Mcdonald Fast Food Marketing Essay

McDonald Corporation is among the largest concatenation of fast nutrient eating houses in the United Kingdom. It chiefly sells Gallic fires, poulet, beefburgers, soft drinks and breakfast. This paper draws on the position that McDonalds fast nutrient continue to stay competitory in the fast nutrient market niche by virtuousness of strategic direction which sees it bettering the gustatory sensation of sandwiches every bit good as presenting a bill of fare lost that is new for its clients. To understand the success of McDonald over the old ages, it is of import to observe the strategic direction of the fast nutrient corporation in the UK. Part of the strategic thrust of McDonalds to increase its competitory border has been to pass the system of nutrient readying and as evidenced in its recent nutrient readying system dubbed “ Made For You ” , McDonald developed a common relationship with its clients since freshman every bit good as hotter nutrient are delivered to clients ; an facet that leads to more ingestion of McDonalds nutrient ( Stuart et al, 2007 ) . The overall point in the strategic thought and direction of McDonalds remainders on the enhanced flexibleness on its client service, concern theoretical account, making and analysing the strategic border in visible radiation of competitory advantage and concern degree schemes. This paper seeks to analyse the wider environment in which McDonalds operates competition within the fast nutrient industry, strategic focal point, and how to turn to challenges that occur within the industry.


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McDonalds Fast Food Company is among the largest nutrient service retail corporation. Known for its hot and fresh french friess, beefburgers, Burgers and soft drinks, McDonalds operates about 30,000 eating houses in over 199 states. In the UK, a bulk of the McDonalds operates on the franchise footing. The strategic focal point and organisational direction has positioned McDonalds to vie efficaciously in an already competitory industry and therefore inch a competitory base in the industrial environment and bask a market niche for its concern. Customers visit its mercantile establishment on the day-to-day footing because of the ability of McDonalds to make a company ‘s image that enhances people to acquire accustomed to the civilization of fats nutrient ( McDonalds Corporation, 2010 ) . As such, there is an disposed client base which McDonalds uses as a market entry scheme. Together with advertisement companies that leaves the trade name image in the consumer ‘s head, McDonalds continue non merely to perforate the market but besides expand their market size. As a consequence, there are a figure of schemes that McDonald builds on to stay competitory in the industry and achieve T concern and organisational aim.

McDonalds Company Overview

As one of the largest fast nutrient corporation in the UK that concentrates on Burgers, Gallic french friess, soft nutrients and breakfast, McDonalds has in the most recent introduced salads, bite wraps, fruits and carrot sticks. McDonald is a concern that dates back in 1940. It was an thought that grew and became operational as the two brothers Mac McDonald and Dick opened a eating house in the United States ( Walsh, 2009 ) .The first McDonalds operated on the rule of modern fast nutrient eating house which subsequently spread across Europe. The present McDonald is as a consequence of the successful enlargement of the McDonald into a host of fast nutrient markets. The company has become the symbol of globalisation and it prominence in the UK is based on the construct of consumer duty every bit good as corporate moralss ( McDonalds Corporation, 2010 ) . Basically, McDonald serves about one million clients every twenty-four hours.

Business Environment and Analysis of McDonalds

The environment in which McDonalds operates is really competitory that directors have been forced to follow a strategic model upon which they exercise their ability to place, cultivate every bit good as work the nucleus competences that ensures that there is concern and market growing. Thompson ( 2005 ) asserts that in order to get at this strategic threshold, McDonalds as a corporation has been the focal point of the strategic policy preparation. In add-on, Brown ( 2002 ) points out that there is no manner in which the organisation can be in the vacuity. In this sense, McDonalds operate within a competitory environment and the foundation of its strategic direction remainders on its ability to analyse its rival in the fast nutrient industry. As a consequence, this non merely enables McDonalds to recognize its strengths and failing but besides assist it to explicate a place on which it identifies the chances that are present for the organisations good as the menaces it can confront from its wider industrial environment. This strategic analysis best places McDonalds in its market niche and is therefore a scheme that reflects the best March for McDonalds strategic direction.

