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September 17, 2017 Commerce

The confidence of quality is an indispensable facet for any organisation wherein rigorous steps are implemented for the procedures every bit good as the merchandises of the company. The quality criterions for the several industry are invariably being updated in maintaining with environmental alterations and the handiness of the latest installations on a planetary scenario. TQM provides the agencies for analysing the effectivity of the current quality control steps implemented by an organisation. Subsequently it besides enables the designation of the best possible options for accomplishing the coveted quality criterions. Consumer satisfaction is one of the chief facets which is given due accent while pull offing quality at the assorted degrees in the organisation. This attachment to the penchants of the consumers is termed as consumer – defined quality and this plays a important function in the constitution of the quality criterions as the demands of the consumers have to be incorporated into the quality faculties ( Entire Quality Management ) .

Furthermore, the consumers have their ain position of quality which may depend on their income degrees or other relevant factors. Organizations are faced with the challenge of placing and analysing these alterations so as to be able to follow with the current tendencies in quality perceptual experience. Another important constituent of quality perceptual experience is the presence of consumer services and after-sales services which determine the extent to which the quality of the merchandise or service is retained station gross revenues. This besides reflects the attempts of the organisation to guarantee that the consumers are punctually communicated about any questions which they may show. Hence it may be deduced that TQM is a extremely important facet of any organisation by agencies of which it is provided with the agencies of pull offing the extremely competitory scenario bing today ( Entire Quality Management ) .

Company Background:

Masafi is one of the taking trade names in the UAE ‘s FMCG sector and has been identified with being a leader in the turning scope of its advanced merchandise offerings. With regard to bottled mineral H2O, Masafi has been the most sought after trade name in the Gulf and the Middle East for more than 35 old ages. Even since its constitution, Masafi has ever maintained rigorous accent on invention and concern excellence while finding its growing scheme. The attachment to high quality planetary criterions has been the primary ground behind the huge success of the organisation. This has besides enabled the organisation to retain its bing consumer groups while bring forthing new consumers in maintaining with its broad scope of merchandise offerings ( Masafi: The Place ) .

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Company History:

Masafi was established in 1976 with initial investings being made by a paid up capital of $ 5.5 Million. Further investings made by the company have been in line with the community ‘s benefit with equal importance being made on the care of relationship with all the stakeholders of the company, including spouses and associates. Over the old ages, the company has been able to set up a extremely effectual distribution web by agencies of which it has been able to guarantee equal supply of its merchandises in maintaining with the demands generated in the market. It has besides strived to maintain its equipments and technological substructure updated as per current criterions and this has enabled the company to ever run into the current outlooks of the mark consumer sections ( Masafi ) .


The vision of Masafi reflects its attachment to offering premium merchandises for the accomplishment of better life criterions ( Masafi ) .


Masafi strives to supply premium public-service corporation merchandises by agencies of uninterrupted invention and continual merchandise development, and in bend beef uping its leading in the FMCG sector ( Masafi ) .

Strategic Aims of the Company:

Masafi has defined the following strategic aims with regard to its public presentation in the FMCG sector:

Becoming a leader in the FMCG industry both domestically every bit good as globally.

Generating equal consciousness about the quality of Masafi ‘s merchandises and its CSR enterprises.

Stressing on the enlargement of the merchandise scope and being a wholly FMCG oriented organisation.

Deriving entree into new markets both domestically every bit good as globally.

Keeping equal focal point on the communicating of the merchandise inventions undertaken by the organisation ( Masafi ) .

SWOT Analysis:

The followers is the SWOT analysis of Masafi which presents the strength of its internal and external environment:


The company has a good established trade name in the UAE every bit good as in the GCC part.

The current export of Masafi ‘s merchandises stand at 30 % to 40 % of the company ‘s overall trade.

Masafi has gained a monolithic portion of 42 % in UAE ‘s bottled H2O sector which has made it a major participant in this part.

