Matt Bowers’s Push Play Instead of Push-ups

Bowers would like us to understand only having physical activity programs for fitness like CAD’S will not help to remove obesity form the country because most of the people don’t participate in these programs. He believes that creating broad rage programming encourages people to interact with those of their community in ways that benefits the spirit as much as the heart rate. He want us to come together for the health of our nations children because little children cannot go to gym, or do push-ups or run on treadmills nor the old people can do so. Are government programs or gym are enough to remove obesity?

Give special attention to this section of the form and write full responses. HOW do you feel about what the writer has said? Or more words I agree with Matt Bowers. He is actually concentrating on health (fitness) of old and children of the United States, which is right most people are obese during these stages of life because they can’t go to the gym or fitness centers or enroll in fitness programs of government. He is saying to create groups or communities of their age people or their community, which can help them to achieve their goal and do some physical activity. Play the sports, which you like instead of going to gyms.

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He also says that “push play instead of push-ups”, which is also right. He is worried about the health of the country. He recommend to redirect a portion of current public health initiative funding to help create an array of locally responsive sport opportunities that encourage fun, meaningful experience for a broader spectrum of people. When physical fitness becomes a by-product of enjoyable physical activity instead of pain and suffering will people stop thinking about exercising and start playing. What experiences have you had that support or question what the writer is telling us?

I will support Matt Bowers as playing can do much better than Just going to gym or fitness centers. It is always easy to be in a community of same people. We must develop a open dialogue between the community members and the sport program administrators. It is difficult to play football or other sports in extreme weather. I do have an experience regarding this like said in the last line(football). I love playing football but it becomes difficult to play in extreme weather. I acknowledge government or program requesting further financial resources. WHAT do you recommend we do? WHY? 0 or more words I recommend that people must make a change in their life and try to Join a community or program, which can help them achieving their goal and help them stay fit and healthy. Sports also improve the quality of life. We can come together for the health of our nation’s children, let us not be so consumed by the outputs of the system that we myopically neglect to Also consider its inputs. Sports are like fun so, people can be encouraged by this. If we ant people to be physically active, perhaps we must return them to their days as children playing with their friends in the backyard.

HOW did the writer say what he had to say to persuade you or WHY did she or he fail to persuade you? How did the evidence support or fail the writer? What examples did he give? What logic did he use? 50 words Matt Bowers gives an example of president’s council on Physical Fitness of America populace. In 2005-2006 only one- third of adults in our country participated in the program. It is not easy for every one to run on treadmills, pickup heavy weights or go to the gym. So want us to make communities and play sports instead of doing push-ups which are of no fun. Sports helps us to stay fit and healthy.



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