Marxist Theory

September 27, 2018 Economics

The Marxist literary theory is based on the idealistic notion of socialism, therefore, economics is at the center of Marxism. Everyone is equal and nobody has more money than anyone else. The Marxist theory says that all actions follow a logical, scientific pattern. That statement is the complete opposite from the world Macbeth lived in where status was gained by murder, and immortality was gained by dying. Social progress is also a key aspect of Marxism. It involves the advancement of the whole community not just one person, to the point where everyone is equal. Marxism also encourages the formation of a middle class and equality among all the people of the community. From a Marxist point of view, materialism is seen as a step backwards because the people who feel the need to accumulate wealth and possessions do not understand their responsibility to their fellow folk. Macbeth is lacking self-respect and confidence by conforming to the wishes and demands of those around him such as the witches and most of all Lady Macbeth. This is a form of social regression, which is a point of consistency in Macbeth’s character. Duncan was one of the most beloved kings and by Macbeth killing Duncan he creates countrywide corruption. By killing Duncan he not only destroys a country, he destroys himself. The gradual deterioration of Macbeth’s sanity is matched with Macbeth’s loyalty to the King. After his newfound power in the Thane of Cawdor his loyalty and self-respect take a drastic plunge. As Lady Macbeth slowly influences him to kill Duncan, Macbeth becomes more and more committed to the idea of power. Lady Macbeth keeps on wanting more and more and as Macbeth slowly transforms into her he becomes as greedy and materialistic as her. Marxism is against materialism because if one hoards all the goods than there can be no equality within the community. Materialism in any form does not serve the common good of the society. Duncan’s murder is a slow process because it his first and he contemplates the severity and consequences of this murder more so than any to follow. By killing Duncan Macbeth killed God’s divine presence on earth and by killing Macbeth, MacDuff kills the devil’s presence on earth. Before Macbeth kills the king he contemplates the consequences of the crime. Macbeth, at this point, is not planning on killing Duncan. It is in more of a hypothetical context. ?But in these cases we still have judgement here; that we but teach bloody instructions, which, being taught return to plague th’ inventor.? — Macbeth Act I vii lines 7-10. Macbeth knows that the action of this crime will haunt him and eventually ruin him. If he kills Duncan someone will ultimately take his life. He realizes the consequences of his actions and knows that eventually they will come back to haunt him and possibly have the same thing done to him. He does not think that he will ever actually kill the king, only for the king. In the war when Macbeth served loyally and killed for the country and everyone in it he was fitting in with the ideas of Marxism. By serving everyone Macbeth along with everyone else was progressing. But when he kills Duncan he kills for purely selfish reasons. ?I am afraid to think what I have done; Look on’t again I dare not.?Macbeth is completely terrified and beside himself at what he has done. He already wants to block it out of his memory. This is just the beginning of the journey he is going to take towards complete anti-Marxist behavior. Banquo’s murder shows what level Macbeth allowed himself to stoop to. He had his best friend murdered in an effort to cover up his mistake. This is the perfect example of how power in the wrong hands can so quickly go awry. ?So he is mine (enemy), and in such bloody distance that every minute of my his being thrusts against my near’st of life: and though I could with barefaced power sweep him from my sight and bid my will avouch it?? (III,i ll. 16-20) Macbeth declares to the murderers while convincing them that Banquo is the enemy, that


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