PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 16 ~PRNewswire~ — Marlton Technologies, Inc. (AMEX: MTY) reported a 50 percent increase for the third quarter ended Sept. 30, 1992 as compared to the third quarter of 1991.  Net sales rose to $4,489,651 resulting in net income of $38,440 ($.01 per share) compared with net sales of $3,000,166 resulting in net income of $4,147 ($.00 per share) during the third quarter of 1991.  For the nine months ended Sept. 30, 1992, Marlton reported a 53 percent increase in net sales and a 43 percent increase in net income. Net sales increased to $13,672,711 and net income was $487,299 ($.13 per share), compared with net sales of $8,930,493 and net income of $341,260 ($.10 per share) for the comparable nine months of 1991.  In connection with Marlton’s reorganization in January 1988, TeleSciences CO Systems, Inc. was sold in exchange for approximately $4,200,000 in cash, plus a $1,351,620 subordinated note due Jan. 13, 1993. In the August 1990 acquisition of Sparks Exhibits, Marlton assigned part of this note to the sellers, and guaranteed TeleScience’s payment of $556,750 to the sellers on Jan. 13, 1993. On Nov. 13, 1992, Marlton was informed by TeleSciences that it had incurred substantial losses in its fiscal year ended June 30, 1992, that it was in the process of renegotiating its bank financing, and that TeleSciences desired to defer the Jan. 13, 1993 payment until Jan. 13, 1994. Marlton is currently considering its alternatives, but any delay or default of the TeleSciences’ obligation would require Marlton to pay the Sparks sellers, and outside financing would be required to continue an aggressive acquisition program.  MARLTON TECHNOLOGIES, INC.  Consolidated Statement of Operations  (Unaudited)  Periods ended Three months Nine months  Sept. 30 1992 1991 1992 1991  Net sales $4,489,651 $3,000,166 $13,672,711 $8,930,493  Operating profit  (loss) 10,308 (43,041) 395,267 219,914  Other income 32,132 54,188 134,032 148,346  Pre-tax income 42,440 11,147 529,299 368,260  Net income 38,440 4,147 487,299 341,260  Income per share $.01 $.00 $.13 $.10  Weighted average number  of common shares  outstanding 3,480,244 3,338,263 3,480,244 3,338,263  ~delval~  -0- 11~16~92  ~CONTACT: Alan I. Goldberg, director of acquisitions of Marlton Technologies, 215-664-6900~  (MTY) 

CO: Marlton Technologies, Inc. ST: Pennsylvania IN: SU: ERN

MJ-JS — PH034 — 1520 11~16~92 17:35 EST

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