Marketing Research Unit Assignment

On a business perspective, marketing is more understood as to how information is obtained and how efficient it can or cannot be. There are many different ways to obtain information; however the correct data must be collected from the appropriate people and area to obtain the correct information. Marketing research is more than obtaining information, it understands the information and why it was obtained. Marketing Research has to have the precise information collected from specific people or the information will not be legitimate.

The understanding f Marketing Research will make a better manager and leader, knowing the specifics of what information needed and to be able to solve problems or issues will always make a stronger candidate in the business world. The key concepts that will make a better candidate is knowing how to obtain sufficient data and being able to use it to their advantage. Marketing Research is not just advertising; however it is more. It makes a company grow as well as succeed. A manager has an advantage knowing marketing research since the knowledge would benefit them and a company.

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Sales would be higher since that manager would recognize what the customer wants as well as what areas to target as well as where to seek new information to resolve a problem. The manager would have that recognition of what kind of information would be needed as well as how to obtain it. . This course has given me a different perspective on how much of an importance it is to businesses in the world today. Without the proper knowledge of obtaining the proper information, issues within a company could get worse before being resolved.

I also view problems in different perspectives as to how it can be resolved and different issues that could have caused the problems. Marketing research has reminded me that I will have etc be very organized to succeed. The knowledge that have obtained in this course with different types of data and how to retrieve them will help me as a manager and leader in the future. Knowing what kind of research to perform as well as the tables to compose to companies, saving money as well as obtaining the correct information.



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