Methods Used In Developing The Km Strategy Management Essay

Cathay Pacific is an international air hose based in Hong Kong. It was founded in 1946 and was the first Asiatic air hose who offering civil air power services. It provides scheduled ladings and rider services to more than 160 finishs across the universe. Cathay Pacific is a founding member of the Oneworld Alliance which is one of the universe ‘s three largest planetary air hose confederations with over 700 finishs strong web.

Cathay Pacific ‘s aims focus on safety, outstanding merchandises and services, produce superior fiscal returns. However, to accomplish aims wholly and be successful sustainably, depends on how rapidly and flexibly react to alterations in client demand, challenges of rivals, an unsure concern environment besides their ain growing demand, Cathay Pacific faces more and more terrible challenges. Knowledge Management is considered as a critical beginning of competitory advantage every bit good as ideal manner to heighten operational effectivity.

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Approach and Methods Used In Developing the KM Strategy

Knowledge as a strategic resource, and Knowledge Management ( KM ) is defined as theA procedure ofA making, capturing and utilizing cognition to heighten organisational public presentation. Both silent and expressed cognition should be concerned during the procedure of development and development of the cognition. ( )

From position of Knowledge Management, current cognition direction place, cognition distribution, cognition flow way, cognition flow efficiency and analysis ; Support knowledge flow dynamic civilization, organisation, engineering and other factors of system analysis, system analysis the China southern cognition direction of the position quo and bing jobs.

This study will utilize Zack ‘s and Earl ‘s attack in analysing and developing KM scheme for Cathay Pacific. The spreads will be identified in several ways which include internal vs external cognition,

and Earl ( 2001 ) focused on cognition capableness that is examined based on cognition substructure and cognition procedure capableness.

Embracing the thought by and large points to fostering the organisation ‘s aims, with the demand of systems for the creative activity and care of cognition depositories, and to cultivate and ease the sharing of cognition and organisational acquisition.

its direction becomes every bit of import as good particularly for companies that operate in a planetary graduated table. *zack

Customer-focus cognition scheme

Harmonizing to the aims of Cathay Pacific, making clients and keeping relationship with clients are highly of import for developing concern. To retain and raise their client, Cathay Pacific needs to roll up and analyse client informations expeditiously in order to present the best client experience.

Current usage of Knowledge Management

Information technology

IT is really critical, KM can non make anything without the support of IT. Technology could be simple could be complicated but everybody needs to entree to engineering where cognition can be found, knowledge can be shared, conversation can be held, new cognition can be stored and transferred.

Cathay Pacific is the same as other air hoses depend on IT for its operation, such as computing machine reserve system, give direction system, concern procedure direction and endeavor resource planning system. Those systems are of import at bring forthing and incorporating information into determination devising procedure, cognition edifice and day-to-day operation procedure. They are playing a polar function in the endeavor development. Cathay ‘s JDA Cargo Revenue Optimizer has helped them to better capableness prediction and analysis, cut down disposal costs, hike informations direction and increase day-to-day operation efficiency.

Other engineerings like SharePoint, cognition coaction, content direction, ECT besides employ in the organisation. Furthermore, Cathay Pacific was the first air hose in the universe provide in flight electronic mail, and the first to auction air ticket online. ( )


Peoples play an of import function in Knowledge Management, as cognition is developed and control by people. which correspond to the motions from tacit and expressed cognition to tacit and explicit cognition on the person and organisational degree ( Nonaka and Takeuchi, 1995 ) .

Cathay Pacific invested tonss of money on e-business. They besides purchased Enterprise Knowledge Platform as the air hose ‘s learning direction system. This e-learning portal benefits the employees and enable them larn from their ain and others experiences. And they have created a 3D practical circuit that staff can review their memory by watching the circuit about the restricted and non restricted countries of the airdrome.

However, employee distribution is an issue in Cathay Pacific. There is a phenomenon that a big figure of employees in general places, but the cardinal place is in short supply of employee. Concerted communicating mechanism is non integrity. Most employees merely care to cover with what they confronting in their place, merely a few employees would care about the communicating exchange between assorted places, sections and other air hoses in the industry.


A procedure is about physique into working patterns that allow company ‘s staff to cover with cognition creative activity, sharing and usage of cognition for the benefit of a company. Procedures are inexplicit in all the people and engineering variables considered.

For illustration while they do a cognition budget in Cathay Pacific, the work would be started with the cognition which needed ; to make knowledge tracking so travel through cognition coverage so that new cognition is captured and shared and reused. Cathay Pacific besides needs to roll up informations from their subordinates and some outports. Their attack is to bespeak information proprietors to corroborate the truth of their informations either through documental grounds or past operational public presentation. However, the material mistakes would be caused during the procedures. They recognize that they still need much betterment on this procedure, to do certain their informations aggregation and transportation procedure is precise. ( )

Recommendations for the Future Use of Knowledge Management

In order to avoid reiterating past errors and prevent redundant attempt, greater accent demands to be placed on KM. A good KM scheme is non merely about assisting staff portion cognition, a systematic scheme will be needed and is purely aligned with the organisation ‘s schemes and aims.

Knowledge direction will be the aggregation of wisdom to heighten the endeavor ‘s abilities of version and invention. Knowledge direction should at least include several facets: to set up cognition base ; advance the employee ‘s cognition communicating ; Establish the regard cognition of internal environment ; cognition should be considered as indispensable assets to the direction.

Cathay Pacific should concentrate on an of import country of the new material that most of people like, It tends to be around end user computer science and Mobile, both for client and staff. Peoples want to make stuff for themselves, they want to make it when they want to make it, and they want to be interacted on their ain devices in their ain clip. For the staff, to be able to give them the tools at the topographic point they wanted, non back in the office or in the construction that company determined. So a batch more control by both clients and by staff about what information they get, how they use it, how they can entree it and the manner they should make it. It ‘s a large growing country air power.

At present, Cathay Pacific usage online acquisition tools for staff ego acquisition, it enable them to command their ain public presentation development. But formal communicating mechanism is still non established. Multi-channel communicating is to heighten the staff is an of import manner to work out the job and achieve common inspiration. On the other manus, it besides can advance the endeavor image.

Furthermore, Cathay Pacific spent a batch attempt on retaining bing cognition, but non plenty on unlearning and developing new cognition and patterns. One of the nucleus grounds for cognition direction is to make a platform for invention.

Nonaka, I. and Takeuchi, H. ( 1995 ) The knowledge-creating company: how Nipponese companies creates the kineticss of invention, Oxford University Press, New York

Ganesh D. Bhatt, ( 2001 ) “ Knowledge direction in organisations: analyzing the interaction between engineerings, techniques, and people ” , Journal of Knowledge Management, Vol. 5 Iodine: 1, pp.68 – 75



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