Medway School Of Engineering Systems Enginerring Marketing Essay

Executive Summary

Directors understand the advantage of planetary selling and stigmatization system in order to get the better of their administrations demands. September 1957 was the beginning of a authoritative trade name failure of all clip in the automotive market, which led to the modernization of marketing schemes in many administrations around the Earth ( Matt Haig 2003 ) . The failure of this peculiar merchandise has set a good illustration for many turning concern around the universe.

In 1954 Ford motor company gained a good name for bring forthing a extremely good known auto “ thunderbird ” . Consequently the success of the thunderbird dining market led to the design and development of a new auto that will ab initio take over the automotive market by storm. Ford ‘s CEO ‘s wanted to reiterate the same success by bring forthing a auto the market has ne’er experienced before harmonizing to their selling scheme. In 1955 Ford motors have already began the construct design of their new auto Edsel. However the auto did non make its merchandising point due to the deficiency of selling research, quality control, and stigmatization.

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The study analysis the jobs encountered during at the clip when Edsel was designed and released, indicating out the chief issues that had affected the production line losing out the key pointes which led to the biggest trade name failure of all times. Furthermore the study emphasis out the lessons that needs to be learnt from their errors in footings of their selling schemes, quality control, and critical determination devising. Additionally how the lessons learnt from their failure can be applied to the new merchandise for the following coevals by using all the possible solutions in order to hold a successful merchandise.


Edsel Bryant Ford was the boy of Hennery Ford laminitis of the Ford motor company. Edsel followed his male parent ‘s footfalls in going the president of Ford Motors Company ( Haig Matt, 2003 ) . Following his decease, the company continued to bring forth and fabricate autos supplying the consumer alongside other automotive rivals. In 1955 Ford motors began the development of their new auto Edsel and opened new production line. From the clip when they had a changeless competition from other automotive makers, such as General motors, they wanted to take the market with their new launch “ Edsel ” that was destined to neglect.

In 1957 Ford Motors Company had already began presenting Edsel. Months into the design procedure of the construct auto, Ford motors decided to get down advertisement utilizing the motto “ The Edsel is coming ” . The company decided to for make full the consumers market with high outlooks via expensive advertizements even to the point of making its ain trade name T.V show, naming it “ The Edsel Show ” . However during the procedure of this launching advertizement the company has already made a error of non demoing the full merchandise to the populace, traders where restricted non to set up the auto for show, which created a really hi outlooks from the consumers point of position ( Haig Matt, 2003 ) .

By the clip the auto was ready for launch, Ford Motors have already spent $ 200 million dollars conveying Edsel to the market ( Flory j. Kelly, 2008 ) . The utmost desire for more success in the automotive industries in relation to the success of thunderbird has over shadowed the values of marketing research every bit good as bring forthing a really good managed merchandise that will suit in the bing consumer demands at the clip. However after two old ages in the production, the company managers could non sell the 200,000 Edsel autos they would hold hoped for, they managed to sell merely 64,000 autos at beginning of the launch. Merely after six months the sale was sulky ( Flory j. Kelly, 2008 ) . Due to these factors Ford Motors closed down the new division line for good.

What went incorrect?

The manner and design factors

The manner and design of the auto was one its biggest failures and most talked about amongst consumers and critics. Due to the deficiency of marketing research and specifying what the client ‘s demands are, the first feelings from the populace were non the outlooks of many Ford company managers. Many clients have expressed their ideas in footings of the design looks, where some expressed it as “ auto grill ” and “ Equus caballus neckband ” ( Sheila Mello, 2008 ) . At the beginning the first paradigm design and assembly contained superb characteristics and other design factors which could hold overcome the jobs they were confronting. However this paradigm design was excessively expensive for production harmonizing to the manager ‘s. Other major issues related to the design were the fact that some of the autos have already reached clients uncomplete, where some parts were losing.

Merchandise Name ( Branding )

The auto faculty name has played a important axial rotation. The research group that was asked to transport out the market research had come up with 10,000 names to take from, nevertheless this was considered to be one excessively many. Having carried this strategic selling research the board failed to take any of the names listed out, alternatively they decided to call it “ Edsel ” , a name that belongs to the Sun of Hennery Ford the laminitis of Ford Motors. Just like the manner the name has been criticised, the fact that the name ca n’t be easy pronounced, and meaningless.