The competences exhibited by McDonalds signifier yet another facet of its overall strategic direction. Parsa ( 2002 ) contends that as one of the largest nutrient concatenation companies in the UK, it defines its success from its strengths and chances. This is the typical competitory scheme that enhances the corporation ‘s competitory advantage in the market. A instance in point is the fiscal chances, market leading, image of the company to the market every bit good as the relationship between the company and its client forms the strengths every bit good as chances than McDonald has achieved on its wider strategic direction program.

To accomplish an enhanced and more profitable market niche, McDonalds creates a successful image in the clients ‘ heads and draws from it mission and vision statement to present to widespread clients a civilization of fast nutrient. This is evidenced by the cardinal construct that it serves over one million clients in UK per twenty-four hours and continues to add on its bill of fare a new list of fast nutrient points prepared. Furthermore, client attention dealingss, bringing velocity every bit good as high hygienic conditions make the basic strengths on which McDonalds expands on. Cole ( 2003 ) articulates that McDonald has created a corporate symbol that is reinforced by the advertizement runs in the UK. Consequently, it builds on this base to foundationally set up a trade name image that has remained in the heads of 1000000s of people populating in the UK. As such, the trade name image places McDonalds an border higher than its major rival in the nutrient concatenation industries and its selling schemes successfully addresses of import concern operations factors such as internal resources and the nucleus competences in relation to the external environment in which it operates ( Kendrick, 2008 ) .

Furthermore, concern analysts have maintained that the merchandise value of McDonalds has contributed to the strategic focal point of its operations. With respect to this, clients are cognizant of what to anticipate from the McDonalds eating houses whenever they visit the McDonalds. This gives accent on the fact that human resource draws their satisfaction from fulfilling their clients and keeps the employees ready to follow the advanced scheme of the company where they introduce newer merchandises in the market in a command to stay on border with the newer gustatory sensations and tendencies of its clients and market size. The diverseness of McDonalds into other related concern signifiers the model on which economic experts regard the McDonalds as the successful corporate group within the fast nutrient industry ( Enz, 2009 ) .

Competitive Environment within the Operations of McDonalds

Every fast nutrient eating house runing whether as an organisation or single concern is aimed at making a new moving ridge in the public presentation ; all aimed towards implementing and prolonging the trade name quality and the invention of the concern program. Many fast nutrient eating houses in the UK continue to analyse the external every bit good as internal concern chances and hence develop selling programs that see them with a major market portions. These make nutrient concatenation industry a really competitory industry in the UK. Harmonizing to Hetrick et Al ( 2006 ) , McDonalds appreciates that competition for market topographic point is stiff and has tasked its direction to invariably pass on, compare their services with those of other fast nutrient eating houses and eventually better on their service bringing and integrate the developments of engineering such as the cyberspace to fundamentally actuate their clients and better on the overall centre public presentation.

In add-on, many fast nutrient organisations doubtless enhance their nutrient production which makes it ineffectual to utilize the merchandise quality entirely as the selling scheme. As this may make a scenario where you are rated mean, McDonalds has gone a notch higher in inching its competitory advantage by modifying every selling and concern scheme to accommodate its vision statement. As such, Heath and Palacher ( 2008 ) argues that bearing in head the already available resources is one point towards success but doing usage of all the primary competences has enabled McDonalds to prolong its topographic point in the competitory market. Consequently, as the main executive officer of McDonalds said, “ the universe has extensively changed and so hold the clients. This calls for a desperate demand for any concern organisation to alter in visible radiation with the clients alteration ” ( Walsh, 2009 ) .

McDonalds Competitive Position within the Food Chain Industry

McDonalds has achieved the rubric of the taking and largest fast nutrient eating house in the UK from its overall strategic direction construct of sustainable competitory market. With accent, this strategic policy has been behind the McDonalds ability to do it hard for other nutrient concatenation industries to perforate its stronghold market place. Hill and Jones ( 2007 ) explain that McDonalds competitory place is attributed to its dynamic client attention dealingss, trade name imagination, cost construction every bit good as its patent. With respect to this, the organisational every bit good as the managerial procedure has centered on sharing coordination and integrating to explicate policies that drives the McDonalds on the base of success. Believing in the client and merchandise value, McDonalds has created a state of affairs where every employee strives to work for the common end.