The company has innovated flavored mineral H2O which provides a wholly new merchandise offering to the consumers ( Masafi ) .


The company has non been able to bring forth penchants towards the trade name in the parts of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

The merchandise offering is limited in footings of nutrient points.

The Masafi trade name has a greater grade of association with being a mineral H2O trade name instead than being a comprehensive FMCG company ( Masafi ) .


There is a immense range for the enlargement of the company ‘s merchandise offerings in maintaining with the huge potency in the planetary FMCG industry.

The company could besides come in into strategic confederations with other organisations that are in conformity with the concern scheme of the company.

There is besides a range for obtaining sponsorships for the company ‘s merchandises which would be helpful in making greater consciousness and exposure of the Masafi trade name.

The stable and feasible economic conditions in the mark parts provide the company with important growing possibilities ( Masafi ) .


The FMCG sector is characterized by the presence of assorted degrees of organisations and this has resulted in the addition in the already high competition in the market.

The fixed monetary values of merchandise lines in the FMCG sector prevents any possible efforts from being undertaken to derive purchase in the market with regard to the pricing schemes of the houses.

‘There is a important possibility of the company being subjected to negative promotion owing to hapless end product degrees.

The presence of replacements has besides provided a important hazard to the public presentation of Masafi ‘s merchandises in the market ( Masafi ) .

Rivals of the Company:

The rivals of Masafi span though the domestic every bit good as the planetary scenario with regard to the FMCG merchandises, particularly the bottled H2O section.

Main Local Competitors ( Bottled Water Segment ) :

Al Ain Water Company



Main Global Competitors ( Bottled Water Segment ) :



Acqua Panna



Rivals in Other Product Lines:

Frito Lays



Competitive Scheme:

The primary competitory scheme of Masafi is to construct strong relationships with the consumers every bit good as the stakeholders to the company. By guaranting the acquisition of feedback from the consumers, the organisation strives to develop and keep a consumer friendly environment in the company. In this respect, Masafi assures the proviso of prompt service to the consumers with the presence of a dedicated staff of gross revenues executives ( Masafi ) .

Masafi besides makes usage of the promotional scheme for the consumers of the company ‘s merchandises so as to maximise the range of consciousness in the market. However the company ‘s determination to diversify into flavored mineral H2O has been the most effectual competitory scheme undertaken by the company in order to present advanced merchandises in the market ( Masafi ) .

Competitive Advantage:

Masafi ‘s competitory border has been defined with the debut of the flavored mineral H2O merchandises by the company which has broadened this merchandise line to include a broad assortment of spirits including jasmine, strawberry, lemon and Prunus persica. Besides the attachment to high quality criterions, latest equipment and effectual consumer dealingss has been good for Masafi with regard to the definition of its competitory advantage ( Masafi ) .

Overview of Current TQM Systems:

Masafi has been known to adhere to high quality criterions and it implements rigorous quality controls to guarantee that merely the best merchandises reach the consumers. The TQM presently being patterns at Masafi is as follows:

Masafi follows a best pattern attack in its quality direction attempts. It emphasizes on the designation of possible errors before they occur in the procedure and this is extremely good in cut downing every bit good as forestalling the presence of mistakes. As portion of these steps, the company emphasizes the usage of proper certification of all the procedures along with alteration control to keep the truth of the informations associated with the procedures. Such steps are quintessential in cost nest eggs and implementing overall quality control. For this, the company was awarded the ISO 9001:2008 quality enfranchisement on 22nd July, 2008 ( Quality ) .

The company strives to guarantee that the designation, prioritization and direction of environmental hazards so as to follow with the planetary criterions for environmental good pattern. For this, the company was awarded the 14001:2004 quality enfranchisements ( Masafi honored with Environmental Performance Certificate 2011, 2012 ) .

