METHODOLOGY being use by McDonalds and to

McDonalds practice the strategy of total quality management and tries to enhance its affectivity and efficiency level by working in different areas. It includes defining the roles, responsibilities, and authority of those responsible for product and customer service quality and establishing guidelines.

Nowadays, most large corporations have a program that incorporates some of the practices and principles of total quality management. The TQM methodologies are being use by McDonalds and to overcome the issues faced earlier are explained below:
Employee Involvement:
For McDonald’s, total quality management involves that the employees are at work on time, are neatly dressed, are clean and tidy. Another TQM is that the workers rely on teamwork and high energy to get the job done, so that the customers do not have to wait long for their food. In addition, the employees have to follow certain Standard Operational Procedures, so the customers always take delivery of exceptional quality and service. This includes the employees using plastic gloves when they get the food ready, that the meat and fries are properly fried, and that the vegetables are carefully washed when used in the food. McDonald’s management emphasizes that the restaurants should be clean all the time, this engage that the restaurants are tidy, dazzling and spotlessly clean. The most eye-catching side of McDonald’s’ activity is the training that stands as background in every single employee.

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Focus on the customer:
Focus on the customer is a factor to measure the total quality management of the organization or company. McDonald’s brand goal is “to be our customers’ favorite place and way to eat”. McDonald’s operators, suppliers as well as employees work together to achieve customers’ need in McDonald’s matchless ways.

McDonald’s concern with the calories consuming and other diet-related concern from the foods they offer as they wish for their customers to stay within their goals for the day. There is also 24-hour McDonald’s restaurant to serve customers as to get better customer satisfaction. Moreover, McDonald’s introduced children’s nutrition meal named Happy Meals which were initially designed for young-age children in proper portion sizes with vital nutrients such as protein, calcium, iron and vitamins B.

Benchmarking works as a potential growth and continuous improvement tool. It also enhances the learning tool, to overcome disbelief and enhance learning. Benchmarking is a systematic examination of a McDonald products, services, and work processes. Competitive benchmarking is used with direct competitors it performs externally, its objective is to compare companies in the same markets that have competing products, services or work processes. For example, Mc Donald’s compete with Burger King. By this strategy, its can contrast a related companies performance. Information is not trouble-free to obtain. Public domain information is the most reachable.

Continuous Improvement
To be competitive in market, McDonald has provided more reliable quality and worth to their owners or customers. Such goals demand a continuous improvement (CI). First of all, to carry out the needs of the customers according to their desires or requirement and to make its product more competitive, McDonald has improved their products quality. As such improving ingredients and nutrients of food stuff. More than that lot expenditure is made in the quality maintenance and upgrading researches. More to the point, McDonald creates link between the quality of product and the capability of employees by give training to their employees.
McDonald has developed a ‘Supplier Quality Index’ by which all suppliers are measured. It allows companies to supervise performance of suppliers across the many agricultural and non-agricultural product and services. McDonald also introduces a sophisticated system of monitoring performance of its meat suppliers. After that based on a number of Key Performance Indicator (KPI’S), system benchmarks quality performance both against other suppliers and past performance that is operates in real-time
Quality Management by Technique of Total Quality Management
The techniques and tool used by McDonalds to apply the TQM methodology to enhance and maintain the standards product and service quality. McDonald practice over these TQM tools to upgrade the quality management strategy.

Quality Circle:
The quality circle focuses on making use of people to find way out for management problems. The McDonald’s team, each employee plays an important role. Staff and managers work together, continuously communicating and supporting each other in a team which is tiring and challenging but yet constantly strives to be cooperative and fun. McDonald’s employee’s performance is assessed not just on their work plan accomplishments, but also on the level to which they demonstrate the Global Leadership Competency Model and McDonald’s values. Improved organizational culture is also the key purpose. It provides optimistic working environment with full involvement of people at all level result in higher motivational level. McDonald’s values embedded into their Performance Development System (PDS). McDonald introduced the McDonald’s Leadership Institute, a virtual learning community of guidance and resources to support and develop employee leadership and talent.

Six Sigma:
Critical to Quality: McDonald’s has used the food safety management system in place, including Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), sanitation program, a permitted Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan, in addition to crisis management and food security program. Supplier Quality Management System that including food safety and high potential for all McDonald’s suppliers all over the world has been updating by McDonald’s in 2007.

Defect: McDonald’s management would also like to keep the organizations from contaminated when received complaints from customers who fail to get what they want; McDonald’s try to deliver the preferred products by customers to their homes.

Process Capability: McDonald’s has used the structure to facilitate the drive-through customers to buy without having come down from the vehicle and make available a home delivery service.

Variation: McDonald’s has introduced a variety of menus for customers to make choices and experience the food. By the way, in each month of the McDonald’s will try to introduce new menu items to customers.

Stable Operation: McDonald’s management has increased its processes from year to year with the opening of new products to enhance customers’ willingness to dine in their restaurants
Design for Six Sigma: McDonald’s has been encouraging businesses to center on its customers. The McDonald’s restaurant has been giving experience simple, easy and pleases the customer.
McDonald’s referred to as DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) which provide a composition way for its own to approach and solve problems. McDonald’s management has minimized costs, the problems of pollution, waste.

Reduced Cycle Time
In McDonald’s company, the ways they use to reduce cycle time are by introducing McDonalds McDelivery and Drive-Thru for 24 hours, enables a TQM program to succeed.

By doing McDelivery, customers do not have to take a long time and stand in line in McDonald’s restaurant to make an order.
Critical Thinking Cases of McDonald’s
McDonald’s has the world largest fast food service retailing chain; it has over 30,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries. There are over 50 million people eat McDonald’s food every day. The popular meals of McDonald’s are Big Mac, Chicken Mc-Nuggets, Egg McMuffin are popular as they are easy to prepare so call fast food.

The Restaurant People approach is designed to put forward a compelling employment value proposition by providing unique benefits, training and opportunities that rally the needs of today’s workers. McDonald has a benefits program that is designed to attract retain and engage talented people who will deliver strong performance and help McDonald’s achieve our business goals and objectives. McDonald provide benefits include health and protection such as employee and dependent life insurance, dental, travel and business travel accident insurance; pay and rewards such as base pay and incentive pay, company car, profit sharing, paid holidays and vacation, educational assistance and several other benefits. That will help in higher levels of employee commitment in the countries where the company operate, which in turn, will continuously improve employee contribution and help in achieving TQM targets.

 Without customers, the efforts of administration and managing the organizations or company will be wasted. Therefore, focus on the customer is a component to determine the total quality management of the organization or company. McDonald’s advance their food safety and quality standard to the highest rank in the industry. They source their ingredient from suppliers that hold on to strict standards for food safety and quality, including behaves a controlled, well-maintain and clean environment all over their entire supply chain. They conduct rigid procedures for handling, storage and minimize exposure which will add to the presence of microorganisms as to maintain the quality of their food. For TQM programs that do not have management commitment and employee involvement are bound to be unsuccessful. 



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