur largely because of no scanning system and abnormality.


* The company can take a lead of Pakistan market by first-class selling and client service.

* The company has the ability to turn and can increase its bend over by Online sale, selling and shopping.

* Electronic Business can salvage immense money by cut downing manual work.

* The company has got no online rival within the state.


* The company has a major menace to security. It is located in chief metropolis and has no scanning and proper security system.

* It is in competition in market with China and some other companies like Singer Pakistan.

Trained and adept technician quits by happening better chance.

So on the footing of the above SWOT analysis we can reason that the company needs new selling schemes and on-line sale chance. We are traveling to plan a new relationship of the company with its providers and clients. Detail work and analysis is carried out.

The company seems non to hold adequate on-line rivals, so a better chance to put money on latest on-line cyberspace engineering.

2.6 ) The Market Summary

Harmonizing to an appraisal the Pakistan has 160 million of population and most of them go forthing in households of at least four or five individual on norm.

This in other words means if we can split the market in to following sections. The cleavage is entirly done on the footing of mean monthly income and normal populating criterion.

We will widen on Dawlance image of invention, quality, and value and has to do it more competitory in market.

Chapter No3:

Selling Plan for Dawlance Group Pakistan

The Dawlance Group limited is in the procedure of uninterrupted betterments and invention to follow efficient steps possible. Hundreds of 1000s of Dollars are spent on selling and advertisement to increase its earning by maximal gross revenues. Attempts are made to vie with its rivals in the market of dynamic growing.

Bringing in forepart all the facets, the company is acute to re design a robust system that has the installation for online shopping, selling, procurance, buying, client service, first-class operational efficiency and excess security so that the excess cost incurred can be controlled.

This program is based wholly on the incorporation of new selling program that will give full prove more fruitful for the company.

3.1 ) Selling Aims:

The aim of the selling program is to increase the company growing. The company is holding economic jobs. The company suffers lose in bend over in recent twelvemonth and need marketing program to recover its place.

The company has to pull the market and should come out with good quality merchandises with excess characteristics and services to maintain the trade name in the market and holding a good bend over.

3.2 ) Market Scheme:

Our market scheme defines specific actions to execute the company purpose and aim and maintain its trade name place within the market

3.3 ) Market Cleavage:

The chief market is segmented in to Urban and Rural Areas which can be farther bomber segmented in to following classs.

Cleavage Merchandises:

The merchandises are segmented in to the undermentioned classs.

1. High quality expensive Products ( pulling rich households )

2. Medium quality moderate Price Products ( For medium category households )

3. General Products of day-to-day use common usage

Families are sub divided into following classs.

* Middle Lower Families ( 30 % of the whole population )

* Middle-Middle Families ( 20 % of whole population )

* Middle Upper Families ( 10 % of the whole population )

* Upper Families ( 05 % of the whole population )

The unsmooth appraisal shows 35 % of the population leave in poorness and that they some clip unable to travel for any cherished merchandise.

Target Markets:

The mark market for our program is all the in-between scope and upper category people this clip chiefly in Urban countries. Upper category is the people who can afford it really easy and for in-between category it is hard but non impossible and they have been usually seen to purchase expensive material if it is on low-cost and economic monetary value.

Middle category have been seen to purchase good expensive electronic material like Freezers, air Conditioned, Micro wave oven and Tele Vision etc and particularly at the clip when they marry their girls or boies.

The company has to publicize the merchandises through all Radio and Television and measure board streamers and has to travel for publicities, price reductions and others good offers that will be more competitory economically in the market.


The company has about 16 large ware houses all over the state and retail shops in about all the large metropoliss.

The company along with physical placement in the retail stores will besides hold the installation to order via phone and mails. So the merchandise can been delivered with no fuss.

The payment for the merchandises will be in progress either by cheque/postal order or Bank sedimentation.


The selling program is chiefly designed on whole households. The normal merchandises the Dawlance is selling in market is used in households. Like One Television, rinsing machine and wassailer or Juicer in one house. In some households more than two Television even used but selling program is designed at minimal degree.


There is no age bound. Normally pulling clients are parents and seniors of household in age 30-60 old ages.


Focuss both genders specially households or go forthing in one house in sharing.

Family life rhythm:

It focuses on the whole household.

Social Class:

Upper category, upper center, upper lower, in-between upper and in some how in-between center and lower center categories are focused.

Market Geographic ‘s

Most of the households populating metropoliss like Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, and Islamabad and many major metropoliss and territories have more chance to purchase electronic contraptions manufactured by Dawlance.

Therefore the chief focal point will be urban countries which have easy entree and easy bringing services. Most of the measure board adverts are usually spread in metropoliss with visible radiations easy carrying clients.

Market Psychographics

Market is designed more to pull high personality people no affair if he live in household or entirely. Some people like high value material with excess qualities so we will supply different material runing minimum to high monetary value. Stuff with high monetary value has excess qualities that will pull extremely upper category people.

Market Needs:

The market has need of extremely lastingness. Some of the company contraptions are the market needs like Television and icebox which is the most of import section to aim.

3.4 ) Merchandise Scheme:

All the electrical contraptions bought with Dawlance trade name will be given 5 old ages warranty and any merchandise holding fabrication or proficient mistake will be free of cost.

The clients will be provided call Centre figure that will work forenoon 0900-0500PM. The client inside informations will be taken and service will be provided. The full care Centre will be close to metropolis.

The loyal client will besides be given 20 % price reduction on same contraption, if he is traveling for new merchandise at the status no claim for care is made during full guarantee clip.

3.5 ) Monetary value Schemes:

We have decided to take down our monetary values to pull more clients and convey the merchandise in competition with other companies marketing within the state.

Monetary value will be conveying down with no via media with high quality. Monetary values will acquire down 20 % less on good discounted rates. Some merchandises like Deep-freezes and TVs will besides be available on involvement free episodes in the signifier of loan. The monetary value will be bit higher than normal in instance of episodes.

We aim to pull nor merely upper category people but besides in-between category and in many instances even lower upper category people to do it more dynamic within the market. We deliver high quality value.

3.6 ) Promotion Schemes:

For all merchandises the Dawlance is selling straight or indirectly they are non promote able. There will be a lottery ticket within and on pull the consumer will be awarded free Television or Deep-freezes.

3.7 ) Distributions Scheme:

We are widening our web and spread outing it about all the major towns. The client will be able to purchase the merchandises straight from the stores, local agents and will be able to order online or by phone once the company is received payment.

All the merchandises ordered straight will be delivered to on door at the disbursal of sensible charge.

3.8 ) Customer Service Strategy:

The Dawlance is supplying client service that will take all phone calls sing ailments, suggestions and advices.


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