Media And Entertainment Industry Information Technology Essay

September 4, 2017 Information Technology

The Media and Entertainment industry is that sector of concern which provides consumers the service and merchandises which keep them updates every bit good as busy. This sector includes print media, telecasting, wireless, movie amusement, picture games and casinos.

Today this industry can is to a great extent dependent on the engineering. Thus, media and amusement industry and engineering grow manus in manus. The development of this industry has brought into practise new concern practises and engineerings.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource planning is a computing machine based system to incorporate concern direction practises and latest engineering. The system integrates assorted procedures of an administration and helps to accomplish the end of the administration. Therefore, ERP includes the undermentioned constituents ; Business Management Practises, Information Technology and Business aims.

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In other words, ERP is package that helps in roll uping and administering scattered information across the assorted sections of an administration. Therefore, at the bosom of ERP is centralized informations waiter to get information from and provide information to other waiters in each section.

ERP package architecture includes the assorted endeavor maps. It includes Human Resources, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Finance/Accounts and Manufacturing.

Once, ERP were used in big graduated table industries. But today ERP is used in all sorts of administration irrespective of field and graduated table of operation.


It establishes a perfect integrating of all the functional countries.

The system streamlines assorted concern procedures and work flows.

There is smooth flow of information across assorted sections of the administration.

There is an addition in efficiency, public presentation and productive degrees by the usage of ERP.

It helps in taking determinations, therefore enhances prediction.

Improve client service and satisfaction.

The Ideal ERP System

An ERP is considered to be ideal if it integrates all the below mentioned procedures of the administration:

Fabrication: – Technology, stuff planning, production procedures, resource planning, workflow direction, quality control etc.

Financials: – Histories, fixed assets, leger, hard currency direction and charge.

Human Resource: – Recruitment, preparation, labor regulations, attending, paysheet, compensations

Supply Chain Management: – Inventory direction, gross revenues order disposal, supply concatenation planning, provider programming, supply transit and distribution.

Customer Relationship Management: – Service, committees, gross revenues and selling, client contact and gross revenues support.

Datas Warehouse: – Information storehouse that can be accessed by administration, providers, clients and employees.

Media and Entertainment Scenario

Integrated concern direction for broadcasters and media: ERP enables broadcasters and production companies to pull off licence, resource, plan agenda in individual system.

Rights and royalties: The system allows rights and royalties society and other IP proprietors, to cut on their Information technology costs

Resource planning for broadcasters and Production Company: It helps to pull off plan planning, work orders, licences and assets.

Figure 1-ERP System

Case Study

Company: Melco Crown Entertainment

ERP Software: MicrosoftA® Dynamicsa„? AX 2009 ERP Solution

Company Overview:

Melco Crown Entertainment is proprietor and developer of casino resort in Macau. The company got listed in NASDAQ in 2006 raising in surplus of US $ 1.14 billion in the procedure. The company aims to supply the best amusement experience in Macau. It has 40 different concern entities. The company has assorted belongingss like City of Dreams, which fulfils the company ‘s end. The company is one of the largest employers in Macau with more than 10,000 employees.

Business Challenge:

The company had no anterior experience in utilizing an ERP system for all its 40 concern entities. Each section functioned on its ain.

As Melco got listed on NASDAQ it faced rigorous demands to run into in the planetary market. Further, Melco had to run into the demands of Macau chancing ordinances. Therefore, Melco Crown Entertainment Needed an ERP which could follow with all this regulations.

The company ‘s HR and Finance faced challenges due to the heterogenous nature of concern. The clip consumed was more and increase in the figure of employees made it hard and dearly-won to back up.

Further, the nature of concern made the company gain the demand of better information visibleness and direction. Therefore, the company needed a centralized cognition direction and timely entree to concern informations.

Besides, the company wanted to better its productiveness and security.

The company had a really short clip run into all these challenges and implement an ERP solution due to its other ongoing undertakings.


The company studied and analysed three different ERP merchandises. But it was Microsoft Dynamics AX that suited the most for Melco Crown Entertainment.