Masafi has implemented equal controls for commanding nutrient safety jeopardies by guaranting that the degrees identified are maintained within the acceptable hazard bounds. Due to this step, Masafi has been choice certified with HACCP since 15ht February, 2001 ( Quality ) .

With regard to the drink merchandise lines, the company has assured quality in its merchandises by following with the NSF drink quality enfranchisement plans. This enfranchisement is an international accreditation which is recognized by NSF International ( Quality ) .

Masafi is a certified member of the Asia Middle East Bottled Water Association ( ABWA ) which conducts everyday trials on the quality of the merchandises, services and systems in conformity with its ain theoretical account codification, FDA, WHO, Codex Alimentarius Standards, and other applicable national norms ( Quality ) .

TQM Principles and Quality Philosophies Adopted:

Masafi has exhibited a blunt attachment to the doctrines of the three gurus of TQM and this is reflected in the high quality degrees that have been achieved by the company. The influence of Deeming is seen in the Company ‘s Quality Philosophies refering to its merchandises which bear a important grade of correlativity to the demands and penchants of the consumers. Another country where this influence is seen is in the direction of relationships with the stockholders which the company maintains at extremely effectual degrees. The grounds of the acceptance of Deeming ‘s quality doctrines is the proviso of prompt service to the consumers with the presence of a dedicated staff of gross revenues executives. This dedication to the consumers and the importance given to their feedback forms an built-in constituent of the patterns adopted by Masafi ( Quality Gurus ) .


The above diagram depicts the concatenation reaction procedure as propounded by Deeming and this reflects cardinal construction behind the procedures being undertaken by Masafi ( Quality Gurus ) .

Juran ‘s quality doctrine highlights the origin of the Juran Trilogy which comprises of quality planning, quality control and quality betterments. Masafi has been known to efficaciously accommodate to the environmental alterations by incorporating its proficient every bit good as non proficient model in maintaining with the current developments being made in the environment. Furthermore the company focuses mostly on the use of invention in the procedures every bit good as its merchandises which is a direct result of quality control and planning attempts. An disposed illustration of this is the designation, prioritization and direction of environmental hazards which is done by Masafi to follow with the planetary criterions for environmental good pattern. The debut of the flavored mineral H2O merchandises by the company has helped the company to broaden its merchandise offerings and has besides enabled the company to make new consumer sections ( U. ) .

Crosby highlighted the nonconformance nature of quality measuring where the confidence of quality in the merchandises and / or services should be maintained at nothing. There is no range for minimum defects in Crosby ‘s doctrine. The company strives to accomplish this ambitious quality mark but it has non been able to accomplish nothing defects in its procedures ( Quality Gurus ) .

Masafi has benefited vastly by the acceptance of the doctrines and this can be seen in the fact that it had been acknowledged as the top most trade names in the drink section and the 2nd most popular trade name in the non nutrient FMCG class. This accreditation was received in 2010 which farther exemplifies the attempts of the organisation to keep high grade of relevance with the current best patterns and criterions. It is the attachment to high quality criterions and continual invention which has enabled the company to go a leader in the FMCG sector in the part ( Quality Gurus ) .

The barriers faced by Masafi while implementing TQM was the finding of the quality perceptual experience of the consumers which is really hard to follow with on a frequent footing. Furthermore the green enterprises undertaken by the Emirati authorities requires that the merchandises are made in conformity with environmental protection criterions. The company ‘s merchandises make usage of plastic for their packaging and the minimisation of fictile use was a important challenge for the execution of TQM criterions. In order to decide this challenge, Masafi had to set up new criterions for environmental sustainability by originating recycling runs and guaranting minimum wastage of boxing stuff used for its merchandises ( Masafi ; Quality Gurus ) .

