Marketing Research Technique and steps for research design

July 14, 2018 Marketing

Marketing Research is a technique by which the businesses usually measure their products success in the market and behalf of this research the manager or the owners of the business decides what they needs to improve and what marketing decisions should be oaken to eliminate the obstructions in the sales of the goods. So marketing research is an important tool to identify the position of the products and credibility the market.

In recent time the use of homophones has increased by many folds and a variety of brands are available in the market-So there is a strong competition between these companies and they are upcoming with the superior features and lesser price to attract new customers and to spread their brand awareness so in this concern the manufacturer of the MicroVAX want to check whether the homophones of this brand have enough o attract the people and the products are able to satisfy the existing customers. Usually two main methods are used to do the marketing research Qualitative method and Quantitative method .

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Qualitative method by its name indicates that the main concern is on quality It usually entail small number of the respondents by the professionals. This is usually used to come up with new ideas for products and for promotional purposes. Qualitative research can be done by Focus groups, In-Depth interviews and projective techniques. Quantitative Method :- But in the case of homophone will not be a good idea o rely on the small number of the respondents as the market is widespread and a lot of user .

So quantitative method would be a better idea rather than qualitative as it aims on the quantity or the number of the respondents so if we can gather information from as many people would be helpful to know better satisfaction rate. The manufacturer can draw conclusions and can decide what to do in future to improve the satisfaction rate and come out with the new features . Quantitative research also got different methods which are Observation research, Experimentation and Surveys. Observations:- In this method the customers are observed while they are buying or using any product or how frequent they visit the customer services .

But it is not so reliable as their are many behavioral variables. Surveys:-Survey is a widely used and acknowledged research tool by which we can gather data from a larger number of people . As a marketing researcher I found surveys as the best idea. As we can cover a large number of people and can get the different opinions . The reflection of the attitude,preferences varies in the different people along with this we can ask a variety of questions so we can widen the information about our product whether the people are liking this or need to make improvements.

People like politician heavily rely on this method so they can map out for their election campaign same the commercial bodies use the survey method to formulate market strategies for the potential widespread use and to check the performance of the existing product. The ultimate goal of the survey for a researcher is to generalize the large population by studying a small population. By this method we can keep an eye on the competitor also as we can ask the questions about other brands and what hey feel about other brand homophone compared to the their homophone.

Survey can be done by the following ways . Telephone interview :- it is less costlier and quick method by which we can gather information and can cover the customer from far places but the problem in using this method is that it is difficult to ask many questions and it is not so reliable. Emails:- This is also a cheap method in which we just mail our questionnaire to the customers but the problem regarding this method is that not many people respond. Face to face Face To Face questioning in the survey is more reliable and can gather better information.

This method is more considerable as the main aim is to check the satisfaction rate so it does not require the in depth interviews as the satisfaction can be measured only by simple information given by customers. To conduct a survey it needs to construct an efficient questionnaire. This method is better as it donor need professional interviewer and easy to ask questions as questions are too simple to understand and no need to go in the depth so the people feel good about the product. He another advantage of this method is that the interviewer or the person present at site can use the visuals and the product o it is more effective when it comes to the physical appearance of the product such as color, size and so on so it is easy to evaluate for the customer. Combining both methods These two types of research can be combined to equal an even larger scale research project that would yield a lot of information (AIL’, 2012). When it comes to figuring out the target market for the mobile manufacturing company you could take the amount of customers that there are by conducting quantitative research.

Then you could use qualitative research to figure out why those customers purchased those particular products. Once o have the why then you can figure out the target market based on the response and behavior of the customers that already exist. Steps in research technique 1 . Research brief First of all we should know what to investigate and to define the problems and needs . It is very helpful to investigate the secondary or previously collected data , talking with the knowledgeable staff and executives and informally investigate the situation to sharpen the concept.

Without defining the goals for research it is difficult to carry on so for a researcher it is must to clear all the things with the firm for he is going o do the research like the methodology and the limitations of methodology for the research. 1 2. Research proposal :- After briefing it needs a mastering that can specify the methods, procedures and relative aspects for collection and analysis of the needed information. So I will have to purpose this plan to the manufacturer. It will include. 1. What we are going to research about? 2. How much it will cost approximately? How long it will take to finish the survey? 4 What will be the method will be using for research (In our case it is survey method) 5. What will be the source of information ? 5. How many feedbacks we will gather in form of information for evaluation 6. Design of Questionnaire So if the manufacturer wants to make any change if considerable should be done. Being a market researcher it will be very important 3. Data collection:- identify the anticipated standards and reveal the factors disappointing the customers. So it conclude the moment of truth when the company come in contact with the customers.

The two main types of data is collected primary and Secondary. By surveys we can collect primary data which is more reliable and accurate on the other hand the secondary data is cheaper which may be available in company records or we can purchase it but it may be outdated and not so accurate. While conducting the survey it is important to cover large population to minimize the errors . The larger will be the population lesser will be the errors. It also help to determine what aspects of the competitors are better and repelling the customers the company’s own customers. S done convolves a field force or staff that operates either in the field, as in the case of personal interviewing from an office by telephone or through mail. This is considered obtrusive. Unobtrusive methods of data attiring are those in which the subjects do not have to be disturbed for data to be collected. Proper selection, training, supervision, and evaluation of the field force help minimize data-collection errors. 4. Data analysis and evaluation;- After the collection of the data it must be converted into a format that can answer the managers so it needs to do editing, coding and analyze the data .

Each questionnaire should be inspected if needed edited, and corrected if necessary. Number or letter codes are assigned to represent each response to each question in the questionnaire. The data obtained from questionnaires are feed into the computer. Than it needs to verify the data so to make sure that original questionnaire have been accurately transcribed in computer. While data analysis, guided by the plan of data analysis, gives meaning to the data that have been collected.

Data should not be so detailed that the mangers left it unread so it makes no sense and wastage of efforts rather than this it should be formed in a good summary so to make full use of it. 5. Presentation of the final findings The final step in the research is to handover the collected and analyzed data to the company . The entire project would be properly documented and can be represented in written report which must include the specific research questions identified, the approach for the research design, data collection, and data analysis procedures used , and presents the results and the major findings.

The findings should be presented in a comprehensible format so that they can be readily used in the decision making process. The interpretation of the information should be in the way that it can be helpful in decision making. Beside this an oral presentation to management using tables, figures, and graphs to enhance clarity and impact is handful. Design of questionnaire After selecting the technique for the research it needs to construct an effective questionnaire . Alt is very important that we should use simple language and it must not be ambiguous.


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