men can learn from women

January 7, 2017 General Studies

Have you ever wondered why women are different from men? Do men have more power over women? This question is addressed by Barbara Ehrenreich in her essay, “What I’ve Learned from Men: Lessons for a Full-Grown Feminist.” Ehrenreich suggests that women can learn a lot from watching men. In the other hand, maybe men can learn a lot from watching themselves. Men can learn a lot from themselves than women. Men do have more power than women.

Ehrenreich suggests than men have more authority over women. . Men can learn how to act more properly during conversations like women. A man can easily “interrupt someone in midsentence as if [he] were performing an act of euthanasia” (252). In conversations with women, men do nothing but listen. Maybe men can learn to take the responsibility in every human interaction like women. Men should get the message that they are dull during conversations. “Women throw out leading questions and verbal encouragements” (253) towards men; and in return, men only say brief acknowledging words such as: “Hmmmm.” Both women and men should have an equal stakes in conversations; instead, men listen while women do the talking. Ehrenreich presents that women are courteous to men. Women would rather solicit unwanted information rather than saying something rude. Men don’t hesitate to say something discourteous unlike women.

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In the narrative example in paragraph three of Ehrenreich’s essay, she clearly clarifies her belief that a woman behaves like a ninny. Maybe men are the ones acting like ninnies. She specifies how she behaved during an interaction with her professor. Being a feminist, Ehrenreich did nothing to bring an end to a sexual encounter with her professor. Her professor placed his hands on her without her consent. Instead of treating Ehrenreich with respect, the professor places his hands on Ehreinreich without her permission. Men can learn to be more respectful towards women.


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