Leadership Status:

Masafi ‘s leaders have their ain leading manner for taking employees and organisation towards the growing of endeavor. The company implemented transformational leading manner wherein the leading was able to act upon its employees for the attainment of ends and foster them by promoting positive behaviours by the agencies of sharing organisational vision. The vision and mission of the company has been efficaciously communicated to all the stakeholders of the company every bit good as the employees which has enabled them to keep the needed thrust for introducing procedures and merchandise developments. By instilling advanced thought and alining the procedures in maintaining with ecological saving attempts, Masafi has been able to accomplish the coveted degrees of corporate societal duty and acceptance of sustainable concern patterns. Then impact of the leading can besides be seen in the continual merchandise developments and incorporation of the alteration elements of the environment which are undertaken in the company. This is non merely good for guaranting the care and accomplishment of high public presentation degrees by the organisation in the several market. The leading has besides enabled the company to pull off the stiff competition in the market which is a common happening in the enormously populated FMCG sector ( Masafi ) .

Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair is the president of Masafi and he emphasis on the development of the human resources along with the procedures of the organisation by agencies of which high degrees of excellence may be achieved by the organisation. The merchandise mix is besides continually updated in maintaining with the alterations in consumer penchants and the kineticss of the several mark market. The leading rules of driving alteration through invention and sustainable concern patterns is in line with the rules defined by quality leading rules. By adhering to strict control steps and quality degrees, Masafi has been able to keep effectual relationships with the consumers and this has enabled them to accurately place the demands of the consumers which in bend has been good in the designation of the current market tendencies. Hence the attempts of the leading undertaken by Masafi are brooding of the rules established by quality leaders ( Chairman ‘s Message ) .

Masafi ‘s leading is declarative of the undermentioned facets:

There is equal degree of consciousness with regard to the functions and professional duties of the employees and this helps the direction to invent better schemes.

New tendencies are identified for enabling the organisation to accomplish new highs in concern excellence.

A sense of ownership, answerability and ownership is inculcated in the work force.

Adequate preparation and development steps are provided to the employees by agencies of which they are enabled to follow with the invariably altering external every bit good as internal environment of the organisation ( Chairman ‘s Message ) .

Employee Involvement Status:

Masafi exhibits a high degree of employee engagement which has enabled the decrease in long term costs being achieved over environmental cost mechanisms. The engagement has besides been good in easing consistent, effectual and efficient internal operations in the company. This attachment to the environmental criterions has besides enabled the company to prolong favourable working environment which is quintessential in guaranting the presence of the needed thrust in its human resource. This is brooding of the constructs adopted by Masafi for guaranting a extremely motivated work force. The demands of the employees are punctually addressed and the policies every bit good as the alterations are punctually communicated to the employees, by agencies of which the employees are able to give their attempts in alliance with the aims and vision of the company ( Masafi ) .

Masafi has employee strength of 1000 employees who are dedicated wholly towards the accomplishment of the coveted degrees of accomplishment. The company continuously conducts an rating of the demands of the employees by obtaining feedback from the employees by carry oning treatments with the employees. The treatments besides enable the employees to show their demands in a better mode and this is extremely good in planing preparation and development faculties at the organisation ( Masafi ) .

Based on the findings obtained in the treatment rounds, the company ensures that the employees are provided with equal chances for set abouting preparation and development with regard to their functions and duties in the organisation. The most appropriate grounds of this step is the version of the company to environmental alterations with enhanced public presentation degrees being achieved after every version. Furthermore the engagement of the employees in the green runs and enterprises is a direct result of the company ‘s consideration for the demands of the employees refering to empowerment and involvement in the activities of the organisation ( Masafi ) .

The company ‘s focal point on the demands of the employees has a direct impact on the determination procedure wherein the employees are encouraged to supply their part by agencies of which a comprehensive result may be achieved in an effectual mode. Given the short clip continuance for integrating the environmental alterations into the procedures of the company, Masafi ensures that these executions are done in a extremely effectual mode so as to forestall the loss of purchase in the extremely competitory FMCG market ( Masafi: The Place ) .

