Marketing Plan – Sony Playstation 3

May 11, 2018 Marketing

This marketing plan is looking at Sony’s Playstation 3 (PS3). This powerful system is the cutting edge of gaming entertainment. The PS3 has been out for a little under a decade, and in that time, it has proved to be a hardcore gamers’ dream to have one. Sony got into the console gaming market in late 1994. The concept for the original Playstation was actually brought up in a joint partnership with Sony and Nintendo in the late 1980s; however, when the time came to announce their new hardware, Nintendo re-read over their earlier contract and found the agreement to no longer be agreeable.

As a result, Sony took all the research they had done and began work on the Sony Playstation. The Playstation 3 or most known as PS3 is the third video game console produced by Sony Computer entertainment and the descendant to the Playstation 2 as part of the Playstation series. The Playstation 3 competes with Microsoft XBOX 360 and Nintendo Wii as part of the seventh generation of video game consoles. A major feature that distinguishes the Playstation 3 from its forerunners is its unified online gaming service, the Playstation Network, which allows gamers to stream video, movies, music, and other online content to the PS3.

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Other major features of the system include its vigorous multimedia capabilities, connectivity with the Playstation Portable, or PSP, and its use of a high definition disc format called Blu-ray Disc as its primary storage medium which was also the first Blu-ray player on the market. Sony officially unveiled the Playstation 3 to the public along with its original boomerang style controller on May, 16, 2005, during the E3 2005 conference. Although a functional version of the PS3 was not there, they used comparable PC hardware and video footage based on the expected Playstation 3 requirements.

The Playstation 3 was first released on November 11, 2006 in Japan, November 17, 2006 in North America, March 16, 2007 in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and March 23, 2007 in Europe and Oceania. As you go further in this marketing plan, you will find out the different strategies and analysis of the marketing aspect of the Playstation 3 and how they implemented their ideas based on situational analysis, marketing mix, and planning of this system. Situational Analysis Internal Environment Key Executives Kazuo Hirai: President and Chief Executive Officer Ryoji Chubachi: Vice Chairman

Hiroshi Yoshioka: Executive Deputy President Keiji Kimura: Executive Vice President- Officer in charge of Intellectual Property Nicole Seligman: Executive Vice President- General Counsel Masaru Kato: Executive Vice President- Chief Financial Officer Tadashi Saito: Executive Vice President- Chief Strategy Officer Shoji Nemoto: Executive Vice President- Officer in charge of Professional Solutions Business Tomoyuki Suzuki: Executive Vice President- Officer in charge of Semiconductor Business Kunimasa Suzuki: Executive Vice President- Officer in charge of PC business Board of Directors

Kaxuo Hirai Ryoji Chubachi Masaru Kato Howard Stringer Peter Bonfield Ryuji Yasuda Yukako Uchinaga Mitsuaki Yahagi Tsun-Yan Hsieh Roland A. Hernandez Kanemitsu Anraku Yorihiko Kojima Osamu Nagayama Takaaki Nimura Employees Sony Group had approximately 162,700 employees on its books during the 2011 fiscal year. These employees range from many different forms of work from top executives to careers in games, movies, music, or finance. Product Sony’s PS3 has been available for 6 years now and they are still trying to revolutionize the system to meet the demands of its customers.

The PS3 currently has 116 console exclusive titles which means these games are only available for the PS3 and cannot be bought for any other system. The PS3 comes with Blu-ray capabilities and audio files as soon as you buy the system while you have to purchase modifications for the Xbox and Wii for them to work. Sony’s Playstation 3 affects both technology and social aspects of the world. In the technology department Sony is helping create new technology that will help create endless possibilities for gamers.

It also affects us socially because the gaming console is helping connect people from all over the world. The online aspect of the console helps you meet new people and share things like movies, pictures, and games with people from across the world. Sony’s Playstation has reached a milestone of 50 million units sold worldwide 6 years after its debut. Sony’s Playstation Network has also grown exponentially to up to 75 million registered online accounts. External Environment Customers The age of gamers are as followed: 25% are under 18 years, 49% 18-49 years, 26% 50+ years.

Sony originally sought to provide for the hardcore male gamers but this demographic has grown to include movie goers, female gamers and newcomers in the gaming world. Competition Sony has two major competitors when it comes to game systems and they are Microsoft and Nintendo. Microsoft has a product called the Xbox 36, while Nintendo has the Wii. Nintendo has centered its game play around motion capture technology by making all of their games centered on motion sense. The Xbox is backwards compatible with its previous Xbox games unlike the PS3 which can turn some customers toward the Xbox.

