Merchant of Venice – a Tragedy or Comedy Essay

August 19, 2017 General Studies

* “The tragic feeling is invoked in us when we are in the presence of a character who is ready to put down his life. if need be. to procure one thing. his sense of personal dignity” – Arthur Miller * Leading up to Shylock’s test he undergoes a batch of battle with respects to his bond with Antonio where. Antonio deceives Shylock when he doesn’t pay him and escapes the clause of the bond ( lb of flesh ) .

* Shylock

At the same clip Shylock loses his girl. whom he loves really much. to a Christian adult male. Shylock was betrayed by his girl and deceived by Antonio and the remainder of the Christians. * I would my girl were dead at my pess. and gems in her ear! Would she were hearsed at my pes. and the ducats in her casket! * Therefore it is tragic when Shylock is stripped of his money and forced to change over faith. Against all his battles he was merely carry oning his manner of concern and has to endure so much.

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* This narrative is besides tragic for the Judaic communities:

* They were mocked and scorned by the Christians and perceived as “different” from other people ( personality and physical properties ) * They were forced to populate all together in a separate portion of the metropolis known as “ghettos” * When they exited the “ghettos” and went to different countries amongst Christians they had to have on ruddy chapeaus ( this is a mark of the segregation of faiths ) * They could non prosecute in any other occupations except ware. This is why the Jews were largely known as ‘usurers’ .

* Revenge is a subject of calamity * Revenge is dark and hateful and peculiarly in this drama Shylock is consumed with it. * He wants retaliation with his girl because he feels betrayed and difficult one by. She disobeyed him and their faith and stole money from him. * He is consumed with retaliation towards Antonio and his Christian friends because of the manner Antonio deceived him where he did non pay off his bond and the manner the Christian friends mocked him. This was emphasised in his celebrated soliloquy “hath non a Jew eyes” where he describes the manner he is treated.

* The manner the manager personifies the characters * In most renderings of the drama. particularly in the most modern film. the chief characters ( Bassanio. Antonio and Shylock ) are really serious characters and this adds to the tragic temper of the drama * When covering with jobs these characters do non look to be in a blithe or joyous temper. they are more dull and serious. * At the clip tragic characters had to be really inactive and weren’t versatile and this is apparent. largely in the characters of Antonio. Bassanio and Shylock.


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