Memoirs of a Geisha Book and Movie Analysis Essay

October 4, 2017 Music

I. Introduction Talking to us with the wisdom of age and in a voice at one time stalking and startlingly immediate. Nitta Sayuri tells the narrative of her life as a geisha. It begins in a hapless fishing small town in 1929. when. as a nine-year-old miss with unusual blue-grey eyes. she is taken from her place and sold into bondage to a celebrated geisha house. We witness her transmutation as she learns the strict humanistic disciplines of the geisha: dance and music ; have oning kimono. luxuriant make-up. and hair ; pouring sake to uncover merely a touch of interior carpus ; viing with a covetous challenger for men’s solicitousness and the money that goes with it.

In Memoirs of a Geisha. we enter a universe where visual aspects are paramount ; where a girl’s virginity is auctioned to the highest bidder ; where adult females are trained to juggle the most powerful work forces ; and where love is scorned as semblance. It is a alone and exultant work of fiction—at one time romantic. titillating. suspenseful—and wholly unforgettable.

II. Comparison and Contrast After reading a batch of positive review about the novel. I bought a transcript and read it thirstily the minute I took clasp of it. I’ve seen the film long earlier I read the book. It was the film that captured my involvement and based on my experience. the books are ever better than the film. except for The DaVinci Code which I think. doesn’t have any difference with the book. that’s why I decided that it is a must to read the novel.

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The characters were vividly described. I was carried off by the emotions of the characters particularly Nitta Sayuri. who was at the beginning. known as Chiyo. the miss from a hapless coastal town who was sold to an okiya to be trained to go a geisha. It was focused on how a geisha is trained. about the life of a geisha. I ever felt myself commanding my emotions particularly on seeking sequences in the novel. I was commanding my emotions merely how Sayuri did. the manner a geisha should.

The character of Hatsumomo. on the other manus. made me experience assorted emotions. I was angry because of her inhuman treatment to a incapacitated kid but I besides pity her because she knows that this really immature helpless miss can eat her alive if she will acquire proper preparation as a geisha. The first existent kindness that she experienced from the “Chairman” touched her deeply and gave her hope. a sense of intent which vanished wholly after she failed to run into her older sister when they planned to runaway and travel back to their place.

The book showed me that geishas are non cocottes. They are well-trained. professional entertainers and although they. most of the clip. pull strings men’s emotion for their ain public assistance. they know where their base and that those men’s money were reciprocated by services plenty that they don’t mind passing them. Communities depended greatly on Geishas. non straight but through the income they get from how the Geisha’s concern operates. The book made me understand how difficult it is to be a Geisha. how a adult female gives her virginity to the highest bidder and how loving does non hold a infinite in a woman’s life if she truly want to win in her calling.

The film did non make much explicating as the book but it was good. It did non demo how punctilious it is to bind an obeah. I did non experience overwhelmed by the dance scene as I felt reading how it was described in the book. They besides changed how Hatsumomo left. In the book. she got so angry on a client that she bit him and after that. she was kicked out of the okiya but in the film. she burned their okiya. I think it was a major turning point and should non be changed. It was besides mentioned in the book how it felt unusual when Hatsumomo was non populating at that place in their okiya any longer. It was a good opportunity to play at the emotions of the viewing audiences.

But there were good things about the film such as perfect soundtrack which carried on the temper and emphasized the emotions felt in different scenes. the casting was perfect although I would hold chosen a prettier Mameha. and the colourss were graphic. and some scenes made me travel through the same emotions once more as when I read it in the book such as the distant love affair between the Chairman and Sayuri. I would besides like it better if it was shown in the film how the Chairman became Sayuri’s danna and that the two of them moved to NYC and Sayuri decided to set up her ain teashop at that place.

III. Chemical reaction

The film is a great addendum for the book. It was good by itself but reading the book will do you understand more. non merely about being a Geisha but the civilization in China. the complexness of the difference in economic position. the traditions that remained kept up. and the deepness of the sort of relationship that Sayuri and the Chairman had.

The characters were good presented in the books every bit good as the scenes and scenes. I love reading and I don’t acquire easy bored with books but it is besides rare that I feel heavy in the thorax to merely set a book down. “Memoirs of a Geisha” is one of my favourite novels and although the film did non do it to my list. it is a must-see if you read the novel. It would be much better if you read the book foremost because the film will merely assist you visualise although that would non be needed because everything was vividly described by Arthur Golden in the novel the same manner Rob Marshall exactly recreated the scenes that preserved the novel’s beautiful calamity.


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