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Selling patterns had been about since the cave adult male age, but it really ranged from one signifier to another depending on the age and environment. From the clip when people foremost began interchanging goods and services, whatever they did so was a signifier of trading which showed selling had existed. The word selling was the pealing tone used to convert people to prosecute in exchange of goods and services. However the universe have travel along manner since the first trading took topographic point, selling has evolve from what it was in those yearss to what it is today where trade minutess can be done without seeing the people involve. It has been an unbelievable journey so far, as selling is described today to be in a planetary small town. ( Sweeney, 2001 ) .

Marketing techniques and methods have alteration over the old ages and great betterment has set in doing it more efficient in covering with greater figure of people within a short and fastest possible clip. Therefore e-marketing erupted as a consequence of the meeting of present twenty-four hours development in communicating and the ancient selling constructs that people where practicing.

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Meaning of e-marketing: The term e-marketing has come to remain in the bosom of every concern across the Earth. The promotion in communicating engineering and the innovation of computing machine and internet Crown it all doing e-marketing a family name for every concern minutess embark by 1000000s of organisations aiming clients. Therefore e-marketing is the usage of electronic device ( specifically the cyberspace ) to transact and associate the current rule and techniques of selling to a larger audience. From the above definition e-marketing will include all the concern activities an organisation undertakes through the web with the exclusive focal point of delivery, retaining and developing new clients and concern. E-marketing in every branching on its return on investing has exceeded the traditional selling that was pattern old ages back. ( Brad 2001 )

For the intent of this study e-marketing will associate strategically and critically to the new eating house concern of Mr Musa who has merely return to Kuala Lumpur metropolis to put up the eating house with small or no cognition of e-marketing. Though e-marketing has been point pined to help a batch of concerns achieve their exclusive purpose but it is non without a reverse, all will be analyse in the ulterior portion of this study. Therefore this study will concentrate chiefly on how e-marketing scheme can be employed to better the gross revenues border of ‘The Restaurant ‘ . Different schemes will be look upon as the study progresses and recommendation will be given specifically for Musa ‘s eating house. ( Sweeney, 2001 ) .

1.2 THE Restaurant

In the instance survey, Musa has been train as a chef of high criterion and puting up a eating house concern in his ain metropolis will be more successful as he has been acquainted with the environmental jobs that will be confronting the new concern. Apart from the competitory environment the concern will confront from other long standing eating houses runing in the metropolis, integrating e-marketing into the concern will present a menace as Musa and his married woman are non equip with the cognition of modern usage of communicating ( internet/e-marketing ) in concern operations.

However the concern environment in Kuala Lumpur has change dramatically over the old ages when Musa was cognizant and as a adviser much is expected to associate the modern construct of e-marketing to his married woman who will be managing the publicity and advertisement subdivision of the concern to give the eating house a competitory age over others. In progressing for a better outreach to consumers and better the net income border, an organisation driven e-marketing scheme is proposed ( Hummerston, 2007 ) .


Kuala Lumpur has an approximative population of 1.4million people runing from the locals to aliens and is one of the fast turning metropolis in Asia. Since the concern is located in the strategic Centre metropolis transporting out a eating house with such a high degree experience will be an added advantage when e-marketing is implemented. Furthermore, Musa has a huge thought in both local and intercontinental dishes having to his experience as a universe category chef.Targeting clients will affect a good coordinated web site that can be assess anytime of the twenty-four hours, clients sing the eating house will be cheerily inquire for their electronic mail with permission and promising to maintain their contact personal and regularly watching the conversation rate and response from mails sent to them. ( Cohen, 2003 ) .





