Mbti Analysis

April 6, 2018 Communication

Identify the 4 letter MBTI preference for each member of your team. Harun INAK: ESFJ Koray OKSAY: ESFJ Deniz KORKMAZ: ENTP Ayd? n BIRIK: ENTP Firdevs TUNC: INFP Our group is an ENFP. 2. What is your team’s MBTI profile (#E /#I, #S /#N, #T / #F, # J / #P? What does the MBTI profile tell you about the way your team may work together (strengths and potential challenges)? • Team: ENFP • E = 4 / I = 1 • S = 2 / N = 3 • T = 2 / F =3 • J = 2 / P = 3 Our group is an ENFP. All other types exist in our group.

This is the strength for us and we have good communication skills. We are mostly very perceptive about people’s thought and motives and strive for “win-win” situations as motivational, inspirational; bring out the best in others We have some potential challenges in group; we are not good at conflict and critism. We mostly are easily bored with routine, repetitive tasks and don’t pay attention to their own needs 3. How will you work together to leverage your strengths and potential challenges?

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Our biggest strenght is all other types exist in our group; We have two T (thinker) thats mean Deniz and Aydin are comfortable with conflict and tend to point of view then chances. We have two S (sensing) Koray and Harun are patient with routine, tested ideas. 4. What did your team learn from applying and discussing the tool for this week? Our team learned a lot while discussing the tool ,and it contributed a lot to our intercommunication skills within the team.

First of all, we had more clear understanding of each others priorities and working character. During the project we will delegate tasks based on the results of our individual characters. Secondly, we understood that we have such a distributed and diverse Psychological Types in our team which gives us a lot of room for development, and accomplishment against various types of problems. Our team is made out of very different types making us capable of approaching at challenges in different aspects.

As a result, we learned that our team is evenly distributed and has a very good balance. 5. Based on your analysis, what specific steps will your team take to improve the way you work We definitely need a meeting as it is decided Tuesday in the team charter. At that meeting, that week’s assignment and all the deliverables must be determined to overcome possible confusion before due time. Meeting agenda is important to stay focused on the assignment. These 2 step should be followed strictly to prevent possible conflicts.


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