Marks and spencers as the leading retailer

Mark and Spencer ‘s are UK ‘s prima retail merchants, with over 21 million people sing shops each hebdomad. Company offers fashionable, high quality, great value vesture and place merchandises, every bit good as outstanding quality nutrients, responsibly sourced from around 2,000 providers globally. Mark and Spencer ‘s employ over 75,000 people in the UK and abroad, and have over 600 UK shops, plus an expanding international concern. In 1998 it became the first British retail merchant to do a pre-tax net income of over ?1A billion. Company is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a component of the FTSE 100 Index. Company has Revenue ?9,062.1 million ( 2009 ) Operating income ?870.7 million ( 2009 ) Net income ?506.8 million ( 2009 ) . Mark and Spencer have abroad sourcing offices in, Hong Kong, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Shanghai, Italy and Sri Lanka.

Company is besides termed as figure one supplier of adult females ‘s wear and intimate apparel in the UK, and are quickly turning their market portion in menswear, childs wear and place, due in portion to our turning on-line concern. Overall, our vesture and place ware gross revenues account for 49 % of our concern. The other 51 % of our concern is in nutrient, where company sell everything from fresh merchandises and food markets, to partly-prepared repasts and ready repasts.

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In 2007 Mark and Spencer has launched Plan A which consist of puting out 100 committednesss to accomplish in 5 old ages. But due to altering environment and company ‘s finding has now extended Plan A to 180 committednesss to accomplish by 2015, with sing going universe ‘s most sustainable major retail merchant ( Become C impersonal, Send no waste to landfill, Extend sustainable sourcing, Help better the lives of people in their supply concatenation and Help clients and employees live a healthier life-style ) by 2015. Despite an 18 % autumn in the portion monetary value in January 2008, following publication of their latest trading statement of Plan A, the company confirmed that they would be go oning with the program, stating that there were ‘compelling commercialA – every bit good as moralA – grounds to make so Company is working hard with its clients and providers to battle clime alteration, cut down waste, usage sustainable natural stuffs, trade ethically, and assist our clients to take healthier life styles.


Environment encapsulates of many different influences and widely concepts theory. Economic conditions have major impact on concern ‘s profitableness and accomplishing success. These conditions besides affect both handiness and cost of the capital to run the concern. If economic system is making good that supply chances to concern by increasing client demand for the merchandise, services, occupations. Factor which has direct impact on its strategic determination of the company ‘s operation is known as Internal or Micro Environment factors. All strategic determinations of organisation are influenced by these factors ; these are as Strength, failing, chances ( what countries to be considered to derive more market ) and menace of that specific organisation and can be analysed through the SWOT analysis. While economic conditions of the states, trade are influenced by Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and legal factors. These factors can be revenue enhancement alterations, implement of new Torahs, barriers in trade, authorities policies, labour market, employment Torahs, rate of involvement, rising prices, in-migration Torahs, unemployment and demographic alterations. These are known as Macro or External Environment factors which can non be avoided and is analysed through PESTEL analysis.

These environmental factors have direct or indirect impact on each organisation e.g. Directors to alter their concern schemes consequently or understanding wider web of influences and relationship of it with concern environment, construction of production, how chances and menace may originate in future. These environmental factors help concern to do their determination consequently.

SWOT is strategic be aftering tool to analyze or measure the organisation and its internal environment and base for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat to any organisation, ventures, Project etc. This technique for measuring the concern theoretical account was 1st introduced by Albert Humphrey who besides uses SWOT at Convention at Stanford University during 1960 to show the information from Fortune 500 Companies.


