Medieval and Renaissance Art Essay

August 10, 2017 History

The most important difference between medieval and renaissance art is that renaissance art paid more attending to the human organic structure. and to detail. Both. nevertheless. focused chiefly on spiritual subjects. although non needfully Christian. Renaissance creative persons are remembered because they brought about the alterations that led to the art of today.

When looking at mediaeval art. such as “The Notary of Perugia Writing a Document” it is rather obvious that really small attending to item is included. There is no deepness to the picture. the authorship on the parchment bares no resemblance to existent text. and everyone in the image has the same face.

In contrast. when looking at a Renaissance picture. like Christ the Redeemer by Titian rather a spot more attending is given to detail. even though the scene does non embrace about every bit much. It is possible to see shadowing in the picture. every bit good as to the behaviour of cloths. There is besides a good feel of deepness with much attending paid non merely to doing a nice background. but dividing it from the foreground every bit good.

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There are many similarities in the two manners ; they are. after all. separated by a short period in history. One similarity might be a pick of colourss. as the most visually appealing colour combinations had yet to be discovered. Another similarity would be the deficiency of apprehension of how to accurately stand for the human organic structure. as this was considered iniquitous by the church ; Leonardo di Vinci did began to alter this with some of his plants though.

The short period in clip left similarities between the manners of art. but they were few. far between. and diminished fast. Renaissance artists put away much greater attempt into these plants and it truly shows in the quality. instead so the measure produced.


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