Marriage and Boss

June 8, 2018 Medical

Irregularities – extract of Irregularities, a short story by Courtney Jones, published in 2003 The shortstory Irregularities is told by the maincharacter, who is a secretairy and have had an affair with her boss. She is carrieng his baby indside her and haven’t told him, mainly because he is married and intent to stay married. The maincharecter pictures herself getting married to her boss and is thrilled to go on to a medical conference with him. A trip he originially was going on with his wife, but she cancelled and he therefore asked his assisent to come along.

The storyline is not very long. It’s mostly just thoughts mixed with a smaller bit of the story. The plot is mainly flash-backs. We don’t know the name of the maincharecter, but what we do know, is, that she is James Soleanders assistent. She is pregnant with his baby and hasn’t told him. She expects him to know that she is pregnant, but he dosn’t, and that dissapoints her. The maincharecter has a read about what she calls ”New Things” which is her way of get out of her trivialife.

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It’s like an New-years resolution, and in the openingline the maincharecter tells that the baby inside of her doesn’t tolerate onions, which is bad, because onions is her ”new thing” Her new thing becomes an old thing and she has to quit eating onions. That doesn’t stop her Turkey Gobbler from putting them into her lunch and she has to throw them out. She gets the inevitable smell on her fingers and spents all days trying to get it off. James also catches the smell and tells that onions is his favorite vegatable.

When he is gone from the office, the main charecter likes to sit in her boss’ office, just so she can smell his shirt. Sometimes she also wears it over her shoulders. In other words; she is obssesed with him. The maincharecter likes to read very many womans magazines, from where she gets a lot of advice and knowledge. She spents a lot of time reading about how she should get the man she loves. According to the main charecter James Solander has got everything. She is very occupied with the fact that he is wearing a cashmeere sweater. He has ot a wife, which is beautiful and sweet and a well paid job as a doctor. The headline “irregularities” is of course refering to the main charecters heartbeat, which her boss loves. The reason that she has got such an irregular heartbeat, is because she is totally in love with her boss. The fact that she had an affair with him and is now carring his baby with a hope of him finding out on his own and wanting to marry her is also and irregularity from common sense. Most of all I think the biggest irregularity in the story, is the main charecters occurring life.

She used to go out, but has turned into an “old woman” who does nothing but sit around and wait for her boss to open his heart for her. He life and heartbeat depends on those little moments with him and are has therefore not a regular rhytm. In the end of the story the maincharacter looses her baby and feels so sad. Her dreams about a life with her boss dissapers with the baby. She dosn’t want to go back to her old life and traps herself by wanting to talk to her boss.

She apperently isn’t ready to let go of him eventhough the loss of her baby is a big sign that she should. The maincharecter tells her boss that she has a heartburn and he askes her what side she sleeps on. That makes the reader hope that he is asking, because he wants to sleep on the other side of her. I could be the happy ending for the maincharecter, but as always, he is just asking to give her his medical advice. The story ends when he walk out of the office laughing and saying that “heartburn has nothing to do with her heart. It’s all an gastrointestinal matter”


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