2008 – 2010

Kuala Lumpur


8234.3 1,245.44

Subang Jaya


9345,89 1,448.32



5088.46 69875.10



79830.33 9538.48

Shah Alam


35800.79 59832.56



43671.11 59684.56

Table1.0 Biggest metropoliss in Malaysia and internet rate user between 2008 to 2010 ( extracted from )


2.1.1 Introduction:

The purpose of e-marketing for such a eating house is the unchallenged leader of cost effectual selling vehicle and have a high degree of respond, which makes it easier to associate with clients anytime of the twenty-four hours about new inducements, publicities and bill of fare for the twenty-four hours. Equally, the usage of multi-media electronic mail that can open automatically with email solution supplier that have car prevue characteristic without the demand of directing fond regards, this can assist increase position rate and extinguish the panic of computing machine viruses that can be transmitted through attaching paperss. Eventhough Musa will go on to do usage of traditional selling methods, such as advertisement, direct mail and PR, e-marketing advertizement will shoot a whole new component to the selling mix employ. ( Reedy, 2000 )

However, looking at the environment of the concern, the three most of import e-marketing schemes propose to Musa will be to:

Construct a trade name image through the Web

Establish a good relationship with client base

Improve concern and on-line gross revenues net income. All these will be done in phases through a careful observation of concern as event advancement.


For Musa to successfully implement the e-marketing scheme in his new concern the eating house must have it ain web site with a name that can easy be known, recognise and log in at anytime to measure the concern profile and what the concern is truly supplying for the multitudes. Since Malaysia is a multicultural state there will be need for the concern to show itself as a non-racial and environment friendly to be able to derive credence from the three races of Malay, Chinese and Indian, while such site will be able to hike all sorts of nutrient including catering for aliens as the state is host to many tourer. ( )


Online advertizement is a promotional tool that makes usage of the cyberspace and the World Wide Web to relay advertizement to aim clients or market. Musa eating house can capitalize on this to make the mark clients and push in front with the clear advertisement messages. These mediums are societal networking, subscribing to advertisement web, Rich Media advertisement, and online classified advertisement.

The strategic result which Musa eating house stands to derive immediately is the fastest publication of content and information that does non hold any restriction by clip or topographic point. An of import benefit of this method of e-marketing scheme is that of efficiency of advertizer ‘s investing. It will show Musa with new advanced challenges that will let synergistic advertisement and thereby doing the eating house maximise net income. ( Taylor, 2002 )

Musa eating house every bit can custom-make it advertizements and this can travel in front to includes the existent content on the web sites. Advertisement sense will be a really dependable online advertisement scheme for Musa which will further enables advertizement to be related in clear sense on the right web pages or together with hunt consequences of coupled keywords.

Using ethical agencies when utilizing on-line advertisement as a figure of web sites use big Numberss of advertizements, that includes streamer blinking that captivates the clients looking at it, in some instances it may hold incorrect message intentionally designed to look like an mistake messages from the operators of the system, instead than advertizements. Many operators of Web sites that morally use on-line advertisement that are non intended to deflect users. More significantly, the web site proprietors straight trades with organisation wishing to put advertizement, therefore the web site linked to by the advertizement is existent. ( Gay 2007 )


Banner advertisement involves puting ads on web pages with the exclusive purpose of pulling visitors/users to snap on the ad and see the advertised site. Numerous standard streamer ads exist, each with a different forms and size, they include: Banners and Buttons – rectangular or square shaped ads that normally appear at the top or the bottom country of the web page.

Rectangles and Pop-ups – This is a big rectangular ad that normally appears on the in-between country of the web page, or in a new window as pop-ups. Skyscrapers – Vertical ads that normally appear on the right-hand or left- manus country of the web page. ( Fall, 2004 )


Pay per chink ( PPC ) : is a self-service, Web-based Search Engine Marketing tool which allows Pay Per Click ( PPC ) advertisement low-cost and simpler, it can merely be paid by advertizers when a client chink on the advertizement. It is advisable to choose the cardinal words that should do their advertizement interesting for users and the highest sum they need to pay per chink. ( Bayne, 2000 ) .


Harmonizing to ( Rosser, 2002 ) , search engines outperform all other e-marketing media in driving visitants to net sites. In add-on, consumers are 80 % times more likely to pay for merchandises after seeing them in the top consequence of hunt list.


