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It is known that John Keats, the celebrated English poet is a representative of English Romantic motion in literature that appeared at the bend of Nineteen century. Although there were three chief tendencies of this Romantic motion such as Lake Poets, radical sentimentalists and London sentimentalists, John Keats, a lyrical poet who touches upon the empyreal subject of love, beauty and art belongs to London sentimentalists. Due to his progressive political beliefs he is close to Byron and Shelly and his discourse on “ pure art ” made him a supporter of Lake poets. The subject of stuff sublime appears in many of his verse form. I ‘d wish to turn to his verse form Epistle to John Hamilton Reynolds which is devoted to J.H. Reynolds, an English poet and his friend. My end in my essay is to analyse the above mentioned verse form. I ‘d wish to get down with the subject shown up in the verse form. Then I ‘ll talk about some literary devices the writer used in his work.

In decision of my essay, I ‘ll sum up the chief points and express my personal sentiment.

The first 12 lines of the verse form which start with the words “ Dear Reynolds, as last I lay in bed ” state us that Keats is traveling to state his friend about his “ forms, and shadows, and recollections ” which came before his eyes. These images are non connected with each other. Among them are “ two Witch ‘s eyes above a Cherub ‘s oral cavity ” and “ Old Socrates atying his cravat ” and other. He says that few people could “ get away these sing ” – those whose “ lives have patent wings ” and whose “ curtains peeps no beastly olfactory organ ” . These people have rather another dreams including “ flowers spliting out with lustful pride ” and “ the milk-white heifer depressions ” . Comparing these lines we understand that the writer puts on the first topographic point scenes of nature, look up toing its beauty and simpleness. It is his manner of thought. He is a sentimentalist that is why everything he is traveling to depict in his verse form will be associated with nature. To turn out this fact I ‘d wish to turn to the following lines of his verse form where Keats gives a nice description of “ the Enchanted Castle ” which stands on the stone, “ nested in trees ” . Keats wants “ to demo this palace in just woolgathering wise ” to his ill friend who lies in bed. The writer recalls some other topographic points which are dare to him: Merlin Hall, the Clear Lake and “ the small Isles ” . They are “ half animate ” , they look alive. Keats speaks approximately them as if they have psyches, as if they can experience and “ love and hatred ” , “ smiling and frown ” . He sees “ a aureate Galley ” which comes in silence to the Castle wall. He hears “ an reverberation from of sweet music ” . These scenes described by the writer in such a manner aid the readers to understand his universe perceptual experience. He is certain that all the colourss of his dreams are taken “ from the sundown ” , “ from something of stuff sublime ” but non from the “ shadow ” of our “ ain souls day-time ” . The writer philosophizes about the chief point of life. He is certain that he will ne’er be awarded for “ the love of good and sick ” . He says that “ things can non to the will be settled ” , but they can “ badger us out of idea ” . He states that “ it is a defect in felicity, to see beyond our bounds ” . As a consequence of our such a wide-reaching imaginativeness we mourn. It can non mention to “ the criterion of jurisprudence ” . At the terminal of the verse form Keats tells “ a cryptic narrative ” about his feelings. Although he was “ at place and should hold been most merrily ” but he could see “ excessively far into the sea ” , he saw “ an ageless fierce devastation ” . And that was the thing he did non like. He sends off “ horrid tempers ” such as “ the Hawk at pounce ” or “ the Shark at barbarian quarry ” . He hates them. So, the writer considers that everything stuff around him is more empyreal than his feelings. The writer uses a batch of stylistic devices which make his address vivid. Let ‘s take, for illustration, names:

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hellish, enchanted, Old Magic-like Sword, sacred, mossy, horrid and other names which give good features to the nouns they refer to. Among the metaphors are the undermentioned:

Thingss all disjointed come from north and south…

… whose lives had patent wings…

Thro ‘ drapes peeps no beastly olfactory organ…

… reverberation of sweet music…

It is a defect in felicity…

Inversion: For in the universe we jostle..

Simile: … Ag flash of visible radiation… like a beauteous adult female ‘s big bluish eyes…

Antithesis: at that place do they look alive to love and detest, to smilings and scowls…

Comparison: they seem a upraised hill above some elephantine, pulsating resistance.

These are merely several stylistic devices used in the verse form. There are a great trade of other 1s. The address of the poet is bright and nice.

In decision, I should state that I was greatly impressed by this verse form and other Keats poems which I have already read. The subject of stuff sublime is shown by the writer in a proper manner.


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