Similarly, McDonald, through its strategic direction has demonstrated its strength in being able to larn and put to death alterations harmonizing to the demands of the markets. From this conceptualisation, it has commanded a competitory place by being flexible to alter within the surroundings of technological developments and client tendencies ( Stuart et al, 2007 ) . As such, Kendrick ( 2008 ) further postulates that a instance in point for McDonalds success and market place falls on the paradigm of its long clip organisational civilization of concentrating on its advantage such as organisational behaviours every bit good as expertness to accomplish success in every facet of its aim. In the yesteryear, McDonald paid small attending on the construct of competitory advantage and therefore even though it opened many mercantile establishments across Britain, its gross did non alter to the better.

The structural, technological and fiscal assets are the first-class market place of McDonalds. It hence follows that McDonalds non merely identifies but besides implements these assets in the right way in a command to better the services of the company in the market. Surrounding the advantage on the vision which guides the company, McDonalds draws its strengths to accomplish the competitory place by being committed to the sustainability of its vision. For illustration, bearing in head that a trade name or merchandise revolves around the company ‘s vision, McDonalds works in stead with this construct and therefore attributes its competitory advantage on its fidelity to the mission, vision and ends every bit good as aims of the organisation ( Thompson, 2005 ) .In visible radiation of this, McDonalds operates on the guideline of functioning those people who have small or no clip to cook an therefore provides a solution of a proper eating house. In this instance, the vision provides non merely quality merchandises but besides speedy service and desirable satisfaction among its clients.

The sustainable competitory advantage has doubtless meant good for the McDonalds and implementing these schemes is based on integrating the best value schemes which make McDonalds alone and difficult to be emulated by its rivals. It is apparent that competitory advantages has helped and go on to assist McDonalds to recognize a great investing through an integrated, intelligent and dynamic human resources every bit good as strategic direction ( brown, 2003 ) . As a consequence, McDonald caters for the state of affairs where hazard attitudes change and wholly vary the environmental uncertainness and volatility. This based on the merchandise, monetary value, publicity and topographic point has provided a good starting point for the competitory place of McDonalds. Towards implementing the selling map, the direction of McDonalds invariably employs elements of marketing mix to allow program on how to accomplish the popularity in the market topographic point ( Enz, 2009 ) .

McDonalds Marketing Scheme

McDonalds is known for its market entry on which it introduces people to the civilization of fast nutrient through the employment of affectional and extremely persuasive advertizement runs. As Hetrick et Al ( 2006 ) point out, McDonalds uses good structured advertizement runs to make a corporate system that penetrates the market every bit good as expands it. With respect to this, Parsa ( 2002 ) notes that McDonalds have put in topographic point schemes that deal with the turning figure of fast nutrient clients in the UK. Towards accomplishing this, McDonalds emphasizes on client attention, velocity in the bringing and high hygienic conditions around the McDonald premises. Connected with the construct of market entry scheme, McDonalds every bit builds on its trade name image ; a factor that identifies it as an independent company. Consequently, the company has taken into history concern environment to accomplish a competitory border based on the service bringing, merchandise and monetary value.

In add-on, McDonalds have used the diverseness scheme in its operations. Hill and Jones ( 2007 ) contends that McDonalds uses this scheme to venture into other concern ; a factor that has helped the company to maintain in touch with the market trends a mid the lifting completion in the nutrient concatenation industry. Towards this, McDonald ‘s accent on wellness nutrient, debut of new points such as salads on the bill of fare, changed the overall visual aspect of the shops among following newer schemes. In visible radiation of this, McDonalds is able to accomplish a competitory place in the selling environment that is acquiring more competitory by twenty-four hours s a consequence of entry of new participants in the industry.

Heath and Palacher ( 2008 ) further assert that a batch of inventions where McDonalds produces new merchandises demonstrate another scheme in usage for the McDonalds to catch up with the latest market development. As a consequence, it is able to react to the of all time altering gustatory sensations and concerns of clients. For case, McDonalds continues to develop new formulas as portion of it strategic preparation to provide for the wellness issues and concerns of the clients in UK.

