Meaning of the Word Babe

April 12, 2018 History

“Hey BABE, how was your day? ” Have you ever wondered what the word BABE really means or what it stands for? To most people the word BABE is an abbreviation to the word bay, or just baby talk to their significant other or lover. What others may not know is that the word BABE has many different meanings and definitions. As the years have evolved the word BABE has had a history of different pronunciations and meanings. It all started in the year 1150; the word “baban” was being used, meaning “old woman” or “grandmother”.

Later in the year 1230, the word baban was cut down into the word “baba”, which meant “peasant woman”. Then in the 1520’s the word baba was then changed to the word “baby”, meaning “childish person”. Finally, in the year 1915, the word baby was abbreviated to the word ‘babe”, meaning “attractive young woman”. While sitting and trying to look up all different kinds of definitions, I decided to ask several people on what their opinions were on the word BABE. My first interview was my father, who is 41 years old, he’s response was, “The word BABE is a nickname you give to a special girl.

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Like someone you care about and spent a lot of time with”. My second interview was a close 19 year old guy friend, he’s response was, “You use the word BABE when you can’t remember the girls names, and it’s also a sweet word to use”. My last interview was my 19year old boyfriend, and his response was, “I call a girl BABE when I think she looks good or hot, but I call BABE, cause your special to me, and that’s a special word to use when you care ‘bout someone”.

All three men had different definitions of the word, and described them very well in their own words and descriptions. In my own thoughts and understanding of the word BABE, the significance of the word would be, a word that carries a lot of meanings and emotions. What I mean my meaning is that it has tons of definitions and descriptions, and if used in the right way, it can mean a lot to the person your directing it to. For example, every time my boyfriend calls me BABE, I know he means it with love and care.

What I meant by emotions is that just by using the word BABE, it can change or create a new facial feature, or thought. What I mean by that is, you just can not go around calling every girl BABE, some girls or boys do not like being called BABE, and take it offensive, and you can tell by the way they make their facial features, or tons of voice. So, next time you call your friend, significant lover, or other BABE, think about what it really means, and if you’re using that word the right way.


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