Mark and Spencer is a major British retail merchant throughout the state and distributing its operation throughout the universe. Company is besides 43rd largest retail merchant in the universe and despite of economic downswing Gross saless of apparels have stabilised, and nutrient gross revenues have increased, group gross revenues has increased up 3.3 % with nutrient gross revenues up 2.7 %


To Practice Plan A, Business Involvement Group are said to stand for the employees and are to be consulted on sing alterations to employment footings and conditions, in pattern they are uneffective. BIG has besides been blamed for its engagement in the eroding of single footings and conditions of employment which were one time the enviousness of other retail workers. M & A ; S policy is now that if an employee has 8 displacements off over 26 hebdomads, irrespective of the genuineness of the cause, they will have a Written Warning. If already on warning for absence they will come on through Final Written Warning and dismissal if they have 6 displacements off within 26 hebdomads. An case of this is where an employee, who was absent through a serious caput hurt, being placed in a Written Warning and hence her occupation being at hazard, missed the ?350 fillip announced to staff on 8 March 2010 and will besides non be eligible for the 2010 pay-rise until the 2011 wage reappraisal.


Rebuild the company ‘s image with continued advertisement such as the successful M & A ; S nutrient adverts

Focus on nucleus market

UK has an ageing population and company has policies concentrating old people demand

Internet nutrient shopping but chances may be limited but rapid on-line civilization could be immense demand in future. However company has besides started supplying other services – e.g. banking, insurance, nest eggs etc.


They besides began to sell other branded goods like Kellogg ‘s Corn Flakes from November 2008 and may ditch its ain branded nutrient in 2011 due to hapless bend over beyond the ‘Food to travel ‘ and ‘Gastropub ‘ lines.

General addition in cyberspace shopping has attracted clients to travel for shopping online which is distributing the on-line civilization which may besides impact its concern theoretical account. Competitor merchandise ranges which straight compete with M & A ; S nutrient such as Tesco finest are besides major challenge for company to cover with.

Analyzing External/Macro environment factors we uses PESTEL theoretical account that besides classify these external factors and how they impact on organisation. Analyzing these forces and factors will help Mark and Spencer in placing the alterations in the environment which are besides known as macro environment factors. Planning is made on how to get by with such alterations and being in front of the rivals Mark and Spencer have large impact on their policies due to these factors. These are as: –

Political Factors: These consist of authorities ordinances and policies which besides intervene the economic systems. Political determination does besides hold impact on concern country. Following the European Integration and Free Trade Agreements, the market has opened up for British Companies to put in Eastern Europe. Tesco already has 60 Hypermarket shop in Hungary. Lidl is uncompromisingly contending to keep its market portion with an aggressive pricing scheme. But due to free trade ordinances Mark and Spencer ‘s rivals has besides took advantages of its higher cost construction and seize with teeth off some of its market portion.

Economic Factors: These includes rate of involvement, revenue enhancement alterations, growing of economic system, disposable income, unemployment rate, rising prices and exchange rates. Higher involvement rate cost more to borrow. Increased rising prices rate has besides increase the pay demand and cost to company and ends mentioned under Plan A might impact due to these economical and fiscal factors. Economic lag has decrease national income and reduces the demand and impact the profitableness. However, retail sector is reasonably recession prone but besides really sensitive to alterations in involvement rates. Since these economic downswing universe economic systems have suffered to a great extent, stocks plummeted and monetary values are at all-time depressions. The universe economic system is nevertheless, now bettering and consumers are optimistic and the retail industry is one time once more dining.

Social Factors: Changes in societal bashs have impact on demand of the clients. In United Kingdom population is ageing that has besides increased the cost to company in term of pension payment for their staffs because they live longer while alterations in consumers gustatory sensation and lifestyle represents both chances and menaces for the industry. Opportunities in footings of new market and consumers, nevertheless, there are added menaces in footings of societal credence to alcohol

Technological Factors: New engineering changes the demand for new merchandises, new procedures. Government policies toward environment and scarceness of resources have enforced companies to accommodate new engineering. Changes in retailing methods as such apparels gross revenues via the Internet is now a common topographic point in retailing. Paperless operation, the direction and disposal of the company are undertaken on IT systems, which are accessed through secure waiters ; supply flexibleness in the running of the concern.