McDonalds continue with the franchising theoretical account and employs over 60000 employees in about 1200 eating houses. The success behind all theses is typical of the effectual selling schemes that lead to the creative activity of high demand for fast nutrient ( Cole, 2003 ) . The purpose of successful selling remainders on doing otiose gross revenues. Understanding the client every bit good as the merchandise that fits them has decidedly formed the foundation of McDonalds selling scheme. As opposed to other fast nutrient eating house whose entry in the market somehow takes the client for granted and ends at supplying speedy service, McDonalds exploits the underlying construct of marketing which draws on the impression that client satisfaction is the primary concern precedence.

Relatively, many fast nutrient eating houses in the UK are motivated in doing net income and although they provide quality services, they miss out on seting their clients ‘ satisfaction on the fist precedence. McDonalds has created concern schemes that aim at carry throughing the creative activity of client satisfaction. Basically, McDonalds has invested in understanding the demands of a group or groups of clients in what is called market cleavage ( Brown, 2002 ) .As such, McDonalds defines these set of clients in footings of human ecology such as their age, part and gender such that each set of clients have a successfully and specifically trim merchandises every bit good as a selling mix.

Future Developments in the Fast Industry

It is of import to observe that following the market tendencies of fats nutrient industry, outsourcing of employees may non be effectual. It is clear that everything in the present concern community outsources but McDonalds should be ready to take attention when outsourcing because in future, outsourcing is traveling to discontinue in its value following the whole sale thought of outsourcing competences of the fast nutrient concatenation shop ( Hetrick et al, 2006 ) . Towards buffering the consequence of this, McDonald can outsource other concern operations but non its nucleus competences. As such, it will maintain abreast with the fact that the benefits of outsourcing which includes cognition of market offshore, supplier dealingss and enlargement of concern operation. In so making McDonalds will hold put in topographic point an order installation to buffer itself against competition, concern failure and decreased net income border.

In add-on, the inquiry of increased competition will be a hereafter development due to the extended entry in the fast nutrient industry. As such, McDonalds will hold to confront an array of market hazards every bit good as other concern reverses. However, what will do it strong and go on to bask the position of a taking fast nutrient company is the changeless preparation and execution of strategic policies based on its cognition of the client demands. In other words, the gustatory sensation, penchants and satisfactions of the client should be their changeless precedence to confront this disputing scenario ( Parsa, 2002 ) .With the hereafter market map taking a consumer oriented attack, the selling determinations are attention traveling to be affected by the careful designation of the demands of the clients. As such McDonalds will necessitate to invent selling schemes that meet the clients needs every bit good as a concern distribution system that bring the trade names closer to the demands of the client.

Recommendation for McDonalds Future Strategy

McDonalds should in future design a concern program that addresses the societal alterations spearheaded by the authorities and consumer groups which border promoting a balanced diet and therefore fix types of nutrients that on the nutrition of the client every bit good as their healthy life styles. Basically, it can besides develop a joint venture with other organisations such as the supermarkets in that some of its nutrient is sold in the supermarkets. This comes with the selling database which will assist it to more accurately make out to specific mark groups of consumers. The client designation could be on the footing of patterning and shoppers profiles ; a factor which will heighten the bar of set exchanging. In add-on, McDonalds should concentrate on the corporate societal duty and border closer to those organisations with a value impact on the society ( Enz, 2009 ) .

Similarly, McDonalds should recognize that publicity of its merchandises is non simply an advertisement map. It should come up with both advertisement runs and promotional scheme that is defined by the nature of the market, the size of the market and the gustatory sensations every bit good as penchants of the clients. In so making, McDonalds should plan on the promotional mix that address the component of monetary value, merchandise and market in the manner the client will experience obliged to devour the merchandise.


From the above treatment, it is apparent that the strategic direction program of McDonalds has positioned it as the largest fast nutrient corporation in the UK. This means that its concern theoretical account is obviously different signifier other fast nutrient ironss. . Part of the strategic thrust of McDonalds to increase its competitory border has been to pass the system of nutrient readying and as evidenced in its recent nutrient readying system dubbed “ Made For You ” McDonalds developed a common relationship with its clients since freshman every bit good as hotter nutrient was delivered to clients ; an facet that led to more ingestion of McDonalds nutrient. The overall point in the strategic thought and direction of McDonalds remainders on the enhanced flexibleness on its client service, concern theoretical account and analysing the strategic border in visible radiation of competitory advantage, concern degree schemes among others.



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