Mcdonalds causes obesity

December 14, 2017 February 10th, 2019 Health

We’ve grown up on their food and they have been around for decades. We have continuously eaten their food and not knowing that in the long run it will cause us serious health problems even though they portray their food as being healthy. Even their healthy food is not really healthy. They Just say that so people that are on diets will want to go there and buy their food. A bacon ranch salad has as much fat in it as 3 cheeseburgers, and their dressings they have are not as low fat as they say there are.

They have been lying to America for years and we as dumb Americans as we are believe them. We wonder how did we get so fat? The trends of the years have changed our eating habits. When we were younger we only went out to eat one or two times every other month but times have truly changed. Dining out use to be a privilege and were only for special occasions. We go to a restaurant everyday and for every meal even for snacks. Lucky for us McDonald’s has a breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack menu.

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Now that most Americans work full time their only option for mom nutrients is to go to McDonald’s because they don’t have time to slave over a hot stove to make the family a nice healthy meal and we don’t have enough money to hire a maid to cook it for us. McDonald’s has a secret ingredient in their food that makes people come back for more and makes their food so irresistible. Their food is like nicotine or ETC, it is so addicting and the addiction is hard to break. (might) In 2002 two Bronx, NY teenagers sued McDonald’s claiming that its food had caused them to become obese.

The suit claimed McDonald’s failed to clearly and inconspicuously disclose the ingredients effects of its food, including high levels of fat, salt, sugar and cholesterol. This was the first claim to go to the U. S. Courtroom. There are a lot of things that the fast food restaurants don’t tell us about their food. First off how unhealthy a Big Mac is or how many calories are in one of them and how they can end up lodged in our stomach because there is too much fat in it to digest. The fries are not all cracked up to what people say they are. The fries are full of grease and its not really grease at all.

The grease is beef fat so really it’s not real grease at all it’s a bunch of solid fat until they heat it up. They have gotten sued because they lied that their fries were vegetarian when in fact the grease wasn’t. They are very persuasive in their advertising methods. They can con you into buying two Big Macs. They always have deals when you buy one you get the next one free. This makes us want to buy one to get the other so we can get more bang for their buck. This makes the consumer consume more than they need to or wanted to in the first place.

Another advertising way to con the consumers is when they have two apple pies for a dollar and one of them cost the same amount. Why not get both? Most of the advertising that they do is directed toward children. They bribe them with having toys included with the kid’s meals in a fun shaped box. The children cry to their parents so they can buy them the fatty foods they will end up making them bigger than the average little kid. They don’t stop crying until they get the happy meals and the parents end up giving in to their fits of rage, and giving them what hey want with a small drink.

McDonald’s has mostly sodas available for the drinks. When we drink them we’re Just drinking a cup of sugar with a side of diabetes. They have very few healthy drinks that are not sugary. They consumer ends up buying a drink that is tasteful and as unhealthy as the food that they are about to scarf down their throats. Studies have shown that there is a link between obesity and fast food eating. The American population study cardiac suggests that frequent fast food consumption is positively associated with weight gain. Fast food) Anti-thesis) Some people say that the fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s don’t cause people to get obese. Being obese is a self-thing and what we put in our mouth is self- responsibility. We are old enough to know right from wrong and what is healthy and unhealthy. Blaming McDonald’s is a scam to bleed their company dry of everything that they have earned. They should be blaming themselves and trying to get money from themselves to try and get on a diet. The reason they have cottage cheese thighs is their fault not McDonald’s. (Ways we can change this)

Us as Americans have to start looking at the nutrition labels before we start to consume such things as a twenty-piece nugget meal. We also have to make our portion size smaller. When we go to McDonald’s we can’t get a double quarter pounded we should get a double cheeseburger instead because it has less calories in it. We also have to stop giving in to the amazing deals that they have every now and again. They are not good enough to get fat and loose accessibility over. We also have to have time to cook our own food and when we do that we have to have a limit on how much fried food we eat.


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