In the words of Mr. Roger Seshadri, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Melco Crown Entertainment, “ Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 ERP Solution has all the ingredients of a first endeavor merchandise. We wanted an ERP system with first-class serviceability and good knock for our vaulting horse. Dynamics was the clear pick. ”

Microsoft Dynamic AX

Microsoft Dynamic AX is the most easy to utilize enterprise resource planning solution for little and big graduated table administration. It provides the user with package tools which are compatible with tools used every twenty-four hours like MS office. This ERP package makes people in administration work more expeditiously, manage informations and gives a competitory border in planetary market.

For companies in the media and amusement concern, the promotion in engineering and epoch of digital media has brought huge complexness to the industry. Administrations that continue with out-of-date concern direction solution may neglect to last in this market. Therefore, Microsoft Dynamic AX is one concern solution that has helped this industry in the undermentioned mode:

It manages resources more expeditiously. It helps in maintaining path of production crew, endowment, and other touchable resources more expeditiously

It reduces cost of operation by cut downing the work force.

Assorted concern intelligence tools help bring forth project study, graphs easy.

The package integrates informations from all the assorted facets of media industry. Therefore, giving the company better informations visibleness and provides information when required.

Media industry is invariably in touch with its clients though it merchandises and service. Microsoft Dynamic Fosters betters relationship between the administration and its clients by keeping proper path of their order and client satisfaction.

Architecture for Melco Crown Entertainment

The Architecture of Dynamic AX comprises of 4 most of import constituents:

Database Server: It shops the informations of administration

Files Sever: It is a booklet incorporating Dynamic AX application files

Application Object Server: It controls all the facets of operation of Microsoft Dynamic AX. It besides controls the flow of information from assorted concern entities of the administration. Thus, manages communicating and integrating of information.

Client: The existent user at the administration.

The above type of architecture is called as three-tier client/server execution. In this architecture the database and application faculties are separate. In this system, client requires more than one web connexion. First, the client establishes communicating with application waiter. The application waiter so establishes a connexion to database waiter.

Figure 2-Tier Interaction

Figure 3-System Architecture

Impact on Melco Crown Entertainment:

The execution of Microsoft Dynamic ERP solution overcame all challenges faced by the administration. This package was a great success for Melco Crown. Today, success of Melco Crown can besides be attributed to this concern solution. Therefore, benefits provided by the package are:

Addition in productiveness: This ERP significantly increased the employee productiveness at Melco Crown Entertainment. Dynamics AX integrated all the application of assorted concern entities, cut downing the complexness. The conventional interface of Dynamic AX avoided the complexness of alteration direction and preparation.

Improvement in concern procedures and conformity: It has provided concern procedure re-engineering and standardization across all the entities. Most of the procedure is automated, doing less labour work. Dynamic AX has provided a robust fiscal system with procedure and system controls, security, work flows and audit test. The paysheet for 10,000 employees is executed faster. The system besides manages Macau and Hong Kong labour Torahs and revenue enhancement demands.

Centralized Information direction: Real clip entree to information has made Melco Crown Entertainment a tough rival in the amusement industry. With incorporate and timely information handiness has improved the determination devising procedure, which helps in be aftering future ends.

Lower Information technology costs: The Company has been able to carry through the demanding and critical concern demands with less hardware. Therefore, IT squad can concentrate on more concern value occupations.


The age of globalization has brought each company to maintain gait with altering times. Besides the importance of sing “ Information ” as one valuable assets of a company has led to many thriving and successful concern narratives. Therefore, today it is all possible merely by the current ERP and other engineerings available.

The media and amusement industry is ever altering. To maintain up with such quickly altering environment you need to hold solution which can cut operational costs, better determination devising, and run into the client demands. Thus, a solution which can easy accommodate to altering environment is indispensable. It is really indispensable to be advanced and have a acute oculus on alterations to remain on the top.


Figure 1

The figure shows that an ideal ERP system includes all the concern operations of concern and maintains a smooth integrating between them.

Figure 2

The diagram depicts a three tier solution. First grade is the client which manages the user interface and the plan logic. Second grade is AOS, which handles concern logic. Third grade is the database, where information is stored.

Figure 3

The diagram gives a high degree overview of Microsoft Dynamic AX system architecture. It does non picture the topology or system substructure required for deployment.


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