Men Who Can’t Handle The Mice Essay

October 2, 2017 General Studies

In the novel of Mice and Men. George has to do a really difficult determination. Lennie and George are really good friends. and they do everything together. When Lennie by chance kills Curley’s married woman. George has to do a determination for himself and for what is best for Lennie. Lennie trusts George and does whatever he asks. which made it harder for George to take Lennie’s life without Lennie understanding why.

George is really careful and ever thinks about the things he does before them. In this state of affairs George had to assist his friend by killing him to forestall him from life in a gaol sell or deceasing easy. Curley said that if he finds Lennie. he would hit him in the tummy. so he would decease distressingly and decelerate. When Candy’s Canis familiaris was shot he told George that he regretted allowing a alien shoot his Canis familiaris and that he should hold done it himself. George did the right thing by hiting Lennie. and making it with love. Making this is maintaining his promise to Aunt Clara by taking attention of him and killing him so he is now free.

There truly is non anything left for Lennie his dream is reasonably much non traveling to go on so what is Lennie traveling to be looking frontward to in this universe. If George did non kill Lennie. and merely allow him travel free and fell in the wood forever. Lennie would hold died. Lennie could non take attention of himself for that long and survive off doing his ain nutrient and being entirely. He would experience abandoned and non cognize what to make. If George had ran off with him. everyone would believe that he was in on the slaying and they would both be killed. Their dreams are ruined and Lennie would ne’er truly understand what he did. George would besides be accused of something he did non make.

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George made the right determination because there was nil left for Lennie. The program on purchasing a belongings is over with and Lennie would non cognize what to woolgather approximately or what to look frontward to in the hereafter. Lennie died happy and George told him that he could be given the coneies in Eden and he would be happy. The fact that George did it intend a batch. that he had to allow his best friend spell and his character showed when he did it himself. George knew that Lennie did non intend to make it and when he killed Lennie. he told him he was non huffy.

Lennie was so big that he could kill things so easy without intending excessively. It was non his mistake. but it was going a job. If George did non kill Lennie. he does non cognize who else Lennie could kill on accident. This put other peoples lives in danger and Lennie’s. so George decided to allow him decease in peace when he is happy. and non when things become worse.

George shooting Lennie in the dorsum of the caput so Lennie would non experience anything. and would decease immediately. It shows that George did non hit Lennie for himself. because he hesitated at the trigger. In this type of state of affairs anyone would make the same thing. George practically raised Lennie and cognize he has to kill him. this is likely the hardest thing he will of all time make.

Therefore. George did the right thing by killing his best friend and holding to make it himself. It shows that when person loves another and they are put in a place where they have to kill their friend. and it was the lone manner they would be in peace. they would make whatever it took for their felicity. In the terminal Lennie was free and George was lonely. but he knew he did the right thing. George will ne’er bury Lennie. but now George can settle down and get down a new chapter of his life and have a household.


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