Mesopotamia and the Indus River Valley Essay

October 22, 2017 Engineering

Throughout the ages ; societies around the universe have been compared and contrasted. this is due to the turning involvements of the human head. Although the Indus River Valley was complex and exceptionally organized due to it’s agricultural chances. Mesopotamia serves as a more singular society. Known for being the ‘cradle of civilization’ . Mesopotamia formed a benchmark as the most ancient extremely developed society. While Mesopotamia was the most dominant society to come at such an early clip. the Indus River Valley besides housed an ideal location susceptible for great agricultural promotions and options for worlds.

It is said that the development of the Mesopotamian society began around 5300 B. C. because of the clashing of urban societies. Around 3300 B. C. . the Indus River Valley took canvas. Both societies took advantage of their location ; moreover. they relied on agribusiness as their manner of life. This ‘way of life’ proceeded to stabilise the people of the society. This stabilisation triggered the promotions in engineering and shortly became the ground of such outstanding civilisations.

The geographics of Mesopotamia was the chief ground that their society was able to construct up to the advanced town archeologists say it was today. Their metropoliss were so well advanced that there are some communities in our universe today that do non hold the public works that Mesopotamia had ; similarly. the Indus River Valley shared in these several public plants such as: canals. sewer systems. irrigation. and authorities.

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The society of Mesopotamia was forced to do manpower to unearth canals for their irrigation system. which led to a natural happening of prosperity and promotion. Although there is just grounds back uping the facts of Mesopotamian society. the facts of the Indus River Valley seemed to hold dried out. literally. Archeologists have found many dried up rivers adjacent to their society ; yet. they have non proceeded to happen factual grounds of canals for irrigation.

Even though Mesopotamia is the older of the two civilisations. it was merely every bit. if non more. civilized than its comparing the Indus River Valley. It is proven that the Mesopotamian society acquired the many public works antecedently discussed ; yet. there lacks grounds of Indus River Valley canals. the Indus River Valley did hold the most exceeding drainage system at it’s extremum. This drainage system involved drains in every place and bathing country that drained into a covered city-wide drainage system.

In decision. the societies of Mesopotamia and the Indus River Valley have served to demo many similarities and few differences. This statement reflects upon the given comparings and minor differences in the essay. Although each society relied on their phenomenal arrangement geographically. the society of Mesopotamia stands out due to it’s earlier age and concrete grounds turn outing exceptionality.


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