Customer Satisfaction Status:

Bing an FMCG company, Masafi ‘s consumers comprise of all population degrees with specific sections being mark individually with the company ‘s consumer oriented offerings. The chief accent made by the company is in the bottled H2O section wherein it has differentiated its mark sections on the footing of their demands. For illustration, people associated with athleticss and intense physical activity requires more than merely apparent H2O to be provided to them. In maintaining with this demand, the company has devised vitamin enriched H2O merchandises so as to supply this consumer section with the require features that are expected from them from a H2O merchandise ( Masafi ) .

For obtaining consumer feedback, Masafi has implemented assorted communicating mechanisms. By guaranting the acquisition of feedback from the consumers, the organisation strives to develop and keep a consumer friendly environment in the company. In this respect, Masafi assures the proviso of prompt service to the consumers with the presence of a dedicated staff of gross revenues executives. Apart from this, the company has besides provided a toll free figure which can be accessed by consumers 24 x 7 for any questions or correspondence which they desire to pass on to the company. This figure is displayed on the company ‘s web site every bit good. In maintaining with the turning ICT substructure and capablenesss in the part, the company has established a feedback gateway in the signifier of an electronic mail Idaho which can be used by consumers to pass on with the organisation. The client ‘s feedback is obtained with different techniques such as On-Line Survey, Social Media and Feedback Forms. ( The transcript of the feedback medium is provided in Appendix A )

These feedbacks are extremely good in implementing alterations in the merchandises so that they may be aligned with the demands and penchants of the consumers. It would besides enable the company to extinguish possible constrictions in the procedure which would be good in cut downing bringing times and guaranting higher quality degrees to be maintained in the company ‘s procedures ( Masafi ) .

Masafi ensures the acquisition of consumer tendencies by carry oning market analyses and measuring the feedback obtained from the consumers for guaranting that they are in conformity with current criterions and patterns. Furthermore they evaluate new engineerings which can be used in the company ‘s substructure ( Masafi ) .

ISO Certification:

ISO ensures the province of art specification for goods patterns, services and merchandises which facilitates effectual and efficient working environment to industries. Masafi has been provided with ISO enfranchisement in maintaining with its procedures and merchandises. It has been accredited with the following ISO enfranchisements:

ISO 9001:2008 quality enfranchisements awarded on 22nd July, 2008.

14001:2004 quality enfranchisements

The stairss for obtaining and ISO enfranchisement are as follows:

Establish Implementation Team

Start ISO consciousness Programs

Provide Training

Conduct Initial Status Survey

Make a Documented Implementation Plan

Develop Quality Management System Documentation

Document Control


Internal Quality Audit

Management Review

Continual Improvement

Certification and Registration

Pre-Assessment Audited account

Beginning: ( 14 Stairss to Implementing ISO 9001 Quality Management System )

The followers are the benefits gained from ISO 9001 enfranchisement:

The demands of the consumers are met efficaciously and in maintaining with current criterions.

Adequate chances are provided for increasing gross coevals.

Quality of the merchandises / services is enhanced.

Customer satisfaction degrees with merchandises are increased.

It offers equal possibilities to understand, papers and pass on company procedure.

It enhances the development and care of professional civilization in the organisation and besides develops employees ‘ morale.

The uniformity of organisational operations is enhanced well.

Emphasis is maintained on the acknowledgment of quality at international degree and the accomplishment of concern excellence.

It enables cost nest eggs due to minimisation of waste, optimisation of the resources and increase in the efficiency of the overall procedures ( Top 10 Reasons Why You Need ISO 9001 Certification ) .