Legal – National statute law for wellness and safety both in footings of consumer rights and besides in footings of production of ain natural renewable resources for doing apparels. Factors relates to legal environment where company run its concern. Changing in U.K Torahs has made important alterations that has affected the behavior many organisations. Introduction of age favoritism, age favoritism, disablement ordinance and increasing in lower limit rewards has large impact on Mark and Spencer. Government Torahs to recycle the merchandise has besides increase cost to the company.

Environmental Factors: Environmental factors include factors altering the clime and conditions. Global heating is good illustration of that and issue has led authorities to implement to strict policies and force company to follow with those policies. The renewable beginning of resources used in production, viz. cotton and wool are environmentally friendly. The menaces are in footings of legal effects for farm animal ‘s in footings of wellness and safety.

Mark and Spencer need to alter its corporate civilization to be costumer oriented and give to client satisfaction by promoting the determination devising environment that was non weight down by hierarchy i.e. low hierarchy and decentralised construction. Mark and Spencer market merchandise for both sexes nevertheless the direction of the company is preponderantly male. It is advisable to accomplish gender balance in direction hierarchy and who understand clients good. Mark and Spencer need to transport out intense market research to place the clients need to manners and merchandise.

Mark and Spencer must develop an effectual client sentiment and feedback system, sooner through the cyberspace, being more convenient. Feedback received from the loyal clients must be considered earnestly.

M & A ; S need to concentrate on the top terminal of the vesture market but present fashionable fabrics, attractively made with antic value.

M & A ; S focuses on its nucleus clients, somewhat old 35-55 but pretermiting the younger ages comparing with its rivals. M & A ; S should come in this market section either by get downing new concern or by geting another company such as Next who is good known for fashionable apparels for kids and younger aged consumers.

M & A ; S should get George Davies trade name “ Per Una ” if it has first-class public presentation.

M & A ; S should demo its invention and make the manner of the hereafter.

Searching on how the consumer ‘s shopping experience can better shops environment, by altering the ballad out, design, dividing fabrics and nutrient to do the shops more attractive and gratifying. This will pull new clients and better client satisfaction.

Better the supply concatenation efficiencies

M & A ; S has to work engineering in its shops by presenting manus held communicators ‘pda ‘ to track the fabrics from the distribution onto the gross revenues floor which helps to cognize precisely what is in the shop from stock handiness and guarantee the right points will be delivered the following twenty-four hours similar to Next.

M & A ; S to use the E-commerce, the usage of web-based telling system should cut down costs.

Furthermore, the latest market tendencies knowledge can be communicated to the interior decorators and manufacturers through media, so a maker aboard can be cognizant of the current manner tendencies in UK and present it fast to maintain in front of its rivals similar to Zara ‘s construct.

Develop Employees Skills

M & A ; S needs to present developing plan to hold advanced staff. A centralised preparation centre would be an ideal manner to develop shop supervisors and subdivision directors on gross revenues & A ; services similar to Channel & A ; World Disney construct.

Furthermore engaging immature motivated staff in add-on to experient staff would increase M & A ; S competencies.


After mid 1990s M & A ; S began to see internal jobs such as information flow dislocation and together with the fact that top direction was concerned with international enlargement M & A ; S was drifted off from its nucleus values such as consumer attention and client satisfaction. M & A ; S failed to acknowledge that consumers were going wiser and its competitions much stronger. Most of consumers consider M & A ; S to be old fashioned company, this image has to be changed to be in line with the market demand and recover its doomed clients to other rivals. Based on the analyses, the writer feels that M & A ; S requires to be reorganized in assorted sections particularly in Gross saless & A ; Marketing and HRM sections. Choosing Plan A and working hard on it reflect that company has started sing this issue and reconstituting to go most responsible retail merchant among its rivals while keeping the environmental alterations issue policies.



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