Xbox also has a lower price than their most comparable competitor Sony, with the Xbox costing $150 and lower and the Playstation offered at no lower than $200. Although Nintendo’s game play mechanics are significantly different it also is offered for the cheapest price causing customers to buy more of them. SWOT Analysis Strengths It has a blue-ray player which gives better sound and graphics It has free wifi It doesn’t use a points system for downloads so you know exactly how much you are buying something for Free online music streaming (vidzone) It has BBC iplayer

It can run linux OS so it can double up as a pc (not on the slim) You can get play TV on it you can connect your psp to your PS3 and remotely access your PS3 Lots of media support such as photos, videos and music. Controllers charged by usb cable. It has an internet browser Weaknesses music playback (for certain games) limited browser capability Games are not backwards compatible with previous Playstations. Opportunities With Nintendo unable to meet demand for their Wii, the PS3’s lower price could convince people waiting for Wii’s to buy available PS3s instead.

If they are able to get a higher customer turnout, they may be able to lower their prices to other game standards on software to increase PS3 software sales. With the recent movie format war being over between Blu-ray and HD-DVD, Sony could get more movie companies onboard with Blu-ray to increase the PS3’s attractiveness to movie lovers. Threats People who were interested in PS3s are quickly turning to the Xbox 360 to meet their budget gaming needs. The economy is hurting the sales to gamers everywhere.

Currently, Nintendo is feeling this in their handheld market, but this could quickly threaten the PS3’s sales. Both of Sony’s main competitors are offering their consoles at cheaper prices. Marketing Objectives Increase the demand in product by 35 percent, make the product more available for the customers, and having the promotion of the production all over the social media. Promote not only its gaming capabilities but its Blu-ray player for an even larger market of customers. Marketing Strategies Target Market Customer Base: Our customer base for the PS3 is young children and young adults.

The reason why we choose this is because younger people particularly young males tend to purchase this product more than females. So if we were to target more females and to this product I really think that sales could really take off. Benefits of PS3: Processing Capacity, extensibility, Plays blue-ray disk, abundance of game titles, free music streaming online, balanced library. Issues: Some issues with the PS3 were: Signing into your profiles, trouble with the hard drive, trouble getting on the YouTube account, and some disk malfunctions. Marketing Mix

Product: A Bundle deal will be the best way to market the product. If selling this product if you could include a controller so they won’t have to purchase it and an up to date game I think this would be more appealing to customers. Price: Value Based we used this so we can start off our product at a price and depending on how it sells we either take the price down or leave it the same. We also decided to do this because of in research it has shown that this product reached a millstone of 50 million units worldwide sold 5 years after its debut. It also sold 525,000 of its product doing Black Friday sale.

Promotion: The best promotion for a PS3 is a Social Media simply because most of our customer base people will more than like being looking at TV or on the internet by them constantly seeing our product on the social media. With having commercials on cellular devices this being what most people are on most of the day. Distribution: Intensive Distribution we say this because by selling them in more than one spot more customer will have access to them. Also, more woman shop more than males so by them seeing this product more and more we think they are more than likely to purchase it.

Implement and Control of Marketing Plan Action Plans Sony should take full advantage of the Holiday season to try to sell as many PS3’s as possible while they still can. With the PS3’s prices as low as they have ever been and also the offering of so many different bundle packages it can sell very well this season. Sony should be promoting these great deals so they can increase sales for the coming months. The reason Sony should stress selling many consoles this season is because the next generation of consoles is set to be released next year. Measurement and Control

A couple of ways Sony can figure out how well their system is selling is not only by hardware sales figures but also the sales figures of the games to. They could also look at the customer feedback or online connection activity levels to see how well customers are receiving the consoles. They can then take any inconveniences that customers have and fix them with system updates. Summary This prevailing piece of hardware is the cutting edge of gaming entertainment. Over the ages of the video game industry, video game companies like Nintendo entertained gamers with two dimensional characters in a gaming atmosphere.

The company that made the Playstation system, Sony, brought a three dimensional gaming environment to the gaming industry. Three dimensional gaming supplied better graphics. Three dimensional gaming environments along with the integration of CD-ROM technology in the Playstation launched it to the most top selling gaming console. The Playstation has gone through three generations of consoles, The Playstation (PS1), Playstation 2 (PS2), and the Playstation 3 (PS3). The PS3 is the current Playstation and offers new technology innovations that will continue the reign of its legacy as its predecessors did.

The PS3 brings forth spectacular graphics, greater media storage, multiplayer capability, faster game loading speeds, and a built-in high definition movie capability. The Playstation 3 is a piece of hardware the incorporates both power and price, it is on the cutting edge of technology and will continue to stay their well into a new decade while the competitors straggle behind. The Playstation 3 is a quantum leap in gaming consoles, a standard that will set the bar for the 4th generation. Works Cited


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