Marketing Research and Promotional Message Paper

July 11, 2018 Marketing

The group I will focus on would be teenagers and how marketing specialist utilize the collected information to personalize their advertising outreach towards them. When dealing with a specialized group such as teenagers, a marketer needs to keep in mind several factors to draw from. As teenagers are in tune with more of the modern world, pinpointing their needs is not necessarily an immediate factor. However, looking at the environments and cultures that influence is important.

Often times marketers Jose this specialized market because they do not know how to keep up with the multitude of collaborating cultures for the segment. We can possibly talk about political factors and religion for some of the older segments, but in teenagers staying on top of the ever evolving and changing cultures is key. Teenagers are perceptive, focusing more on the exterior or surfaces of things. When marketers research they consider the design dress and the shape to try and arouse the interest of said market.

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Not always is can a message be rated to promote an item if the market is not clearly analyzed to draw from. Promotional messages carry a unique ring or image that seeps into the mind of the market to persuade them to buy or use a service. As specified in the annual review of consumer psychology, promotional messages carry the potential to grow the attraction of a company multiplying its presence in a market. When a researcher thinks about what type of messages they want to create, they must consider the attitudes and emotions of the segment.

This is important with teenagers as the attitudes by which they approach a market determine the possibility for purchase or usage Of the service. Take for example Microsoft with the creation of the Oxbow. When the game console was created they were looking to target a broad market competing with Sony who had already commanded an overwhelming lead above all other gaming markets. By analyzing the attitudes of the already enthuse buyers Microsoft took advantage of the buying motives to relay the message of a better more improved system that demanded the lead over all others.

As Microsoft looks to keep reminding this market or segment that they are still playing hard and rough, new versions of the console are introduced. With teenagers, by paying close attention to their attitudes and perceptions any market analyst can see the opportunity to gain the upper hand with their company products. Promotional messages are created using these items in order to ascertain that the market is targeted appropriately. Part of positioning is to have a message in place, and for companies to continue trough the cycle of their reduce this is key.

Weather they are looking to introduce something new or to simply remind them that they are still there. The message needs to take into account the psychological and social traits of the segment to plot the intended message and distribute it. Advertising cannot be launched without first analyzing these factors. Therefore, in the battle of markets and with a culture driven, attitude involved, and feelings motivated audience. A company will always gain great ground when they learn to stay at the pace of the evolution of the ever-changing environments they look to be part of.


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