Bing an e-marketing scheme, it is designed to seek for information on World Wide Web. It investigates how search engines work and what users truly want. This relates to keywords based hunt engine optimisation and paid ads through wage per chink ( Nemes 2000 ) . The three biggest beginnings are Bing Yahoo and Google. There exist legion minor online hunt advertisement options but the three above are the best and each 1 has a wage per chink advertisement interface that is easy to utilize. To accomplish maximal net income by the eating house, importance to specific keywords must be highlighted to take barriers to the indexing activities of hunt engines. As a consequence optimising the company website will affect major redacting to its content and HTML associated with the cryptography ( Foster 2004 ) . Promoting a web site to hike the figure of back links, or inward links, is another SEO maneuver, nevertheless the more a site which appears in the hunt consequences list, the more visitants it will have from the hunt engine.

4.1 Methods Used to Better Search Engine Rankings



Changing metatags 1


Changing page rubrics


Reciprocal linking


Buying multiple sphere names


Multiple place pages ( room accesss )


Hiding keywords in background


Paid linkslpay per chink


None of the above


Table 2.0.Sources: E-Marketing by Judy Strauss, Adel El-Ansary, & A ; Raymond Frost ( 2003 ) . Prentice Hall. [ Adapted from ]

However, the eating house web site must be search engine friendly to acquire a fast respond every bit shortly as possible. This will demand for the optimisation of website designs, content, bill of fare and images for the intent of hunt engine exposure. The taking hunt engines as mentioned earlier, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! usage sycophants to happen pages for their algorithmic hunt consequences ( Churchill 2005, Nemes 2000 ) .

If implemented successfully e- selling run will certainly drive people across the Earth to the eating house web site, made possible through optimisation techniques.

4.2 VIRAL Selling

Determined by Musa as a major aim to do a good trade name image, viral selling and advertisement are 2 different techniques which can be brought into usage preexistent societal networking sites to make an additions in the eating house consciousness and increase gross revenues margin through the ‘self-replicating viral procedures ‘ normally label word of mouth transmittal of advertisement messages ( Priya 2010 ) . The viral scheme warrants that persons are encouraged to go through on a selling message to others, thereby making the potency for exponential growing in the message ‘s exposure and influence. It takes the signifier of viva-voce shared or enhanced by the effectivity of the cyberspace ( Howard 2005 ) to rapidly send on messages to friends and the planetary nature of the advertizement non limited by geographics and clip. These viral publicities activities for the eating house may take the signifier of synergistic Flash games, picture cartridge holders, eBooks, images, or even text messages utilizing the house ‘s ain database acquired through the aggregation of clients specifics.

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Fig 3.0. Phases in Viral advertizement ( culled from )

Harmonizing to Howard, ( 2005 ) Musa ‘s eating house should take into consideration that an effectual viral selling scheme should include:

Exploit common motives and behaviours

Provides and guarantee for effortless transportation to others

Make the most of bing communicating webs

Showing the merchandises or services

Musa ‘s eating house can implement these schemes to acquire competitory age and rapid addition to make awareness message to 1000000s of people within a short period of clip, more than what traditional selling techniques. Online newssheets every bit can be a really effectual tool for Musa ‘s eating house in Kuala Lumpur if absolutely done. This system of marketing nevertheless depends on the base on balls along rate from individual to individual. ( Rayport, 2001 ) .

4.3 EMAIL Selling

Email selling is every bit an effectual manner to aim clients but non as stylish compared to other schemes, it really addresses possible clients straight and efficaciously. Email direct selling marks and addition public presentation through personalization by agencies of extra information nowadays and profiling and crystalline consequences rating and qualified consulting and support. To heighten awareness the eating house will establish an electronic mail run to persons ‘ online users saying the different types of nutrient available, monetary value etc. People ‘s electronic mail possibly bought from legitimate agents or obtains straight from clients who have visited the eating house before.

5.0 BLOG

As a adviser, blogging will be see the last e-marketing scheme, Blogging will stand for a important measure for the company to invent and better communicating every bit good as reference consumers involvement on what the eating house offers. Using this means to continually relay information to online users detailing them about the different types of nutrient in the twenty-four hours ‘s bill of fare. Harmonizing to Carpenter ( 2007 ) web logs by and large is a type of web site or portion of a web site. Maintained by regular entries of commentary, descriptions of merchandises and events and using other stuff such as artworks or picture ( Normanci, 2005 ) . Often times some web logs are made to be synergistic, leting users to drop their positions on the web logs and it is this interactivity that distinguishes them from other inactive web sites ( Mutum, 2003 ) .

