Merjen Bekiyeva UCA 2017-2018 ARW Assignment. Logical

February 5, 2019 Music

Merjen Bekiyeva
UCA 2017-2018 ARW Assignment. Logical Division of Ideas 2.

Lale YolamanovaAugust 31, 2017
Why do I Admire Adele?
I have three main reasons to admire Adele Adkins, a famous British singer. The first reason is that her songs really inspire me. For instance, I listen to “Hello” song every time I feel alone or disappointed. Then I feel better. Similarly,”Skyfall” from the “James Bond” movie is also one of my favorites. Whenever I listen to that song, I feel cheerful. Although the song doesn’t have the same motive. Next, I love her for her diligence. As she is also a songwriter, she works diligently the whole year in order to release good songs and her work pays off. For instance, +++++. Finally it is worth, to mention that Adele is she’s the model of achievements to me. For example, once she received twelve awards at one night at the Billboards Music Awards and broke a record. Every year she wins more than five awards at Grammy, Billboards and MTV awards. Please explain how is that all connected with being a role model for you. For these reasons, Adele is my idol who has all the necessary components that a successful person needs.

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