Metamorphosis of a Man Essay

September 16, 2017 Medical

Often times. a novel will present. at most. one or two characters that alteration throughout the class of the narrative. Christine Sparks’ novel. The Elephant Man. is different in that it features rather a smattering of characters that are dynamic – characters that change throughout the narrative. Out of those characters. Dr. Frederick Treves is the 2nd most of import changing character. From a superficial physician who dabbles in medical scientific discipline. to a therapist of great proportions. the reader can see a profound alteration in the mentality of a adult male who dares stairss beyond his comfort zone to care for one who can non make so for himself. John Merrick.

In kernel. Treves morphs from egotistically ambitious to recognizing his guilt. and eventually to a adult male who is non merely helpful but of import to Merrick. At first glimpse. the reader can state that Dr. Treves is a scientist in hunt of a rare specimen to carry through his desires for celebrity in his peers’ eyes. That is true for the first few chapters. Quotation marks made by the storyteller can corroborate this. On page 14. the storyteller states that “Treves had no uncertainty that he was on the path of something rare” when the physician decides to look for the phenomenon known as the Elephant Man.

This type of attitude continues on good until the terminal of the 2nd chapter. Before the terminal. nevertheless. the reader is treated to the doctor’s commiseration and disgust towards John Merrick. as may be expected by many superficial blue bloods in the timeframe of the novel. Yet. through all the disgust. aspiration is clearly stated by the storyteller in the last paragraph of page 21: “He had it—the thing he had been seeking for ; the thing that would do his name. It had happened as he had ever known it would. if he looked long plenty and difficult plenty. He had the topic for a talk that would make a esthesis.

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” As stated before. the physician is at foremost a selfish adult male who wants to utilize Merrick for presentation intents so he can derive a name for himself in forepart his other equals. When the reader is done with the 3rd chapter. nevertheless. it is obvious that the adult male is able to experience guilt and compunction. Naturally. at that place has to be a turning point in the word picture of Dr. Treves as The Elephant Man progresses. The terminal of the 3rd chapter indicates this. At the terminal. the storyteller states that Treves feels dirty as he has a conversation with his married woman. Anne.

To the untrained mind. it looks like this is a instance of a adult male who is yet once more disgusted after covering with another adult male who has a malformation. This could hold some truth to it as earlier in the chapter. Treves was carry oning his observation of Merrick in forepart of the Pathological Society members. However. with other conflicting grounds from earlier transitions in the chapter. one can bring on that Treves has his first oncoming of guilt as a character. As Merrick stairss into his cab while Treves observes him. the storyteller states on page 42:

“But why did he stand like that. immobile beside the impatient taxidriver. his caput turned mercilessly in this way? Treves froze indoors. for he had a feeling as if the adult male had screamed at him across a great distance. ” In direct response to the quotation mark above. it would look that Treves has frozen in guilt. It does non count whether the Merrick is peeking at Treves or whether he is able to. The fact of the affair is that Treves feels guilt. and this adds to the metabolism of his character merely three chapters into the novel.

Finally. as the chapters advancement. Treves is no longer a selfish adult male. He rapidly finds many ways to soothe or assist Merrick by: supplying Merrick with his ain isolation ward so that others may non shout at his malformation ; taking clip to larn from Merrick’s journey into Treves’ attention ; contending for Merrick’s new place off from the ward in the tests against Broadneck. who is simply an obstruction ; allowing Merrick come into his place despite his wife’s reluctance at first ; and eventually. salvaging Merrick from impending catastrophe from the populace as he storms into the bathroom stalls near the train station.

The last quotation mark of chapter 18 said by Treves is a major indicant of the accomplishment Treves makes to a adult male with good ethical motives – “He’s—my friend. ” This quotation mark may mostly appeal to the reader for two grounds. Not merely does it signal the terminal of Merrick’s emphasis and adversity after the problems of chapter 17. but it contains the first spoken words made by Treves that has such an impact that it has to be included at the terminal of the chapter in order to do the chapter even more emotional than without it.

On a farther note. it is a quotation mark that does non lose its significance in the duologue and idiom of today’s many novels written by American young persons seeing as the novel takes topographic point in late 19th century London. On a more of import note. Treves is the mover of the novel as the narrative progresses. His character is of import to the literature as a whole based entirely on his capablenesss as a physician every bit good as a friend. Without his alteration from a selfish adult male to a altruistic adult male. the stoping would non hold made as much sense it would hold. if it were to stay the same.

Dr. Treves is alone from all other characters in the novel such as Anne and Mrs. Mothershead in that facet as he is the first one to truly sympathise with John Merrick. All in all. if the scene were to take topographic point in today’s universe. the character Treves would stay merely slightly similar. By today’s criterions. a larger figure of people may sympathise with the elephant adult male as Treves does by the terminal of the fresh visual perception as America. for illustration. has changed and allowed rights for more peoples as it has non in the yesteryear.

A present twenty-four hours scene may alter Dr. Treves’ character in that regard. In other words. his character would non hold stairss taking to the good adult male he is by the terminal of The Elephant Man and remain largely inactive – drilling. Surely. Treves represents the character that must alter. or come to a realisation. in order to back up the chief supporter and have a profound consequence on the reader. In decision. Dr. Frederick Treves is a changed adult male by the terminal of Christine Sparks’ novel.

It seems that he is the lone character that can truly assist Merrick throughout the narrative. even though the likes of Mothershead. Madge. and Alexandra are of import as good. In relation to the work of literature as a whole. Treves demands to alter from selfish to selfless in order to demo the reader the effects that John Merrick has to about every individual he meets. It is now concluded that Treves changed from a selfish adult male who cares merely about his plants. so to a contrite adult male who feels dirty about the manner he treated Merrick. and eventually to a adult male who is right beside Merrick every measure that he takes.


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