Marketing Research on Red Bull Energy Drink in Vietnam Market Essay

September 29, 2017 Marketing

1 – Aim: Nowadays. energy drink’s going an of import portion in nutrient market keeping great figure of consumer in the universe every bit good as in Vietnam. Thinking approximately high energy drink subdivisions. many clients think about a popular name: Red bull. How successful this subdivision is. the manner they develop their grade and how was they cared in Vietnam’s market. Everything related with Red bull will explained in this research. 2 – Targets: In this research. Customers. market portion and Ad are focused most.

Through 3 Literature reappraisals. more information about Customers. Market portion and Advertising will discoed. 3 – Stakeholder: Supplier: Absolutely conformity all ordinances in the contract between manufacturer and provider about seasonably and the quality natural stuffs every bit good as payments. The common intent is acquiring benefit. The provider can acquire profit from selling natural stuffs while Red Bull Vietnam get from selling finished merchandises Distribute Channelss: Manufacturer can non travel every where to sell their merchandises.

They need to the aid from distribute channels include representatives. jobbers and retail merchant. These distribute channels can be price reduction from manufacturer depend on their understanding. Union: is an organisation which can protect the benefits of staffs and workers in company. Red Bull besides try to care for the life of staffs and workers. put money to better the accomplishments of workers. do them experience free when working. conveying the best effectivity for production Government: A legal company is that is non merely improper. but besides full execution of duties with the authorities.

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It is revenue enhancement. This is a status for authorities to see the legitimacy of that company Beside that. there are some organisations such as Vinatas_ The Standard and protect consumers Vietnam which will stand foring for consumers and protect for the benefits of consumers when their benefits were violated. 4 – Background ( PEST ) POLITICAL-In the drink market of Vietnam. Red Bull is the non-alcoholic drinks ehich was foremost introduced. viz. Energy Drinks- A stage “ Energy Drinks” is non truly believable.

It is easy to be banned in domestic market if go oning the dirts that relevant to the quality or safety such as: incorporating cocaine or other drugs…| ECONOMICS-Red Bull is a particular drinks and it serve for a niche market. – Their mark clients is sportsmen or people who must hard an vitamin D demand to to force up-Product life rhythms rapidly. easy to turnover| SOCIAL-At the beginning. no many people wanted to seek it because the psychological science suspect.

but now people are altering and tend to open more new experiences- Peoples take attention more about healthy. merely utilizing merchandises which have been confirmed by Health organizations- Red Bull has appeared in Vietnam market for a long clip and has built a strong image in customer’s mind| TECHNOLOGY- Technique requires high engineering. line modern machinery. closed line. guarantee hygiene and safety-The chief types of packaging are tins and glass bottle.

Can is made from reclaimable aluminium which is really friendly with environment. moreover. glass bottle aldo can be recycled. therefore non be harmful for our environments ( Red Bull_ The macro environment. 2009 ) | Although still holding a small spot troubles about political. Red bull is a strong trade name that has been a long clip n customer’s head. with many advantages of engineering and economic. Red Bull has a possible chance to develop more and more in Vietnam drink market.

| PEST Analysis 5 – Literature Review: 5. 1 – Literature reappraisal 1 ( Customers ) Red Bull’s one of the biggest energy drink subdivisions all over the universe – no 1 can contradict that.

It seems non to halt at that point but maintain developing wider and deeper. Red bull appreciation in his manus which sorts of client want to retrieve their energy faster and take them as the mark client of subdivision. They are in the age from 18 to 35. who need more and more energy for work. survey with serious emphasis and bask their life in nightclubs. Particularly. universities are the good topographic point to devour merchandise every dark and twenty-four hours because many pupils feel really hard to concentrate on their survey without Red bull. So that this branch’s seeking to make their promotional schemes target directly to university and pupils.

( Red Bull IMC Plan. 2008 ) In Vietnam. Red bull’s still a popular name in different visual aspect: ruddy Sn. bluish words imported from Thailand or made in Binh Duong-Vietnam. However. recent old ages. its market portion in energy drink market is diminishing lower than other subdivisions such as Biting from Pepsico or Number1 from Coca-cola. even unmerchantable. Many audiences have uncertainties about its quality. inquire if it’s non good for wellness with nicotine or don’t like its gustatory sensation. Red bull seems to hold more good schemes to delight Vietnamese clients. ( Red Bull prohibition T? one VN carbon monoxide? New Hampshire hu? ng vitamin D? n s? c kh? vitamin E? . 2009 ) 5. 2 – Literature reappraisal 2 ( Market portion ) .

Red Bull is the merchandise of Energy Drinks which are dominate in the market now. It has been in more than 100 states all over the universe. Production of one-year gross revenues is about 1 billion tins. the gross of Red Bull has increased from 920 million USD in 2001 to 2 billion USD in 2004 ( Red Bull- Anh hung tu con so khong. 2007 ) In Vietnam. Red Bull Energy Dinks are going more and more popular. In any eating house or saloon. this drink ever be the first pick of custormers. The market portion of Soft Drinks in Vietnam has been increased. norm is 2 % per twelvemonth between 2001-2006 ( Soft Drinks in Vietnam to 2011. 2007 ) .

The taking company in this filed is Red Bull company. the 2nd is Pepsico with Sting ( Soft Drinks in Vietnam to 2011. 2007 ) . The market portion of Red Bull has decreased somewhat in recent twelvemonth. when some trade names such as Coca-Cola. Pepsico. Wonderfarm…have been successful in constructing the image in Vietnam market. nevertheless. Red Bull still dominant in the market in Vietnam. about 30 % of market portion. productiveness of Red Bull increased to 7 million safes per twelvemonth ( tuoitre. com. vn. 2009 ) . Nowadays. Red Bull acquire 70 % of planetary market portion ( Soft Drinks in Vietnam to 2011. 2007 ) .

It is because of strong trade name name and big of figure people enthralled this attractive drink. 5. 3 – Literature reappraisal 3 ( Ad ) Red Bull is a celebrated trade name of energy drink in Europe and all over the universe. It was found out by Dietrich Mateschitz in 1982. in a trip of him to Hong Kong. Nowadays. Red Bull about has no rival in energy drink market. thanks to the superb selling and advertisements schemes of Dietrich. Before Red Bull has come out of any market. Mateschitz ever make a statement in public as he non merely sold drinks. but besides sold a cheerful. comfy feeling for consumers ( SGGP. 2009 ) .

Harmonizing to Hong Nhung ( 2008 ) . Mateschitz has used athleticss as a tool to construct the image of Red Bull trade name. as he bought rushing and football squads and renamed it following Red Bull. Of class. the traditional advertisement. Television and wireless have been used widely. to spread out the trade name of Red Bull. On the other manus. form large shows was besides one great manner to publicize of Mateschitz. as the Red Bull Music Academy. a show of over 50 DJ was showed twice a hebdomad in Berlin the first clip in 1998 ( Vietnambranding. 2008 ) . 6 – Reference list [ 1 ] .

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