Selling Scheme

Marketing Research failure due to self-image, although they carried out what they thought was a high criterion market research. Ford Motors have created more of a Product-centric attack instead than Customer-centric attack. Ford Edsel was non designed based on the client ‘s demands at clip of recession instead based on what they thought the client wanted.


The auto was released when United States of America was come ining the recession, at a clip where clients are looking to cut down their outgo, in peculiar the in-between category who had been affected the most. During this clip other automotive rivals such as General Motors were cut downing the cost of their existing and approaching auto theoretical accounts. Edsel was launched at this clip which was overpriced in comparing to other Ford faculties such as Mercury. Frome Customers prospective Mercury was much more reliant, cost effectual, and good equipped in comparing to Edsel. Therefore Edsel did non bring forth any fight even amongst other Ford theoretical accounts. Furthermore internal substructure did non hold much difference than the bing Ford faculties. At the clip consumers were looking for fuel efficient autos, nevertheless the Edsel theoretical account had a bigger engine, which was non the desired engine at a clip of recession due to high fuel ingestion.

Lessons learnt from Ford Motors Experience

Customers drive the definition of the merchandise due to their humanly behavior, and their behavior is driven by their single demands. Hence administration such as ABC limited must follow its construction functions and internal activities of the dynamic demands of the client.

The lessons to be learnt from this failure are the fact that measuring the current selling demands, looking into the estimated market size and the possible. Furthermore pricing and their mutuality and doing the right determinations before developing the paradigm design.

The merchandise development holds the key to accomplishing good client demands in that, irrespective of who the organisations are, there is ever a competition amongst other organisations. In order to remain in front of any competitory menaces it can merely be done through new invention through successful merchandise development.

Merchandise determinations must come before any development of a merchandise. In order to plan and bring forth the new merchandise, the administration must do the right merchandise determination before establishing the new merchandise to all-out.

Using the Lessons learnt to new Merchandises

Edsel ‘s Failure has become a beginning of invention for turning and bing companies and concern, intending companies such as ABC can larn the importance of research and development of a merchandise. In peculiarly when bring forthing a merchandise that will hold an terminal user, and the outlook merchandise life rhythm to be much longer.

The importance of Designing and Quality Control

If the trigon of forces were to be used the quality will be much greater than the clip and cost. One of the chief grounds why Edsel failed is due to the fortune of planing and quality control. Therefore when planing the new merchandise for the following coevals it is imperative to indicate out the demand for a good structured design and quality control whilst concentrating on the client ‘s demands, which involves inquiring the right inquiries before production and idea.

The importance of Marketing Research

Making an premises or trusting on old success to bring forth new merchandise does non warrant what clients want, which was one of the chief issues Edsel manufacturer faced. There market research was excessively obscure, in that they used what considered as Product-centric attack where clients are non involved in much of the design every bit good as the in the research carried out shown in fiure1. The new merchandise for the following coevals must hold a critical market research and study which can specify the exact targeted clients. The attack should me customer-centric as shown in figure 2 ; the client ‘s apothegm should ever be involved.

Figure 1 Product-Centric

Beginning ( Sheila Mello 2008 )

Figure 2 Customer- centric

Beginning ( Sheila Mello 2008 )

Merchandise Naming ( Branding )

Now twenty-four hours ‘s companies concentrate more on branding the merchandise instead than the physical point. The thought of stigmatization is to raise the purchasers mined. In ford Edsel instance their stigmatization self-importance has caught up with them, in that they have developed a tendency by over-estimating their ain importance, and their ain ability. It is of import that when determinations are made within the company for this new merchandise has to be client focused.

Analyzing Current Economy

As seen the job with Edsel, the timing of let go ofing a merchandise is important. Therefore analyzing the current economical issues could find the merchandises pricing mark. Determining a good balanced monetary value with the economic system can assist the success of the merchandise to make its possible merchandising mark.


Regardless of the ill-conceived selling research that potentially led to the failure of Edsel, it is of import to indicate out that Ford Motors have regained some of their repute by larning from the error they have made during the Edsel production, and utilize this failure as a resource of invention to bring forth their following auto theoretical account Mustang, which still exists among us to this twenty-four hours. The new merchandise which is ought to be designed and produced can utilize this as a acquisition method to win within the market, therefore giving the company ABC an overall successful company.



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