Marriage and Aunt Jennifer Essay

Adrienne Rich’s verse form ‘Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers’ is about how Aunt Jennifer is going delicate and potentially old. but Rich used the thought of Aunt Jennifer’s tapestry and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams as some signifier of release. as the verse form suggests that she is tightly governed by her hubby. The phrases ‘massive weight of Uncle’s marrying band’ and ‘sits heavily’ . Subsequently on in the verse form. in the last stanza. Rich uses the ring as a metaphor once more. ‘still ringed with ordeals she was mastered by’ . By utilizing the word ‘ringed’ . he enforces the thought that Aunt Jennifer is trapped. about binded to a certain manner of life because of her matrimony to that peculiar adult male.

‘A Marriage’ . by Carol Rumens is a instead confusing verse form at first. but the more times you read it. the more you understand the verse form. and get down to develop some thoughts on who is talking and the state of affairs they are in.

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The hubby in the matrimony seems to be away a batch. but his married woman does non look to mind. She is the stereotyped homemaker. and feels content merely rinsing and cleaning the household place. There is a sense of ego contained togetherness in the 2nd stanza. where the character speaks about ‘a image of matrimony as a whole little civilisation’ . On the surface. it sounds like a perfect matrimony. The kids besides seemed to be of the reasonable kind ; they had their teenage old ages and went off. and now they come back. presumptively because they liked it at the place.

The matrimony is described as traditional. as the twosome seem to be ‘trusting the old rules’ . trusting they will maintain the relationship together. The husband’s self-importance seems to be turning nevertheless. and is seting a strain on the relationship between the hubby and the character. The persona doesn’t like how the hubby treats his married woman ; she may potentially be his kept woman and besides be covetous.



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