Medicine and Health Care

June 19, 2018 Health

1. List six defining characteristics of the US Healthcare System that have key challenges for healthcare leaders. Answer: There are plenty of characteristics of the US Healthcare System that have key challenges for healthcare leaders. Yet, in todays’ world there are a few “hot topics” in which healthcare as a whole describe “features” that are going to be very important for the future healthcare leaders to understand. Examples are: 1. The role of each employee that is involved within each facility. Anything from Healthcare Administrators, to physicians. 2. The obligation of healthcare facilities giving proper care. 3. The technological advancements that healthcare facilities nationwide have been approaching. 4. The debate between nonprofit organizations vs. “big business” 5. Financial issues regarding the healthcare system. (insurance, payments, finance, etc.) 6. Educating the public about life changing events that will make our community a better place.

2. The Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care has been used as a classic overview of the US Healthcare system. What are the significant inferences from the study related to the State of Texas?

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3Define Quality as discussed by the INSTITUTE OF HEALTH. Donabedian (1988) discuss three dimensions related to quality. What are the three dimensions and how do they apply to healthcare?

•Is it ethical to limit the access to care for patients covered by poorly paying insurers? As a hospital administrator or chief nursing officer, how would you approach a situation where you needed to limit losses created by treating patients with no insurance or poorly paying insurance who arrive in your emergency room?

•Does every hospital need to have a surgical robot for appropriate procedures? Does it benefit the supplier to limit the number of surgical robots sold in order to maximize utilization per robot? Why or why not?

•What does the concept of comparative effectiveness mean in health care?

•How would an employer establish co-pays and deductibles to encourage more efficient use of health services?

•How will healthcare reform affect the health care workforce?

•To what extent can nurses substitute as doctors?

•How do we know when we have too many doctors, nurses, or other health professionals?

•Why do some refer to the health care system as “the sickness care system”? Do you agree or disagree?

•How does the World Health Organization define health?

•Describe approaches to planning and forecasting in health care.

•What are three factors that drive change in the health care system?

•Core competencies for health care administrators are critical. List at least three important core competencies for health care administrators.

•What impact does value based purchasing have on hospitals? On physicians?

•The movement towards community health as related to access to care continues to emerge. Describe how the current healthcare system can respond t this emerging concept.

•How does he European model for healthcare differ from the US model? (You may use a specific country to compare with the US or make a solid general answer).

•Using what we currently know, what is the current status of the Affordable Care Act? Be specific and detailed.

•What are the most challenging regulatory issues facing the US health care system? (From The Joint Commission. CMS etc).


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