Matthew Harrison Brandy Essay

By July 26, 2017 Religion

I am delighted to compose to you this missive. I believe you are all right and ready to fall in me in observing the success of Matthew Harrison Brandy. Harrison with no uncertainty deserves praises for this success. Harmonizing to Genesis 1:1-3. God himself was and everything that became originated from Him. Thus God gives ability to all existences to be what He wants. Matthew argues that God did non give adult male head to abandon his religion as Darwin did.

Obviously in Genesis 3. Adam and Eve disobeyed God. In poetries 5. the snake lied to Adam that if they knew the truth. they would detect between good and evil ( Milligan W. R. 1999 ) . The single head of homo should non be used as a tool to abandon the religion. Matthew gives an illustration of a sponge. He says. “Biblically a sponge would believe if God allowed it to” . Yet still it ill non abandon its place unless it is displaced. This implies that all animals made by God have the same privilege ; they merely differ on their intents.

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Although Drummond uses Darwin’s theory of rating. it is clear that he does non mention the beginning of animals. His statement is biased since Darwin himself was a Christian truster became an atheist. This indicates that Darwin abandoned his Orthodox Christian belief. It is true that disclosures are given by God. and all living existences were created by the word of God as Brandy says in his statement. The created things multiplied at that place after as God commanded them.

The statement of design cites back on a supreme intelligent being-God. He designed everything and they were good unto him ( Milligan W. R. 1999 ) . God had power to order creative activity of all things like H2O. heaven Earth and other things. His mind can non be challenged.

It is a great offense to do people believe in the jurisprudence of development. sIt has defects and confusions Darwin admit his guilt when he says that he lost way after he abandoned his Christian religion. Intriguing observations from his idea became deceptive. Darwin failed to give recognition to God for making all things.

Matthew illustrates that adult male needed to hold control in the garden Eden. In Darwinism he admits that adult male could non be trusted to do expansive determinations. This implies he needed control which contradicts the theory of development. He farther contradicts himself in explicating the beginning of species. The fantastic existence could non be a consequence of blind opportunity. This is rather erroneous. Besides. how can adult male be a descendent of an ape? Man’s head by no-means has no relation to a monkeys head.

After Adam and Eve had sinned. God gave them penalty. The same pestilence befell Darwin after he deviated from his orthodox religion. He hence lost the voice of his scruples and logical thinking. His religious and emotional facets became weak. This made him hold baseless doctrines. By holding Henry support development. it is like he is insane. Merely birds of the same plumes flock together.

Matthew has no battle to win the test. In tribunal. Henry looks sleepy and at one point he was told to wake up. Scientist offer forfeit to their Gods and this reveals a great trade of confusion and self devastation of life. Henry needs to believe in the supreme God. I am so happy that people will alter and stand up to support their belief that God is the Godhead of all things. Unthinkable conformance and censoring should be avoided for as a adult male thinks. so he is.

Work cited

Milligan W. R.The sanctum Bible: new and old testaments. London: male monarch James. 1999.


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