Continuous Process Engagement:

Continual procedure betterment is the key to guaranting the endurance of an organisation in the competitory market. Products and services alteration with clip in order to successfully run into the demands of the consumers and to be in conformity with the market kineticss. Masafi applies three tools of quality direction tools:

Six Sigma:

The six sigma tool provides the agencies to minimise mistakes in the production procedure by guaranting the being of 1 defect per million units produced by the company. By utilizing this tool, the company has been able achieve greater market portion and has been able to accomplish higher quality criterions in the merchandises. It is this facet that has enabled the company to accomplish the top most place among the organisations in the FMCG sector. This tool besides enabled the debut and care of green constructs in the production procedure ( Thin Six Sigma: An Overview ) .

The undermentioned diagram represents the six sigma procedure adopted by Masafi:

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //

Statistical Process Control:

Statistical Process Control is the quality control method which uses a statistical method for the monitoring and commanding procedure. These guarantee that minimum wastage is incurred in the procedure. The benefit obtained by the company from this tool can be seen in the recycling attempts of the company by agencies of which the packaging stuff of its merchandises are retrieved from the market and reused to fix new packaging public-service corporations. This has enabled uninterrupted procedure betterment in maintaining with the quality specifications required to be adhered ( Introduction to Statistical Process Control Techniques ) .

The followers is a representation of the SPC procedure followed by Masafi:

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //

Entire Quality Management Guide:

Entire Quality Management is a set of patterns put in topographic point throughout a company that are geared to guarantee the organisation systematically meets or exceeds client demands. It enables the company to implement quality steps non merely in the procedures but it are besides applied to the direction of productiveness in the workplace. The benefit of this tool can be seen in the mode in which the human resources are provided with equal engagement chances which non merely function as a feasible motive tool but it besides enables better quality to be maintained ( Entire Quality Management ) .

The followers is a representation of the TQM followed by Masafi:

hypertext transfer protocol: // % 20Improvement % 20Flowchart % 20in % 20TQM.JPG

Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: // % 20Improvement % 20Flowchart % 20in % 20TQM.JPG

Masafi uses SPC as the quality measuring tool to cut down the wastage of packaging stuffs and for guaranting optimum use of the available resources, and in bend lending to ecological saving. It uses statistical methods for the monitoring and commanding procedure ( Introduction to Statistical Process Control Techniques ) .

The barriers faced with regard to the execution of this tool are:

The deficiency of handiness of equal information on quality is one of the chief barriers to the execution of the tool.

The trailing of the packaging stuff and the extent of recycling of the stuffs is an thorough procedure marked by the possibility of mistakes in the informations obtained ( Introduction to Statistical Process Control Techniques ) .


Masafi ‘s attachment to high quality planetary criterions has been the primary ground behind the huge success of the organisation. This has besides enabled the organisation to retain its bing consumer groups while bring forthing new consumers in maintaining with its broad scope of merchandise offerings. The attempts of the company to continually develop and better its procedures is one of the most important projects of the company to guarantee the care of high degrees of quality non merely in its merchandises but besides in its services.


Masafi should follow new plans for the betterment of quality with use of bing tools, system, footings and conditions.

There should be a proviso for the nutriment of an betterment model for the sustainability of which would instill the uninterrupted procedures and promote new thoughts.

Data aggregation should be done by an sole squad developed by the direction of the company for guaranting that the quality steps are monitored in an effectual mode.

Employee engagement should be encouraged in order to guarantee that the productiveness degrees are maintained comparatively high as this would enable high quality criterions to be implemented.

The quality should besides be implemented in the supply concatenation web so as to guarantee faster bringing times of the merchandises to the market.

The company should invent new criterions when presenting advanced merchandises in the market in maintaining with the exact specifications of the merchandise.

The company should guarantee the care of an indifferent feedback mechanism as these feedbacks are important for the betterment procedure undertaken Masafi.

The information aggregation, rating and monitoring system should be automated in order to minimise the incurrence of human mistakes in the quality confirmation procedure.

The schemes refering to the quality executions should be revised in such a mode so that the current policies are non drastically affected by it.

The company should guarantee that the quality reviews are conducted by 3rd portion accreditation units as it would uncover a clearer position of the scenario.


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