Mcdonalds And Facilities Operations Management Management Essay


McDonalds is one of the most popular fast nutrient eating houses all over the universe with about 46 million clients in different states. In the yesteryear, McDonalds was one of the most growing fast nutrient ironss. Now, the fast nutrient market has reached its adulthood and therefore it is really hard for a concatenation like McDonalds to last in this competitory environment. In order to last, every organisation needs to efficaciously pull off its installations and operations to derive a sustainable advantage. The basic ground for the demand of effectual direction of installations and operations is that the clients and employees are the most of import assets of a company. In our treatment, we will reexamine that how McDonalds is pull offing its installations and operations to last in competitory environment of today ‘s universe.

Executive Summary:

Facilities operations direction is one the strategic country of a concern to for quality running of its operations and for deriving a sustainable advantage. In our treatment foremost we have tried to discourse the basic standard which an organisation needs to hold to proper manage its installations operations. We have taken McDonalds as an illustration in our treatment. First the chief duties of installations operational directors are discussed in the context of McDonalds. Then the administrative and safety issues are evaluated. Third, Control and administrative schemes are discussed for concern public presentation and eventually critical reappraisal and analysis. I have focused on McDonalds functionary beginnings for information for the pureness and transparence but this is the work of human therefore there are opportunities of mistake in it.

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In our treatment, in order to measure the installations operations direction of McDonalds, we will foremost see the operational duties of a director and attempt to larn how these directors are capable of managing the complex procedure of McDonalds Operations. Then we will travel toward the scrutiny of legal, wellness and safety duties to be addressed by the installations operations. In the 3rd portion, evaluate and analyze the administrative tools and systems which are helpful in pull offing and incorporating installations operations. Finally, we will seek to measure and reexamine the quality of operations and installations direction. It is of import to observe here that we will take McDonalds as our illustration in our treatment.

L01. Probe of the operational duties of the Operational Manager

1.1: Appraisal of the for installations director for the staff engaged in installations operations:

The Major duties of installations director for the staff is that installations director should guarantee that the quality of the end product of installations be maintained by the staff working on it. There is should be proper quality reappraisals and cheques by the operations director on the staff to make this end.

McDonalds is really witting about the nutrient safety and quality and therefore it hires those directors which are leaders and accountants. Directors cheques daily the temperature of the nutrient and it is compulsory for every director to look into the staff working on production in footings of wellness and safety jeopardies. It is due to the good direction of the direction staff that McDonalds is successful in keeping the quality of its nutrient. The stuffs and instruments for fixing nutrient is passed through different stairss to look into and keep wellness and safety. It is compulsory for the staff of the McDonalds to hold wellness look into up. ( McDonalds Official Website, 2009 )

1.2: Designation of the duties of the installations director for staff engaged in installations operations:

The chief duties of a director towards staff are:

Quality Checks and Balances

Guaranting the better client service and client empathy

Staff Management and Job Rotations

Staff Motivation

If we analyze McDonalds in this scenario, so the installations directors are trained with thought that people are really of import for McDonalds. Facilities directors motivate the employees and decently revolve the occupations of employees depending upon their accomplishments. As a consequence, we can analyze this thing in the quality and safety of McDonalds Products. ( McDonald Official Website, 2009 )

1.3: Duties of a installations director towards clients utilizing the installation:

The major duties of a installations director towards clients utilizing the installation are:

Good Customer Service

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Retention

Customer Empathy

All these duties are applied through employees at the front terminal to guarantee that good client experience of utilizing the installation.

Facilities directors foremost of all operate and proctor all the natural stuffs and merchandises across the supply concatenation. For illustration, they make certain that the meat they buy should be of Grade “ A ” . Then particular attention is given to the production and specification harmonizing to client gustatory sensations. McDonalds suitably forecasts the demand of clients for overcome the deficit of merchandises and stuffs. While doing prognosiss, the undermentioned things are besides kept in head such as installation capacity, installation layout and work force etc. There is a proper scrutiny of supply concatenation to supply clients better handiness and client service. Facilities directors sometimes meet the clients on their ain to hold their suggestion and ailments.

1.4: Impact of installations operations of employers and funding bureaus:

Support bureaus are really those bureaus that provide capital to the company to run its operations and installations. They besides help the company in different pilot undertakings and research.

McDonalds has a figure of providers such as coca Cola, female parent Parkers, and sputo ( McDonalds Official web site, 2009 ) . These providers play a critical function in the installations operations of employers. For illustration, the clients normally require a soft drink particularly carbonated H2O along with the Burgers of McDonalds. As a consequence, there is a strategic partnership of McDonalds with Coca Cola Company. This support bureau or provider provides better quality coke for its clients and therefore it helps to increase and heighten the client experience for utilizing the installation.

L02: Examination of the legal, wellness and Safety Obligations to be addressed by installations operations

2.1: Appraisal of the statutory ordinances that will impact installations operations in an in agreement competition:

Statutory ordinances are enforced by the regulative organisations can impact maps of installations operations in a figure a ways. Statutory ordinances make certain that public is prevented from hapless patterns. It about all the states of the universe, it is duties on the companies to work under the regulations and ordinances and to guarantee that their operations are non aching the wellness and safety of their employees and clients.