Musa should take into consideration that when planing the web logs the ability of users to drop remarks in an synergistic format is really of import to accomplishing the e-marketing ends and addition from return on investing. For the intent of this study the eating house web log can non be consider to be private since it is for concern dealing. It will be unfastened to users to pass on their positions and reference loyal clients concern and how services can be better in the eating house. However this web log will function as a public relation or selling stigmatization for the eating house. ( Reyhan, 2006 ) .


Social networking has been considered the fastest turning facet of web service in the past two decennaries ( Paul, 2004 ) . Communicating with clients on a existent clip avenue is one of the greatest avenues of e-marketing. Spreading the information on facebook, Myspace, chirrup, Tagged, etc can every bit good attract users and convey in more clients. ( Cohen, 2003 ) .


Musa ‘s eating house needs to be cognizant that there are a figure of ordinances that relates specifically to e-marketing. Thus there is demand to maintain abreast of developments in the country to guarantee that the eating house comply with assorted regulations regulating the usage of e-marketing.


E-marketing will gives the eating house entree to the mass market of kuala Lumpur and its environments at an low-cost monetary value and, unlike Television or print advertisement, it allows genuinely individualized selling. The eating house will do available an online engagement installation which will be link to the chief engagement package, enabling prompt timing in direction. Some of the benefits includes planetary outreach, lower cost 24 hours selling, personalization and manipulable, step consequence and edifice a good relationship with clients. ( Straus, 2001 )

6.0 Recommendation

From the study and sing the environment to which the eating house is runing it should be recommended that developing and pull offing a VIP invitee list is really important in this run. The development of this list of really of import invitee will enable the guest develop trueness as he or she will see self as being treated with high degree of regard and self-respect. Advertise bill of fare alterations, particular subjects, price reductions and parties: Changes in bill of fare and price reduction is necessary as clients expect some kind of inducement to do the loyal. Custom-make templets to reflect the aesthetic of your web site. Distribution of newssheet to educate clients on the culinary art and bill of fare picks. Tracking responses to mailings, responses from clients can be known from answers and orders can be made on-line and bringing make easy and prompt. ( Richardson, 2000 )

Online publicity for clients is another scheme which should be considers as a precedence, household, twosome price reduction on weekends will actuate and pull clients sing the site and kids can eat free when the parents buy nutrient transcending rm200 at a clip. This are incentives that must be on a regular basis posted online and send to clients email to make trueness. By making this loyal clients will be delighted to send on such electronic mails to friends which will make consciousness to people who ne’er knew the eating house. It will besides be recommended that the eating house should take part in the Malayan yellow pages and the site should promote client ‘s feedback and take immediate action to construct trueness and good image.Lastly good public relation will give the eating house trade name edifice while online and offline schemes should be integrated into the system. ( Richardson, 2000 )

6.1 Decision

The study presents a proposed e-marketing scheme for Musa ‘s eating house. It is undertaken to supply counsel on how Musa and Aisyah should use the rich potencies of the cyberspace schemes in doing the new eating house an oculus catching one. Outlined schemes above include of import constituents of e-marketing that can elate the eating house amidst the competition as the metropolis is crowded with many outstanding eating house and may be hard to perforate as a new concern with limited cognition it e-marketing.

The eating house ability to instantly encompass e-marketing construct of modern concern schemes is a landmark motion into the hereafter of the eating house operations. The Oklahoman the eating house moves into tackling the benefits of e-marketing the better the eating house will hold a competitory advantage over 1000s of eating houses in Kuala Lumpur metropolis. There exist much chances for the eating house to project their selling enterprise and derive more consciousness even beyond the shores of Malaysia through effectual and efficient use of the web and its legion schemes of capturing users. Coupley, E ( 2001 )

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