Memoir About Changing Schools

April 21, 2017 General Studies

Franklin Jasmine Franklin Eng. 101 Patrick Green October 2, 2012 Change When I found out I was changing schools I felt like my whole world was going to end. I did not want to leave my old school and my friends. My moms’ job transferred her to another state so I really did not have a choice but to go. Making new friends at a new school really did not seem like a great idea to me. Neither did taking a class again because some of my credits did not transfer. When I did start at my new school my whole life changed for the better. On the first day of school I strolled into class thinking to myself, “I can probably make this new school thing work. So I sat in an open desk. Then the teacher called me to the front of the class. I was already nervous as my face turned blood shot red as I walked to the front of the class. He politely said, “Class we have a new student. Her name is Jasmine Franklin. ” Then I went back and sat down in my desk with a smile on my face relieved that that was over. So when the bell rang I went to my next class which was calculus. Calculus was one of the classes I had to Franklin 2 take over because it didn’t transfer over from my other high school. In calculus class I met my best friend till this day Kasi Sims.

I am sitting in the front of the class and a girl came and sat in the desk right beside me. “Hey what is your name? Are you new here because I have never seen you around before? ” she questioned. “Hi my name is Jasmine Franklin and yes I am new here. ” I happily replied. We kept the conversation going. We both got to know each other very well. We started going to the mall, shopping, going to the movies and just hanging out. We got alone great. We even tried out for the volleyball team together; an experience I will never forget about. Both of us made the team and have been the best of friends ever since.

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So making new friends wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. Making the volleyball team came with a lot of positive things. The girls on the team were very nice and they welcomed me onto the team with open arms. I made one of the starting positions and so did my friend Kasi. Coming onto the volleyball team I thought it was going to be hard to adjust to a new team. I was so use to playing with the girls at my old school. However the transition was very easy and I got use to it very quickly. Franklin 3 So when I changed to a new school my whole perspective changed on the situation.

I made a great best friend that is still my best friend till this day. I made the volleyball team and made more awesome friends. I had to take a class again but I succeeded in it so it was not bad at all. Now that I think back on it, if I had not changed schools I do not know how my life would be like right now. Sometimes good things come out of change and a lot of good things came out of my situation. So my experience through this journey is that when something changes it can be for the better and not always for the worse. So I am still grateful till this day.


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