Equally far as McDonald ‘s installations operations are concerned, McDonalds is runing through franchise system in about all the states of the universe. It offers a balance to employees between work and their societal life. For illustration McDonalds offer it employees Vacation, Holidays, Anniversary Splash, Sabbatical Program, Short Fridays and Child public assistance ( McDonalds Official Website, 2010 ) . These patterns help to maintain the wellness and safety of employees secure and actuate them in executing operations in installations.

2.2: Health and safety steps that must be implemented by a installations director in a given competition:

As the organisation grows twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours, its costs become low and low and it gets more opportunities to do its work safe and risk free. The steps that can be adopted by a installations director are:

Better and full maintained operating machinery

Training and Development


Short term quality cheques ( Gary Ganson, CIH, CSP, 2008 )

McDonalds is making much for wellness and safety. It buys grade “ A ” meat and other natural stuffs merely from trusted providers. It offers particular preparations to its staff to keep wellness and safety. They are properly using engineering to get the better of the menace of improper patterns. It is the duty of the operations directors to see day-to-day the production installations in their premises and besides proper monitoring of the staff to guarantee the quality merchandises.

2.3: Documentation required accounting for conformity with statutory ordinances and wellness and safety steps:

For wellness and safety steps, proper record maintaining and scrutinizing of these records is required. A installations director demands to hold all sorts of information required for statutory ordinances of wellness and safety such as age, household size, ethnicity and matrimonial position etc. Statutory ordinances are extremely customized by the different civilizations and authoritiess. ( Staffordshire, 2009 )

Equally far as McDonalds is concerned, it keeps proper certification for accounting conformity with statutory ordinances such as record maintaining and audits of its staff. The operational directors are guided to maintain all the information about safety and wellness steps about its employees and besides to maintain proper certification for scrutinizing. ( McDonalds Official Website, 2010 )

LO3: Administrative systems to back up installations operations

3.1: Effective systems for treating information and keeping communicating:

In order for installations operations direction, we need to use a batch of engineering to do certain that information we need about clients and employees should be decently managed and handled. We can utilize proper databases to hive away information. Proper communicating is besides of import and we need to develop a system to forestall miscommunication in the organisation.

McDonalds has developed a proper system to hive away information. There is a proper prophet supported internal database system in which all the sections record their operations. Second, the company has developed an internal electronic mail system to make convenient, documented and effectual communications.

3.2: Control Systems required by a installations director to efficaciously pull off operations:

The installations director needs to implement such a system so that the installation should be decently utilised and secondly it should supply proper work force use and quality cheques. It is truly a really hard undertaking to develop such a control system in an organisation. This may include Spot Checks, Email Monitoring, Video Recording or other engineering to supervise unrecorded working environment for deriving control.

McDonalds has developed such a proper control system. As it is responsibility of the operations director to personally get at the tabular array of the client in footings of ailments and suggestions. Second, sometimes they use mystery shopping to keep the quality of its merchandises. As we already discussed, the directors play their function in acquiring thoughts from clients and supplying them to employees. Sometimes email monitoring of the employees is besides suspected to do certain that no sensitive information must be leaked out someplace.

But there are a batch of ethical concerns originate while we implement choice cheques. For illustration, supervising the personal electronic mails of employees can take to de motive and stealing of personal information about employees. Furthermore, most of the clients do non react right whenever they are asked for a provender back. Some clip, McDonalds need to conceal or belie some of the information from the providers to protect its place.

L04: Evaluation and reappraisal of the quality and effectivity of the installations

4.1: Evaluation the quality and effectivity of operations:

If we evaluate the quality and effectives of operations and installations so we can easy happen the McDonalds is making great is about all the countries of operations. It has a good managed system of employees and quality control in its operations. The ground for this is McDonalds decently train employees for making operations. Furthermore it besides keeps them happy by offering them balance between work and societal life. This thing non merely reflects good administration but besides the shows how successful McDonalds is in pull offing its operations and concern.

It is besides successful in pull offing its costs by proper prediction and transporting out of its operations in different parts of the universe. It has a good managed supply concatenation direction system. For illustration it goes in line with its spouses and providers. It operates through franchise system which non merely helps to convey down costs but to besides be geographically available. Finally, proper usage of engineering makes it possible to efficaciously execute installation operations such as information handling and communications.

4.2: Evaluation and reappraisal of the processs to analyse the quality and effectivity of installations operations:

Equally far as McDonalds is concerned, through proper cheque and balances and delegating more control to installations operations directors, it is proper keeping the quality and results of its operations. For illustration, through proper preparation and development, employees know how to be good in operations. It besides offers wagess and benefits to those employees which perform good in a installation. Second by offering proper remainder and compensations, the employees are more loyal to company than earlier. Customer monitoring and feedback is besides at that place in heightening the installations operations.


McDonalds is one of most successful fast nutrient ironss in the universe. The ground for this, as we see in the study, is due to proper control and direction of its operations. In our treatment, we have see that it is all the installations operations and direction of houses employees that helps in pull offing the operations and makes McDonalds a successful organisation. We take a lesson that to be a feasible concern in any concern context ; we need to hold a proper cheque and quality direction system for installations operations direction.



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